Best Places to visit in Pahalgam

Enclosed by lofty peaks, the owner of lush deep valleys covered with coniferous trees, Pahalgam is one of the best hill station in Kashmir for family vacationers, Honeymooners, and Nature lovers. The mesmerizing tourist attractions and pleasant climate of Pahalgam allure a crazy number of tourists from all around the world. It is not just a hill station in Kashmir, Pahalgam can rightly be called a recreation retreat, offering all sorts of activities to suit varied preferences of all kinds of tourists. To help you out during your visit to Pahalgam, the blog about best places to visit in Pahalgam enlists some of the most famous tourist attractions in and around Pahalgam that can be visit with family Or individual.

Aru Valley

Aru Valley, Pahalgam

Alia Bhatt and Imtiaz Ali During Movie Shoot in Aru Valley.

Placed at a distance of around 12 km from Pahalgam city , Aru valley is an Ideal place to visit around Pahalgam. Aru Valley is an enchanting village that lies in the Trans-Himalayan region and overlooks the mighty Himalayas. The colorful floral meadows, misty ambiance, conifer and pine forests and the amazing weather captivate every nature lover. The valley is not famous among only in nature lovers. It’s also offer a chance to adventure enthusiast who can enjoy such adventure activities in Pahalgam like trekking, river rafting, camping and trout fishing etc.

Betaab Valley

Betaab Valley, Pahalgam

Natural Beauty of Betaab Valley, Pahalgam

Located at the distance of 15 km from Pahalgam, Betaab Valley earlier known as Hagan Valley, it was rechristened as Betaab Valley after hit Bollywood movie ‘Betaab’ was shot here in the year 1983. One of the three beautiful valleys, along with Chandanwari and Aru, Betaab valley in Pahalgam is a complete package of tranquility, pleasant weather and scenic surroundings. The valley lies on the route of Amarnath cave. Surrounded by snowy peaks sprinkled with pine and deodar forests, Betaab valley is must visit attraction in Pahalgam.Here you feel away from the stress of the city life.

The colored floral beds and lush green carpets makes the landscape of Betaab Valley all the more stunning and cast magic on the on-looker. That is the top reason to visit Betaab valley in Pahalgam.

Baisaran Hills

Baisaran Hills, Pahalgam

Tourists at Baisaran Hill, Pahalgam

Just 5 km from main town Pahalgam, Baisaran hill is a Rolling Meadows, covered by thick pine forests and lush greenery describe Baisaran hills the best, making it a place worth-visiting. Baisaran looks extremely eye-catching with its contrast snow-capped hills and green pastures lands. The hill is also famous for camping in Kashmir. You can set your camp beside Tulian Lake, while some trekkers opt to trek from Baisaran going up to the Tulian Lake, at an above sea level of 3353 meters and setting their camps there, other start trekking from Pahalgam, then Baisaran hills and finally Tulian Lake.

This off-beak track offers some amazing views of the Lidder valley in Himalaya. If you are not going to trekking! Pony-ride is another option to explore Baisaran hill and other nearby places.


Avantipur Ruins, Pahalgam

Ruins of Avantipura Temple Pahalgam

Placed in Pahalgam town in Kashmir valley called, Awantipora ruins or Avantipura ruins are the remnants of a number of ancient Hindu temples, which were constructed by King Awanti Varman who ruled Jammu and Kashmir during the 9th Century. A place of serenity, offering mental peace, Awantipora ruins are for the devotees of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, who are the residing deities of the temples. This group of temples has been constructed amidst lush greenery and so it offers a treat to the eyes of the visitor.

One of the popular tourist place, Awantipora ruins are also a mark of the Avantipur rulers who dominated the region for almost 1100 years. During its hay-days, the site has been a popular scared site. Today, the ruins tell a tale of heritage of the region and its kings. Placed in Jaubror village, Awantipora temple complex in Pahalgam can be visited all round the year.

Golf Course

Golf Course, Pahalgam

This Time to Enjoy Golfing in Pahalgam Golf Course

It might sound a little funny, but Pahalgam Golf Course is not only visited by golf enthusiasts but also by tourists of Jammu and Kashmir, because of its amazing surroundings. Nuzzled amid giant pine trees, this is an excellent 18-hole golf course offering some most wonderful views to the golfers as well as the visitors. The State Government organizes Golf Championship in Pahalgam golf course every year in the summer season.

This huge bowl-shaped course has changes in its elevation, has differently-sized and shaped bunkers and ‘water-in-play’ in six holes. With number of hazards and challenges that its throws, a golfer needs to play a patient game here.

Sun Temple

Sun Temple, Pahalgam

Visitors At Sun Temple Pahalgam

Sun Temple in Pahalgam was constructed by Emperor Lalit aditya Muktapida, a Hindu emperor of the Karkota dynasty. It is believed that his precursor, King Ranaditya Muktapida, began the construction of the temple by laying the first foundation stone. The Sun Temple is situated at a distance of 64 km from Srinagar and a mere 7 km from Anantnag city of Jammu and Kashmir.

