Top Ten Fabulous Reasons to Travel to New Zealand

If you were to ask a place that has it all-some of the most picturesque scenery and exotically beautiful and diverse landscapes, some of the most friendly and warm people, eager to communicate and showcase to the world their amazing legacy and heritage and one of the most travel friendly climate and some of the most safest places on Earth-without the blink of an eye, it is New Zealand. Located far-off into the Southern Hemisphere and in the essence of South Pacific, the country is indeed blessed. The amazing sights subdued in raw nature and rich biodiversity will disarm and delight you.

Some of the most delicious but cheap and ubiquitous wine and mouth-watering dishes will rejoice you and one of the most exciting places to enjoy adventure sports, leaving you breathless and in the company of some of the most welcoming hosts will thrill you. The numerous attractions that New Zealand has are many and we swear the list may go endless. New Zealand is place of so much charms that one hardly needs a reason to travel to such an incredible place. However, for the sake of numerical reason, we enumerate here Top Ten Fabulous Reasons to Travel to New Zealand. Here you will find that these amazing points not only delight you but will convince you that the country is surely one of the prominent not-to-missed destinations of the world. Check Out:

The Kiwi scenery is simply breathtaking

Well Lord of the Rings has definitely played a part in promoting tourism in this country. The scenic beauty is definitely one of the reasons to travel to New Zealand. New Zealand has one of the most spectacular views and some of the most beautiful landscapes compared to any other part of the world. It has one of the greatest diversity of geographical and ecological variety including high snowy mountains, active volcanoes, deep fjords, glowworm caves, age-old native forests and many geothermal areas. Over the course of its long history of topographical evolution, its landmass has gone through many changes and owing to the many climatic and tectonic changes has brought the character of its countryside to its present fascinating form.

New Zealand sits on junction of two tectonic plates which has given rise to many active geological phenomena like the thermal geysers, hot pools and bubbling mud which are found in aplenty here. Besides being home to high wonderful glaciers, the country has almost 15,000 km of coast line marked by ethereal and isolated sandy beaches. Thus, there no dearth of picturesque sites that inspire wonder and amazement for a tourist hankering for heavenly views around the country.

The Island is an adrenaline junkie’s paradise

What appeal a destination would hold without that necessary surge of adrenaline? Well, New Zealand is just the place that will satisfy the rush of your blood and soothe your racing heartbeat. From Bungee to Caving and from Skydiving to Rafting, the place has it all. Since 1980’s when AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch established the first Bungee operation, it has almost become the necessary rite for every New Zealand excursionist. Nevis Bungy is the highest (134 m) and most popular and should not be missed.

Besides, a number of fast-flowing rivers flow from the paths and trails between the hills, providing an excellent space for White Water Rafting, that is too, one of the favorites for the visitors. Combined with the Waitomo Caves trekking, Zip-lining, Off-Road Driving and Jet Boating, the country will certainly give you adventure kicks to always keep you spirited and pumped up.

One of the best places for a long road trip

New Zealand has a total area of 268,021 km2 but population only over just 4 million, which is hardly a proportion. Thus, barring the cities, there are a lot of open spaces across the countryside, making way for long, remote road drives and trips, one of the reasons why you should travel to New Zealand. These journeys are mostly taken in large and comfortable campervans which have all the necessary facilities and fixtures like shower, gas, beds etc. This is one of the best and most popular ways for sightseeing the country.

However, driving in New Zealand is on the left hand side of the road while the driver’s seat is on the right hand side of the car. Therefore, one also need to have a thorough preparation before hitting the road if one is used to driving on the opposite side. Moreover, the road conditions could be from moderate to extreme and windy and also may be tricky during winters because of snow. But nevertheless, by moving around by the roads, one comes closer to the real country and experience the amazing sights and enjoy the still, quiet and isolation of its remote locations.

Awesome hosts and warm and friendly people

The Kiwi people are one of the most amazing, warm-hearted and friendly hosts for a traveler. They are protective of their country and extremely proud of their ancient Maori Culture. The New Zealanders are a unique kind of society in the sense that their off-located, isolated South Pacific Location and rugged landscapes makes most them as independent and self-reliant with a strong individualism. But thankfully, the tradition of hospitality runs deep into the Maori tradition and New Zealanders have been described to be one of the most open-minded and tolerant people.

In survey conducted locally for the migrants, nine out of ten responded that they received a welcome, far greater and warmer than their expectations. In a nutshell, visitors arriving here can expect amazing reception and affectionate kindness and hope to make lasting friendships. A remarkable part of the Kiwi hospitality from the government also includes insurance for all the travelers descending on to the country.

To Have a Swim with the Dolphins and watch the Whales

New Zealand is relatively a small country and is bounded by sea on all sides. Thus, at any location, the sea is not further than 128km from the land and therefore offers a great opportunity to spot the incredible marine life of the nation including the dolphins, whales and other great wildlife. The visitors can swim with dolphins in the Bay of Islands or Tauranga in the North Island and even at Kaikoura in the South.

There are different varieties of dolphins in the country and one feels incredibly thrilled after they have an encounter with them. Dolphins are actually harmless creatures that seeks human company and loves playing, frolicking and even communicating with them. Therefore, this is a great experience that tourists look forward to. On the other hand, Whale Watching is also a popular activity in the country with an all year round tourist season. Kaikoura again is one of the better places for spotting the whales with Sperm Whale and Humpback Whales more visible during June and July while Orca whales best seen from November to February.

