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Popular delicacies of Uttar Pradesh

India is the melting pot of myriad cultures, traditions and cuisines and each Indian state is known for its distinctively individualistic culture and cuisine. Any discourse on the essence of Uttar Pradesh remains inconclusive without shedding some light on the cuisine of Uttar Pradesh which is inextricably related to the popular delicacies of Uttar Pradesh.

The popular delicacies of Uttar Pradesh are invigorating experiences for the long famished taste buds that know how to appreciate good food. In fact the Uttar Pradesh popular delicacies exercise an irresistible pull for the gourmet who can't overcome the temptation of gorging on these delectable delicacies. One remarkable fact about the popular dishes of Uttar Pradesh is that they have their origin in the royal courts. The origin of some of the dishes dates back to the times of Lord Krishna. The cuisine of Uttar Pradesh is categorized into three divisions, the cuisine of western Uttar Pradesh, Oudh and Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

The Kabobs, Biryani and Nihari are rated among the most popular delicacies of Uttar Pradesh. The cuisine of the Oudh region has non-vegetarian leanings in the sense that most of the food is meat-based. This can be attributed to the fact that this region has been under the Muslim rule for long. You can't miss out on the Kabobs Shami, Galawati Kabobs, Kulcha-Nihari and Biryani. If you are in Kanpur, then giving the Kakori and the Boti a miss amounts to a culpable offense. Among the vegetarian dishfuls are included the Tahri and the Nargishi Kofta. Rice and lentils are the primary ingredients used in the preparation of Tahri. Nargishi Kofta derives its mouth-watering taste from the usage of a generous dose of cheese, khoya and saffron.

The specialties of the Rampur region are also counted among the popular delicacies of Uttar Pradesh. The most popular food items comprise of Rampuri Rohu and Zamindoz that would tempt the fish lover within you. The spices that are used in the preparation of the food in this zone are distinctly different from those used in the other parts of the Uttar Pradesh. Those who can't overcome the temptation of digging into succulent kababs must sample the Pasanda kabob and the Shab Deg. The Paneer Pasanda is the most popular vegetarian dish available here.

The east Uttar Pradesh is famous for Tahri and Reshmi Kabobs. The Murg Musallam is also a delectable dish on offer. Those who have a sweet tooth will love to gorge on Khurchan and the Peda. Petha, available in Agra, is famous all over India. If you are a self-confessed lover of sweets, you can't penalize yourself by not tasting the Shahi Tukda of the Oudh region. Lassi and Ruh-Afza are among the refreshing and rejuvenating drinks that would invigorate you. And how can one forget the renowned "Banarasi Paan" that leaves a rich aftertaste in your mouth even after you are long chewed and swallowed it.

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