Saving The Endangered Animal Species

God has blessed our country with a vast variety of exotic animals. One of these is a tiger which is our national animal as well. But it is a very disheartening and a shameful thing that various species of tiger are either on the verge extinction that is they are in the list of being extinct or they are already extinct. The number count of the royal tigers is only going down from the past few years in India which is an alarming situation for the ecosystem. Any animal becomes endangered when there are chances that it will not at at be seen in the coming years. According to some reports, only 1000 tigers are left in India, which is a very low saddening number if we see the broadness of Wildlife in India.

Saving The Endangered Animal SpeciesThe reasons which contribute to the extinction of the species of big cat are many. One of the most prominent reasons in this list is poaching. Here, the poachers kill this very attractive mammal for the personal reason as when they sell the skin of the tigers in exchange of which they get a good amount of money. There are few other reasons contributing to this furthermore such as environmental and climatic modifications, cutting of the forests (natural habitat of animals), industrialization and so on. Although tiger conservation projects have been undertaken but still much is needed to be done in this regard.

Saving The Endangered Animal Species

There are a few ways, adopting which the species of tiger which are endangered can be saved. Steps should be taken in order to end poaching and if any poacher is caught, an extremely strict action should be taken against him. Awareness should be spread about such an ill-state of the tigers. The natural habitat of this great mammal that is the forests should be protected and also the organizations which are working towards the conservation of there should be given ample amount of support.

Saving The Endangered Animal SpeciesWant contributor for SAVE BIG CATS organization campaign. Join Wildlife India Tours and tell us if you have something to share with us regarding this.

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  1. Myra says:

    Beautifully written. We all need to understand that there’s a need to save these species.
    Thanks for such an inspiring blog.

    • Diksha Khiatani says:

      Hey Myra

      Thanks for your kind words! Keep on following our blogs for more such informative posts in the future.

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