Besides, New Zealand has a rich diversity other creatures populating its seas such as Fur-Seals/Kekeno, Sea Lions, Porpoises as well as Southern Elephant Seal or ihupuku and Leopard Seal found in the southern waters.

Hiking one of the world’s most picturesque Treks

Walking and exploring New Zealand through some their most famous and scenic trails is one of the most thrilling and richly rewarding experiences. Options are available for tourists of all age and fitness levels while there are thousands of kilometers of panoramic and spectacular sights, passing through national parks, native grasslands and mesmerizing coastal regions. The famous 9 Great Walks exhibits most the country’s beautiful and diverse landscapes taking the visitor along spellbinding locations.

For instance, the 41 km Tongariro National Circuit includes the famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing whereas Lake Waikaremoana walk takes the traveler through 46 kilometers of verdant Te Urewara National Park rainforest. There are options available for either a day trek or multi-day trekking. However, The Milford Track remains the most famous hike in the country with a stunning international appeal. Its majestic mountain lakes, imposing peaks and beguiling waterfalls is simply awesome explaining its wide interest. Other equally fascinating day treks are Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Rangitoto Summit Track as well as the fabulous and icy Franz Josef Walk, enchanting the trekkers with their captivating appeal.

New Zealand has some of the longest and most beautiful beaches

The fabulously scenic country has approximately 15,000 kilometers of coastline enveloping one of the most laid-back and chilled-out ambience. Beaches in New Zealand are diverse with some of them having white sand and mild waves while those situated on the west coast are rougher with black beach sand, rugged cliffs and weathered rocks. Either enjoy surfing or relish fishing or take out to waters, kayaking and savoring the clean and wonderful waters of the seas.

All the major cities of New Zealand are situated near the sea waters thus, there is a scope of water sports always closer by. The most famous and picturesque beaches in the country include Mount Maunganui, Piha in Auckland, Nine Mile Beach, Raglan in Hamilton-Waikato, The Coromandel etc. New Zealand is a real haven for beach lovers, therefore pack your bags, don your sandals and always be ready for the spontaneous thrill enjoyment along the shores.

One of the most fabulous wines in the world

The country makes quite an amazing wine which is famous throughout the world for its quality. New Zealand wine is quite cheap, delicious and is favored far and wide. There are specific wine regions across the country. The best part is that visitors at most of these wineries are offered to taste a sample and tell their experience. There are special organized wine tours taken through the sites of Marlborough, Hawkes Bay, Otago and Gisborne etc.

Although New Zealand produces less than 1% of the world’s wine, still it has one of the most incredible array of varieties and styles. This has been mostly possible due to New Zealand’s maritime, temperate climate as well as the conspicuous passion of the wine makers. Thus, no matter what where do you belong or from where have you come from or what are your tastes in wine, there will always be some kind of variety that will be suitable to your palate.

To witness the fascinatingly amazing Maori Culture

The Kiwis are passionately proud of their Maori antecedents and still about 8% of the native inhabitants of New Zealand make up the Maori people, some of whom are actively involved in keeping their customs and language alive. Their tradition and culture can be visibly seen in their face and body tattoos (moko) and in their art of bone carving. There is a specific dimension of the country’s tourism directed at exploring and exhibiting the Maori traditions in the form of their carving, weaving, group performances (haka), art practices and ancient Maori legends. There has been a kind of cultural rebirth of Maori heritage and folklore in recent times with the Government playing an active part in promoting it.

Maori culture is continuously evolving and finding newer and diverse mediums to express and publicize themselves such as film, television, poetry, hip-hop and theatre etc. and most importantly, finds respect and acceptance amongst the modern population. Visitors, when they arrive in the country can immediately perceive and experience Maori influence on the country in the form of place names, language phrases and sporadic Maori beliefs and practices. The Maori people are extremely friendly and warm and love to showcase their legacy and heritage. Therefore, finding and mixing with Maoris is a wonderfully fulfilling experience for travelers.

The Safety and Climate of New Zealand are just fabulous

Climate of the country is in the temperate range and in neither too hot nor too cold, thus incredibly suitable and favorable for tourists from any part of the Globe. However lying in the Southern Hemisphere, climate of New Zealand is opposite to that of people living in the Northern part of Earth with January being the warmest and July the coldest months of the year. The nation receives ample sunshine and more than enough rainfall which plays an important part for the country’s farmers and agriculture as well. Although the weather can experience sudden changes even during a single day, overall, any time of the year is suitable for exploring and navigating the country.

On the other hand, the country is wonderfully safe and relatively much freer from crime. Even a woman can aspire a solo trek or enjoy night outdoors without any danger. Moreover, there are virtually no lethal animals in the country’s wildlife, thus one can ensure safer trails and secure treks without the risk of being injured or eaten. The police system in New Zealand is strong and most of the citizens are law-abiding people. New Zealand ranks third in the Global Index of some of the safest places on Earth, while Auckland and Wellington are ranked 3rd and 13th respectively as the safest cities in the world. Thus, One can enjoy the country without any mental hassle or inconvenience and being devoid of any stress.

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