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Bhadra Tiger Reserve

The Bhadra Tiger Reserve in Karnataka consists of two main areas, Muthodi and Lakkavalli. Situated amidst the Western Ghats in Chikmagalur and Shimoga districts of Karnataka, the sanctuary is encircled by lofty hill ranges of Mullaianagiri, Hebbegiri, Gangegiri & Babaudangiri as also the scenic Bhadra River and its tributaries like Somavahini, Thadabehalla and Odirayanahalla.

Bhadra Tiger Reserve is one of the Project Tiger Reserves in India. The prime purpose of forming the Bhadra Tiger Reserve was protection and conservation of tigers. In the year 1998, the sanctuary was brought under Project Tiger.

There are over 120 species of flora identified in Bhadra Tiger Reserve including a number of important medicinal plants. Some of the common floral species found here are Teak, Rosewood, Mathi, Honne, Nandi, Kindal etc. The major forest types existing in the sanctuary are Southern Moist Mixed Deciduous Forests, Southern Dry Mixed Deciduous Forests, and Semi-evergreen Forests.

There are a plethora of animals at Bhadra Tiger Reserve . The fauna that you can witness at this sanctuary are tiger, leopard, elephant, Indian bison (Gaur), sambar, barking deer, spotted deer, wild dog, wild boar, Porcupine, Muntjac, sloth bear etc. Bhadra Tiger Reserve in Karnataka is also home to several avifauna including Peacock, Parrot, Partridge, Pigeon, Munia and Bee eaters. There are also reptiles such as King Cobras and Indian Rock Pythons.

During your visit to the Bhadra Tiger Reserve in Karnataka, you can enjoy a comfortable stay at the Muthodi Nature camp. You can reach Bhadra Tiger Reserve in Karnataka comfortably by air, rail, and road.

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