22 Most Affordable Countries for Budget Travelers

It is a widely known wisdom that travelling is one of the necessary and important things to do in life. It not only enriches your experience, but opens up your mind to a whole new perspective and outlook towards the wider world. But travelling, be it anywhere requires, apart from a fit body and sound mind, two very important things-time and money. Often lack of either one of the two, makes taking an excursion impossible. In most of the cases, however, sheer lack of leisure time is the biggest obstruction but when time is available, money constraints binds one to their own place.

But for those restless spirits who can’t be bound to one place, neither time nor money can pose any challenge. If you are fortunate enough to have plenty of time by your side, we pitch in here to suggest 22 most affordable countries for budget traveler. The destinations enlisted here may shock you, surprise you, enlighten you or change your opinion about them but be assured, if you have already decided to let your spirits fly, but running short on money, this guide will ready be going to be of great help, take a look at the 22 most affordable countries for budget travelers arranged in no particular order:


Peru is one of the most exotically diverse places to visit, where scope for exploration, sightseeing, trekking, adventure and fun is immense. Home to the highest tropical mountain ranges in the world, The Andes, as well as the sweep of dense and incipient Amazon rainforests, the spectrum of exquisite wildlife in Peru is broad. There is also an extensive range of outdoor activities for a fun-packed, adrenalin pumping thrill such as whitewater rafting, paragliding, trekking the ancient paths or hiking through the desert.  Peru is also known across the world as a culinary hotspot and a traveler will find herself being treated to delectable cuisines in the relaxed, laidback natural settings with a perfect, picturesque backdrop. With warm and welcoming locals and vibrant opportunity for enjoyment, Peru is one of the top affordable countries for budget travelers.


For one thing, the country is huge and greater still is its huge density of population. China is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Its enormous and sprawling cities are already expanding into massive suburbs and its almost perpetual development is taking place at a breathtaking speed. China is continuously changing and thus there is little scope for any historical exploration, much of which has been destroyed to give way to modernization. The traditional historical tourist hotspots like The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, and The Terracotta Statue Army and Yangzi gorges are still popular. Otherwise, strikingly modern infrastructure, lightning fast rails, open and cheap transport characterizes most of the country. For a comfortably affordable budget, travelers can move across the country to witness its diversity on the fringes, although main cities like shanghai are becoming more and more expensive by the day.

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Taj Mahal of China

A country of enormous dimensions, be it language, literature, culture, people, philosophy, traditions, customs, manners, cuisine and flavors, India is one of the most diverse and unique places on Earth. From northern high reaches of the Himalayas to lush green tropical verdure of the Deccan and from Sunrise point in Arunachal Pradesh to vast stretches of desert kingdom of Rajasthan, once ruled over by valiant Rajput warrior princes, in the West, the range of diversity in India is mind-boggling and scope of exploration and sightseeing is tremendous. India has always been a pretty affordable country for visitors and one can move around, live and eat on pretty much an economical budget except of course if one wants to enjoy luxury. It also the second largest country in terms of population and range of people across lifestyles, religions and location is amazing. Thus, there is lot to learn and lot to seek in India.

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A stunning island of heavenly beauty, a place of great fun and adventure and a retreat of fun-loving, warm and welcoming people, Fiji is one of the most frequented and sought after destination for tourists from across the globe. Fiji experiences a favorable tropical climate throughout the year and with a good infrastructure already in place, a tourist can laid back and enjoy, chilling and sunbathing on its exotic and spectacular beaches. The scope for tremendous fun and adventure is always lying just round the corner where one can snorkel with dolphins, contemplate a boat ride or scuba dive into some of the most pristine coral reefs in the world. Home to a large Indian community, the capacity to indulge in affordable and delectable Indian cuisines is there along with hopping to some feet-tapping Bollywood numbers. Staying and exploration in Fiji is not very expensive, thus travelers can count it in one the economical tourist spots for a vacation.


Nicaragua is the largest nation in Central America on the isthmus and is best known as the “Land of Volcanoes and Lakes”. The country is rich in panoramic, natural landscapes including impressive views of its mountains, pools, rainforests and volcanoes. These are its major tourist attractions. However, the country faced challenging situations of civil revolution, natural disasters in the past that destroyed much of its history. But its remaining fragile legacy of colonial architecture is slowly being restored. With a country gradually rising to increasing tourism, it is one of the most affordable destinations in the world for discerning travelers.


