Land of five hills- Panchgani

The fact that Maharashtra is a diverse state with Mumbai’s posh ness and Pune’s vibrant city is further highlighted with the Panchgani hill station. The Named after the five popular hills in the region, it is a beautiful place drawing tourists throughout the year. A retreat to experience the hilly lifestyle, you connect with a different world all together here. Some of the exclusive tour packages taking you include Pune and Mumbai. Pune is an important gateway to the place easily accessible by car or bus and around 98 km from the airport. Wathar is the nearest railway station.


The small hill town is worth a visit from September to May. The weather is more than pleasant making it the “Switzerland of India”. The magnificent scenery stretching from Krishna Valley to east, the small hamlets, cultivation fields, dams gives a splendid look. What remains more interesting is the fusion of the rivers, fields, valley, and the canals. Rather than the extreme chill and snow, you enjoy a blend of several small package surprises. Your Panchgani travel will have the hilly terrains on one side and the coastal plains on the other. Are you ready to experience such a combo?

Known for the unpolluted air and the serene town life, tourists coming to Panchgani expect to spend the days amidst sun and serenity. It is an abode of peace. If you were traveling through the Pune Expressway, the first point to stop would be a small bridge with stream of water just up to your knees might be. With attractive colonial settlements and old buildings lined throughout the town, the Panchgani Hills are a dream destination during your India travel. The vacationers have perfect ways of exploring the parsi homes and the other British architectures.

Sightseeing in Pachgani would include some major hot spots. You will have a lovely time roaming around the Mapro Garden, Parsi Point, and Sydney Point. You have some great resorts to put up for the days of your vacation. The hills also offer picturesque backdrop for capturing some great shots of nature. Panchgani is almost a weekend getaway for Maharashtra residents who willingly make an escapade here to avoid the city hassles.

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