Explore the Amazing Holiday Destinations of Greece like never before!

Greece is one of the most loved holiday destinations in the world, and that is not without reason. Thousand islands amid the cerulean waters of Aegean and Ionian seas in Europe has a number of excitements. Regardless of your age or your idea of a memorable holiday, Greece is the perfect place to be. Popular destinations to visit in Greece include sunny beaches, whitewashed villages, historic ruins of the once ‘cradle of civilization’, the balmy Mediterranean climate lure tourists for an unforgettable vacation.

Plan a trip soon with family friends or just with yourself only to explore the most amazing destinations of Greece.

  • Athens

Explore the Amazing Holiday Destinations of Greece like never before!

Athens is popular as the birthplace of democracy and cradle of Western civilization. One of world’s oldest city is famous for its ancient ruins. Two of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the medieval Daphni Monastery and Acropolis of Athens are nestled here. The active town is also a vital center for culture, business and nightlife.

With a recorded history of 3,400 years, the capital city of Greece is where the history and modern features meet. A large cosmopolitan metropolis hosted the first modern-day Olympic Games in 1896. Plaka, Ancient Agora, Temple of Plympian Zeus and Mount Lycabettus are some popular places to visit in Athens, Greece.

  • Santorini

Explore the Amazing Holiday Destinations of Greece like never before!

Santorini is known as one of the best Greek islands. The cliff-top towns in the island, Oia and Fira are the iconic landmarks, overlooking the cerulean sea-filled caldera. Both of these towns have a romantic aura that entice tourists seeking the ideal spot for wedding or honeymoon. Spectacular sunsets, dramatic views, an active volcano and white-washed houses are worth seeing.

The head turner southernmost member of Cyclades group of islands will make you fall in love with it. The crescent shaped island is also a culinary paradise with some of the finest wines. Everything is so blue here! Beach town of Persia and Kamari, Pyrgos, Imerovigli are a must visit.

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  • Rhodes

Explore the Amazing Holiday Destinations of Greece like never before!

Emerald waters, sandy beaches, castles, multi cuisine restaurants, ancient civilizations and traditional inns welcome you at Rhodes. The multicultural, traditional, modern, timeless and spectacular ‘island of the Knights’ is perfect for beach holidays and much more. Its capital, Rhodes Town, is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and also amongst the top tourist destinations in Greece. The car-free paved streets of the antiquated town are better explored on foot.

Although now in its ruins, Colossus of Rhodes was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. A countryside with an amusing past, eye-catching natural beauty, and endless attractions compel you to stay here for longer. Beach activities including water skiing, pedalo rides and crab fishing are interesting things to do in Rhodes.

  • Mykonos

Explore the Amazing Holiday Destinations of Greece like never before!

At the center of the Cyclades island group, lies Greece’s extremely popular and cosmopolitan island, Mykonos. The idea of fun and entertainment begins here. The confluence of glamour and simplicity is a visual retreat. It is one of the best destinations in Greece for celebrating Greek summer. Mykonos always live up to the expectations of the adventure enthusiasts especially water sport junkies and people interested in culture.

Chic boutique hotels, live music venues and classy seafood restaurants are some other draw cards of the area. Save some energy for enjoying the energetic nightlife. A visit to sandy beaches, the capital town Hóra and the church of Panayia Paraportiani complete the trip to Mykonos.

  • Paros

Explore the Amazing Holiday Destinations of Greece like never before!

Paros is a picturesque island situated in the central Aegean Sea and features churches with blue domes, whitewashed villages, golden sand beaches, lively cafés and bars and fishing harbors overlooked by howff tables. Factually, fine white marbles brought much of the fame to this one of the Cyclades island group making it a popular tourist spot in Greece.

Bounded by red and green clay rocks is the Kalóyeros beach which acts as an authentic and effective natural spa for free! Smear your body with the clay and let it dry in the sun. Rinse it in the sea and get a soft skin instantly. A horse ride is the best way to discover the island and its nearby attractions like Parikiá, Náoussa and Léfkes.

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  • Chania

Explore the Amazing Holiday Destinations of Greece like never before!

Chania is nothing less than an old port, a Venetian Harbor, waterfront restaurants and the narrow shopping streets placed in a single frame. Many civilizations have thrived here throughout the centuries. The beautiful city never fails to entertain the foodies. A romantic walk at the nature’s beauty is an absolute bliss. The mighty Madares Mountains continuously guard the southern area. While the North houses the many-hued vastness of the Sea of Crete. From the rustic town, to the famed Samaria Gorge and the striking Balos beach, Chania will offer memorable escapades.

  • Delphi

Explore the Amazing Holiday Destinations of Greece like never before!

Delphi is the most famed archaeological site and must see attraction of Greece. Lying along the slopes of Mount Parnassus, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is an important oracle dedicated to God Apollo. The ancient Greeks once venerated the spot as the core of the Earth. The revered place was thronged by people to know about their queries related to politics and relationships from a priestess.

Though in its ruins, sacred site still features the Athenian Treasury, Temple of Apollo, the theater and hippodrome where the events of the ancient Pythian Games were held once. Spectators were delighted to enjoy an outstanding landscape below and the scenic view of the entire sanctuary from the Delphi theatre.

  • Crete

Crete is an essential part of cultural heritage of the Greece and a picturesque destination. The largest of the best Greek Islands is known for its music and poetry. Exotic beaches, a surviving trace of brilliant civilizations, lush gorges, imposing mountainscapes and steep gorges are another attractions of the place.

As per mythology, the goddess Rhea hid her new born Zeus in the cave of Crete. Genuinely sociable natives, welcome you and wish for your wonderful stay. The hidden treasure trove will not disappoint you by the assortment of its landscape. Encounter the quintessence of the Island and see you days turn into weeks and weeks into months. Treat your taste buds with local delicacies.

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  • Milos

Explore the Amazing Holiday Destinations of Greece like never before!

A volcanic and one of the best Greek Islands, Milo is positioned in the Aegean Sea. The Island is popular for featuring the idols of the Poseidon, the Greek god Asclepius and an archaic Apollo in Athens. The summer destination is a home to 70 beaches including Hivadolimni Beach, Fourkovouni, Pollonia and Areti etc.

The beaches of South and North remain busy with visitors while that of the East and West offer solitude. There are amazing rock formations, hot springs and a myriad of minerals even today. Sailing into Milos is dramatic as it is full of special charm and surprises. The relaxing atmosphere makes this place ideal for a family or romantic vacation. Do not forget to take a boat ride to Kleftiko.

  • Cephalonia

Explore the Amazing Holiday Destinations of Greece like never before!

Cephalonia or as they call it Kefalonia, is one of seven islands in the Ionian Sea. Find seclution at pristine beaches featuring golden sand and turquoise water. Go for swimming or enjoy a barefoot walking. Then there are striking mountain slopes and valleys with prolific verdant making then suitable for hiking and trekking.

The ancient churches, Venetian castles and sacred monasteries are worth paying a visit. Witness an exceptional natural phenomena known as “Katavothres”, where the sea makes it way to holes (grottos), canals and lakes. With so much to see and explore, Cephalonia however remains secluded and undiscovered. Return to this best place of Greece and discover something new on each visit!

These are only a few of gems. Greece has a lot more to discover and experience. Pack your packs and go on a Greece tour as soon as possible.

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