Vastly favored and most frequented destination for tourists in Asia, Thailand is a place of exotic landscapes, historic inheritance and friendly and cultured people. Thailand in just recent years was one of the fastest growing economies of the world. A complicated mix of high skyscrapers and neon lights, shining Buddhist temples amongst the chaos in the cities to cool and vast rice paddies, rubber plantations, exquisite azure water, white sand beaches and fishing communities etc. along the countryside characterizes the Thai country. The other highlight of the country is of course the appetizing Thai cuisine punctuated with the relish of fresh and local ingredients. Living and transportation across the country is cheap thereby making it possible for travelers to plan an affordable vacation to this beautiful country for a pleasant experience.

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Guatemala was the site of the origin of the ancient rich and prosperous Maya culture. Today, this Central American nation is a complex society of diverse range with deep and conspicuous influences of colonial traditions blending with modern Latin and North American culture. Guatemala, lying just south of Mexico on the isthmus is a place of rich natural, historical and cultural legacy. There are churches exhibiting Spanish conquest located parallel to ancient temples of the by gone civilization while vast shopping complexes display a growing 21st century influences. The society follows an intricate mix of ancient rituals with catholic practices. Although the country is developing and large scale poverty is visible, the locals are tourist-friendly and helpful.


A country with stupendous historical and rural charms, Cambodia was once the seat of the mighty Khmer empire with huge and majestic temples that are the central attraction for country’s tourism. Cambodia had gone through much upheaval in the days gone by when the bloody and notorious Khmer Rouge regime massacred about two million of their people in an attempt to enforce their policies. But country’s resilient population with their characteristic smile oversaw that period with fortitude. It is the people’s warmth and friendliness which is perhaps Cambodia’s greatest asset. Besides, a tourist can relish in stunning landscapes like the Mekong River, Tonle Sap Lake, forested highlands of Rattanakiri and Cardamom mountains along with a declining colonial charm across the countryside.  No wonder Cambodia features as one of the most affordable countries for budget travelers.


A region of amazing diversity be it physical or cultural, Nepal is wedged tightly between Tibet and India and host a broad range of ethnically divergent people that speak a host of different languages. Until early 1990, Nepal was the world’s only absolute Hindu monarchy that accommodated adherents of different religions-from Hinduism to Tibetan Buddhism and from pantheism to shamanism. Since the country opened its gates to outsiders in 1950, it has become a hotspot tourist destination. Scope for adventure and fun are aplenty. Adrenalin pumping activities like mountain-biking, kayaking, paragliding, trekking and rock-climbing attracts thousands of travelers every year. For visitors wanting a lazy vacation, there are a host of sightseeing options including some of the exotic Hindu and Buddhists temples and monasteries where a large number of international tourists flock. Accommodation, staying and sightseeing are quite affordable against dollars and one can have a memorable vacation at quite an economical price.

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A country’s people and their attitude towards outside travelers and guest is an important aspect of its popularity as a tourist destination and in this the Ukrainians scores to be one of the most hospitable people of Europe. Ukraine is big and has diverse landscapes and broad spectrum of cultural heritage. Moving across the country one may come across Gothic churches in Lviv or find Stalinist facades in Kyiv or Soviet skyscrapers pervaded all over. One wanting to get their blood rolling may try out mountain biking in Carpathians to water sports in various islands, besides bird watching in Danube Delta and hiking in country’s vast and dense forests. Travelers can find staying and living in the country to be quite cost-effective. With almost less than $50 a day and only a few dollars to tuck in a traditional meal, it is quite a good reason to visit this beautiful place.


Bolivia is a destination of breathtaking natural beauty and diversity across a range of landscapes. Whether it be the imposing peaks of the Andes or verdant rainforests and savannahs of Amazon, towering volcanic summits or olden inca trails, there is a wide and fertile stretch of terrain and climates. The country is equally varied across ethic and cultural lines with almost 300 years of colonial rule leaving a deep impression on centuries- old indigenous traditions and rituals. Although the country is vast, it is home to less than 10 million people and remaining off-radar for most of the travelers, remains quite uncharted and unexplored. The country is said to be poorest in the whole South American continent, thus vacationing here is quite cheap and cost-effective. With a budget of less than 30 pounds a day, it’s quite a favored tourist spot.