Legends say that the Temple belongs to the age of the Pandavas of the great Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. Its location on top of a plateau allows visitors a panoramic view of Mattan , a well known pilgrimage site of Hindus.

Mamleshwar Temple

Mamleshwar Temple, Pahalgam

Mamleshwar Temple is Dedicated to Lord Shiva

Placed in Mamal at a distance of just a mile away from Pahalgam town, Mamleshwar temple in Pahalgam is one of the ancient Hindu temples in Kashmir which belongs to 40 AD, Standing diagonally at Kolahoi water stream on the mountain side, Mamleshwar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is an important sacred site from past several decades and is visited by devotees and tourists in decent numbers.

The entrance of the temple has an idol of Lord Ganesha. The temple complex also has a site that has gold-plated idol of the erstwhile ruler of the region.

Tulian Lake

Tulian Lake, Pahalgam

Tulian Lake in Pahalgam

Tulian Lake lies amid Pir Panjal and Zanskar mountain ranges. Located at an altitude of 3353 meters above the sea level, Tulian Lake is an extremely picturesque lake in Pahalgam. This lake is extremely popular amidst trekkers and camping enthusiasts. The trek route starts from Pahalgam (16 km), with a halt at the beautiful village of Baisaran and finally the lake where trekkers set-up their camp and enjoy some of the most mesmerizing views of the snow capped Himalayan peaks.

If you are into trekking then there is also an option of pony riding. One can also spot large pieces of ice floating on the serene waters of the lake.


Chandanwari, Pahalgam

Amarnath Yatris at Chandanwari Pahalgam

Snuggled at an altitude of 2895 meters above sea level, Chandanwari Valley, about 16 km away from Pahalgam, boasts of scenic beauty in abundance. It is also the starting point for Amarnath Yatra from Pahalgam route. Chandanwari is the most popular destination among adventure enthusiast who likes to enjoy hiking etc.

Sheshnag Lake

Shesnag Lake, Pahalgam

Sheshnag Lake in Pahalgam

One of the most mesmerizing sights near Pahalgam, Sheshnag Lake is 0.7 km wide and 1.1 km in length. That is also sacred site as it is connected to Sheshnag. Located at the distance of 27 km from Pahalgam town, Sheshnag Lake lays an altitude of 3658 meters above the sea level. Around 11 km from the scenic valley of Chandanwari, this greenish blue lake falls on the route of Amarnath Yatra.

This delightful lake remains covered with ice till the month of June. The lake is rich in marine life including brown trout. The verdant meadows make it appear green in color.

Amarnath Cave

Amarnath Cave, Pahalgam

Entry Point of Amarnath Cave

Amaranth Yatra is one of the revered religious journeys for the followers of Hinduism. Placed at a distance of 44 km Pahalgam, Amarnath Cave is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati. Located in Jammu and Kashmir State, this sacred cave consists of an ice lingam (ice stalagmite) that is visited by the devotees of Lord Shiva every year.

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The Yatra takes place in the months of July-August, which is Sharavna month in the Hindu calendar. It is believed that this was the cave where the Lord narrated the secrets of immortality and the creation of Universe to Goddess Parvati. Though tiring and difficult, this journey is a rewarding one.

Kolahoi Glacier

Kolhoi Glaciar, Pahalgam

Kolahoi Glaciar in Pahalgam

Best time to visit Kolahoi Glacier is summers season; Kolahoi Glacier lies below the Kolahoi Mountains and above the Lidder Valley. This 5 km long hanging valley glacier is 5 km away from Pahalgam town. Spread on an area of 11 sq km, the glacier lies at an elevation of 4700 meters and is Kashmir’s largest glacier. A portion of the Kolahoi Peak, this glacier is the source of River Lidder. A prime trekking attraction, this glacier offers stunning view of the surroundings.

The trek to Kolahoi starts from Aru that is around 10 km from Pahalgam. This trek is a tough one, passing alongside the banks of Lidder, trekking under snow and dense conifer forests. Perennial course of the water, it is locally known as Gwash Brani.

Lidder River

Lidder River, Pahalgam

River Rafting in Lldder River

Known as an important tributary of River Indus, Lidder River is a snow-fed river in Kashmir valley, which is 73 km long. Flowing through Pahalgam town, this river offers excellent opportunities for rafting, angling in it. Lidder River is also the main water source for Anantnag. If you are an angler, you can catch fishes like Shuddgurn, Brown trout, Rainbow trout etc but it is important that you bring your own angling equipment. White water rafting in Lidder River is must for every adventure lover who likes to carry some amazing memories of Pahalgam trip.

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