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The charm of Madhya Pradesh in Central India remains indescribable unless you are making a trip here. Monuments, temples, majestic havelis, and the arid lands all echo a rich culture forming an integral part of Central India tours. Dotted with many other attractions to impress a vacationer, the temples are the peace abode. Standing reminiscence to many other breathtakingly beautiful places, your holiday in Madhya Pradesh can be an ultimate one.


If you are still thinking of where to have the first stop, Bhopal tops the charts. Undoubtedly, the capital city is the most urbanized place with great accessibility to other region. Bhopal shares good communication link with Gwalior, Indore, Raipur, Chhatisgarh, and Jhansi. There are shopping malls to take good care of your purchasing needs. Bhopal also has museums, ancient buildings, and many commercial estates. Your spirit will be lifted once you realize that the hamlets little far from Bhopal gives you the complete hint of valiant people. After all, this is where the tale of Jhansi ki Rani began!

A affluent tribal culture exist is several parts of the state that even today provides tourists with some memorable experience. Especially the festivities and fair symbolize at least three centuries old traditions. Though many things have changed here, the gracious tribal groups have upheld every inch of their ceremonies. Visit Bastar region to have a glimpse of the oldest culture of this land. The aborigines still make at least 35 per cent of the total population in the state. The affluent tribal culture leaves a visitor enthralled.

Pilgrimage tours are also an important part of the Madhya Pradesh. Not only leisure travelers find bliss here, but the pilgrims also seek peace in the many temples around the state. The Ujjain and Omkareshwar hold particular importance within the religious mindset of the region. Khajuraho, Pana, Panchmari, and Jabalpur are top tourist destinations in Madhya Pradesh.

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