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You have to experience Chhattisgarh to know about its various blends of cultures and classes of people. A beautiful place blessed with natural abundance and greenery worth watching, the state is a complete delight to tourists. If you plan your India travel, Chhattisgarh is a wonderful place for respite and serenity. Made a separate state in the year 2000, Chhatisgarh has turned into a land of amicable people with improved tourism activities. See some of the mineral mines and diamond hubs that the newly formed state in Eastern India boasts of.


Though not a large place, the tour itinerary to Chhattisgarh can be well complete in four to five days. You have the national monuments, rock cutting sites, excavation region, and wildlife parks as the major attractions. There are also caves and plateaus offering views of the entire place. Nature lovers can check into the forests for adventure and camps. The state has numerous camp grounds for vacationers. With the increase in number of tourists visiting the place, hotels are no sparser. There are enough travel agents, cab services, and rental cars are available for the convenience of the travelers.

Apart from the innumerable temples and palaces, the wildlife safaris and tours could make your day worthy. People from various parts of the country make their route itinerary through the three national parks and 11 other wildlife sanctuaries. The Kanger Valley National Park, Achanakmar Sanctuary, and Udanti offer best wildlife tours. Adventure lovers will never miss the fun of the parks and the forests.

Festivals in India are another reason for foreign nationals to plan their India tour. Talk of any state, city, or town in the country, there is always a unique tradition that celebrates in form of cultural festivities. Tourists enjoy the food, celebration, rituals, and dance that form an integral pat of the community tradition.  Chhattisgarh too is no exception to this rule where Gouri-Goura, Surti, Hareli, Pola, and Teeja are celebrated with pomp and show.

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