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Tiger Safari Tour

Indian Wildlife is unique and exciting which allures tourists from all over the world. Amongst the Indian Wildlife Tours, the Tiger Safari Tours to India is the most exciting which attract the tourists to watch these majestic predators in their natural habitat. The Tiger Reserves of India are projects undertaken for the conservation of these spotted and royal carnivores that are slowly decreasing numbers.

The Tiger Safari Tours to India brings the tourists in close proximity to the natural habitat of these wild animals in their natural habitat. From Bandhavgarh and Ranthambore to Simlipal and Sunderbans, the Tiger Safari Tours to the Tiger Reserves of India are quite interesting to all the wildlife buffs and adventure freaks.

Explore the greenery, dense woodlands and beauty of the Indian Wildlife and enjoy the majestic tigers that have made the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries their home. Take snapshots of the stealthily walking Royal Bengal Tiger in the Sunderbans or the relaxed White Tiger in the forests of Ranthambore on your Tiger Safari Tours to India.

The Tiger Safari Tours to India takes the tourists mainly to the National Parks and Tiger Reserves of India. The Project Tiger was launched in the year 1972 for the conservation of tigers. There are a number of tiger reserves enlisted under this project. In order to save this predator from the harmful poachers the Tiger Reserves in India have taken up measures.

Tigers are the predators who maintain the balance of the population of other species. Carnivores are quite important to our eco system to maintain this balance and tigers therefore should be conserved. So there are a number of tiger reserves in India which are working on the conservation of tigers. The Tiger Reserves along with the conservation of tigers also have a rich variety of flora and fauna. Tourists love to visit the tiger reserves in India to get a glimpse of these royal creatures. Explore the greenery of the dense woodlands which has that wild smell and somewhere behind the bushes the prowling beast is waiting for its prey.

Besides the majestic beasts, the National Parks of India and the Tiger Reserves even have a rich variety of flora and fauna. From endangered species to the rare orchids and a vast array of avian population these Parks are the heaven for nature lovers. The Tiger Safari Tours to India is one of its kind experience, and if you really wish to experience it then you can arrange for a safari tour in the following tiger reserves of India.