15 Cubs spotted in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

Pilibhit tiger reserve has seen worst crime against tigers in the past. To cope up with the same problem, Uttar Pradesh government declared Pilibhit a tiger reserve last year. This year, Pilibhit tiger reserve has come up with a great news. The reserve has 200 sensor-enabled cameras that were installed in the month of April. These cameras cover an area of 720 sq km because of the tiger survey by National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). These cameras click each and every movement within their operational range. Since the month of April, 15 tiger cubs have been trapped in the camera of the tiger reserve.

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

Recently, eight cubs have been recorded in camera and around 13 have been spotted by the forest staff in different ranges of the forest. On June 22, a tigress gave birth to four cubs in Mala range of the tiger reserve. After five days, the cubs and the mother were recorded in the camera. As per a forest staff, some cubs were also seen in Mahof and Barahi ranges.

Till the end of month June, cameras have recorded a number of new-born tiger cubs. Some cubs who are less than a year old have also been trapped by cameras and forest staff.

Pilibhit tiger reserve has five ranges- namely, Barahi, Mala, Deoria, Mahof and Haripur. All the ranges have patches of forest and human interference. In the area where there is frequent tiger-movement like water bodies and forest patches, cameras and impression pads have been installed. The areas also have abundant population of herbivores.

‘’We have started downloading the camera feed,’’ said Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), Pilibhit, Kailash Prakash. The camera feed will be analyzed once downloaded. The tigers in the reserve are distinguished on the basis of the pattern of stripes on their body and face.

As per Tiger census 2011, 35 to 40 tigers were present in Pilibhit tiger reserve. With Tiger Census 2014, the figures of the reserve have shown improvement. At present, the officers say that there are 28 tigers in the reserve.

With the numbers increasing, the officers have a big responsibility to ensure the safety of the cubs. 15 trespassers have been arrested by UP STF and wildlife crime control bureau (WCCB).

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