The country is vastly diverse and the archipelago consisting of about 17000 islands extends over 5200km across both Asian and Australian continent.  Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world with its 246 million inhabitants. However, the variety between these people, existing on geography as stunningly varied is mind-bogglingly diversified. The long range of people, cultures, languages, traditions is simply amazing. Other than this, the country has some breathtaking views and opportunity for thrill and adventure is astonishing. Tourists to Indonesia can guarantee to revel in thrilling sports like trekking, surfing, snorkeling or scuba diving or just chill around on a beach or resort pool. Indonesia is counted as one of cheap destinations for travelers looking for a cost-effective vacation. For instance, in Bali one can get accommodation for as low as $10 or even less. Thus, this stunning group of islands are never too far from the reach of travel enthusiasts.

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Bulgaria has a wealth of gorgeous and breathtaking panoramic views, ideal for any traveler with a roaming and exploring spirit. The county has a mosaic of stunning mountain ranges, excellent beaches, a number of heritage historic towns, numerous traditional villages across the countryside packed into its borders. With such a diverse landscape, there is a lot of opportunity for adventure and fun for hikers, mountaineers, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers to revel their souls and relish to the hilt. The elegant and well-maintained beaches are wonderful venues for relaxing, tanning and water sport, whereas beautiful orthodox churches and monasteries are treat for laid-back visitors. Bulgaria is often called the “Europe’s most affordable capital”, with a night stay in a four-star hotel costing less than $100 and journey by cab amounting about $1. Thus, one may plan a memorable vacation at pretty affordable price in this European Zone.


With years of war and colossal damage, the Vietnam is a country like a Sphinx, revived and resilient. Often tourists who visit there highlight the brilliant attitude of people, their buoyant spirit and their jest for life. The people have a remarkable welcoming sentiment for tourists, even for those from the western countries. The country itself is full of superb sights such as the astonishing cave system in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, the beautiful views of limestone islands from Halong Bay or the mighty river draining at Mekong Delta etc. In addition, the culinary delight in Vietnam is simply amazing and one of the best in South-East Asia. As far as travelling to the country, Vietnam is an economical and affordable destination for travelers on budget. For instance, transportation is pretty cheap whereas a simple meal may cost not more than $3. Although the country is growing at a rapid pace, still it is reasonable place money-wise to plan a trip and hence features in our list of affordable countries for budget travelers.


Belarus is conspicuously an isolated destination towards the Eastern Europe, lying on its fringes, but it is only this isolation and remoteness wherein lies its appeal. The country has some really beautiful landscapes such as vast and picturesque cornflower fields, thicket of lush forests and sight of stunning villages in and across its countryside. The central capital of Minsk, though having a strong Stalinist influence, has a pretty attractive charm with its trendy cafes, bars, excellent restaurants and night clubs, although there is an absence of any historical sights. The people of the country are said to be genuinely warm and welcoming towards tourists and living and exploring the country is very light on purse. Thus, Belarus is growing its status in tourist’s charts every year.


Portugal is a land of spectacular views and fabulous cultural inheritance that has a unique attraction for any tourist planning a trip to Europe. Portugal has a vast and distinct landscapes. There are beaches and high mountains, there are deep valleys and rolling hills with verdant green cover of oak and vineyards. Portugal was once the bitter competitor of Britain and other European seafaring powers to establish their dominance over sea routes. That glory of yesteryear can be seen in its numerous buildings across the country. Its capital Lisbon is a buzzing town of diverse people, Manueline monuments and beautiful medieval alleyways. Visiting Portugal is not a very expensive affair. The country is very economical and diverse fun activities like trekking, wandering, climbing can be affordable and so is the transportation. Thus, it quite and approachable country for budget travelers.


