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Mirzapur Carpets of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh being the reigning seat of many monarchs has a long line of history and tradition attached to it. These monarchs patronized art and craft at an alarming rate and each of them made some heady contribution in the field. The craftsmen of yore who used to work for the royal family were skilled and meticulous with their work. These craftsmen passed their skill from one generation to the other and hence the art stayed in the family. Many of their grandsons are owners of big silk houses in Benaras but still prefer to weave sometimes. Carpet making is an industry that thrives in Uttar Pradesh. Mirzapur Carpets is considered to be one of the best buys of the state.

The Mughals introduced the concept of hand weaved carpets in the sixteenth century. Agra and Lahore were the hot spots where these carpets were produced and therein exported worldwide. Carpet making reached a new standard of excellence and perfection.

Today Mirzapur and Agra produces about 80 percent of India's carpet. Mirzapur Carpets generally constitute Persian designs. Nowadays many carpets are a blend of Western style and Persian design.

This is due to the effect of commercialization and customization. But there is nothing like a true woven Mirzapur Carpets in colors like honey beige, ivory, blue gray and soft green. A dark border is given to add a contrast and strike a balance.

For finer versions of Mirzapur Carpets twisted cotton threads are used whereas jute is used for coarser version of the same thing. Prices of these carpets depend on the texture, pattern and amount of weaving done. Carpets of different regions are distinguished by their knots. For instance Mirzapur Carpets knots are of medium quality with about 60 knots per square inch. The carpets of Mirzapurs have distinguished sculpted types than its counterpart- the carpets of Agra. Nowadays Chinese carpets are also produced here to cater to international clients. If you are in Uttar Pradesh this is definitely one of the best buys. Check out the many markets and handloom shops in Uttar Pradesh.

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