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Corbett Tiger Reserve

Having earlier been a part of Uttar Pradesh, the Corbett Tiger Reserve now comes under the newly formed state of Uttarakhand in India. A renowned Wildlife Sanctuary, Corbett is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand boasts of the elite distinction of being chosen as the venue for the inauguration of Project Tiger in India. The park featured among the nine Tiger Reserves created at the launch of the project. The rich biodiversity of the Reserve is largely attributed to the variety of habitat found here. The location of Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand at the foothills of the Central Himalayas results in the abundance of both Himalayan and peninsular flora and fauna in the region.

The Corbett Tiger Reserve was always renowned for the Tigers inhabiting the park. The park is a happy hunting ground for Tiger, as well as its preys including four kinds of Deer, Wild Boar and others. Leopards are a commonly found in the hilly terrain of Corbett Reserve. Other animals inhabiting the forests at Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand are Elephant, Cheetal, Sambar, Langoor and Rhesus Monkey. Even reptiles like Indian Marsh Crocodiles Or Mugger, Gharials, King Cobra, Common Krait, Cobra, Russel, Python and Monitor Lizard can be spotted.

The Corbett Tiger Reserve is also very rich in avifauna. It has been recorded that over 585 species of native and migratory birds thrive in the region. The varieties include Peacock, Jungle Fowl, Partridges, Kaleej, Crow, Vulture, Parakeets, Laughing Thrush, Orioles, King Fishers, Drongo, Doves, Woodpeckers, Ducks, Teals, Storks, Cormorants and Seagulls.

The vegetation at Corbett National Park comprises Northern Moist Deciduous, Northern Tropical Dry Deciduous, and Himalayan Subtropical Pine Forests. The trees commonly found include Sal, Khair, Sissoo, Ber, Kuthber, Bel, Chbilla, Dhak, Semal, Khingan, Kharpat, Rohini, Bakli, Pula and Bamboo.