Laos is small, extremely friendly and warm country and filled with elegant old-world charm and relaxed attitude. Landlocked between the borders of its more famous neighbors, Laos has a diverse mix of people. It also has beautiful landscapes- from lush green verdure of imposing high mountains to alluring beaches of the islands down south. With Buddhism as the major religion, there are a number of monasteries to be seen. There are visible French colonial influences almost everywhere from markets to old shops, streets and alleys. Laos is generally covered as a part of a wider trip to the region. It is fairly an economical place and moving around is not heavy on budget. It’s also a good place to explore and looked for. Thus, a visitor running short on tourist money may find this sleepy, serene country to be a reasonable destination.


Although Honduras is usually in the news for all the wrong reasons, this mid-size, Central American nation is a wonderful destination for travelers touring on a budget. There are lot of attractions in Honduras to take the heart away. For instance, the beauty of the Bay Islands or the mesmerizing charm of Lenca highlands. Whether it’s the forest reserves of Moskitia or the ethereal Maya ruins of Copan, the sites to see, to experience and to explore in Honduras are many. Most of all, the numerous number of fun and adventure sports and activities can be enjoyed at relatively much cheaper price than anywhere else in Central America. The political instability in the country and majority of people living under poverty line are two of the serious drawbacks of this beautiful place, still tourists have fond and cherished memories after spending a vacation in Honduras.


Hungary has a dazzling attraction, a kind of exotic pull drawing thousands of tourists every year to its wonderful and architecturally exquisite towns and their buildings. Located at the deep center of the European continent and surrounded by as famous and diverse countries as Serbia, Austria and Ukraine, the country has a stunning legacy of old Europe blended in a spread of communist-era tenacity. The capital city Budapest is an elegant mix of most picturesque structures, museums, parks and hot springs. There are fine restaurants, serving some of the most delectable dishes, Art Nouveau coffeehouses, fine Turkish Baths with hot springs and Buda hills and cool banks of the Danube River. Besides, there are other towns and cities carrying an equal charm with their natural, cultural and historical inheritance.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: A little Tear Drop shaped Asian country

Tea Gardens and Trains: Sri Lanka

Cradled in the lap of Indian Ocean and located just above the equator, Sri Lanka packs in tremendous attractions and natural beauty with its diverse geography, palm-fringed idyllic beaches, wildlife rich jungles and extensively maintained tea and coffee plantations. Sri Lanka has a recorded history of about 2000 years and the country has some rich historical, religious and cultural sites such as the site of the oldest living tree in Anuradhapura. Sri Lanka suffered under one of greatest civil wars challenging its very unity and a number of other natural disasters that kept it off from the list of many tourists. However, the war now over and country investing in tourism has made it a favorable place for vacation. It was named as one of the most affordable destinations to visit in 2013 and cost of transportation and other items is quite cheap, thus offering great incentives to tourists who are on budget travel.

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Island of Greece

Photo Courtesy

A country whose history spans to more than 4000 years load in its bosom a heritage that spans from thrilling and exciting to simply awe-inspiring. Its historical wealth notwithstanding, Greece has some of the most beautiful and stunning sights which are enough to thoroughly mesmerize your senses. Its intricate coastline with heavenly blue waters and white sand and its mountainous interiors with glorious white structures are scenes seemingly straight out of paradise. Greece has off late suffered a lot economically and stories of its debt crisis remained hot in the news. Thus, it sincerely wants to boost up tourism in the country and may offer cheap opportunities for travelers for vacationing and exploring the country is concerned.


Offering a lot of surprises, sights, cuisines, cultures and people is this enchanting and physically diverse South American nation. Argentina stretches across a range of natural surroundings- from thoroughly dry Andrean Plateau to wetlands of Litoral and from exotic archipelago of Tierra del Fuego to lush flatlands of Pampas and steppes of Patagonia. The country has a rich wildlife covering across the dimensions of the nation and preserved in various parks and reserves, offers a huge attraction for the visitors. The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is one of the most fabulous places to visit. The atmosphere is simply magnetic and it’s a great fun to spend some relaxing time to wander about, shopping or exploring out its distinct and marvelous neighborhood. Argentina has put themselves in economic debt every now and then, thus there is huge scope of enjoying a budget vacation in this country. Besides there can be other ways and means to save money especially like travelling on a student ID, planning mission trips or living off in hostels by which a traveler can relish the distinct flavor of this county.

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