High-Time to save the Big Cats

Just a few days back, I read somewhere that the royal tiger of our country is slowly turning into the endangered tiger as the number of the mammal left in the whole country is going downwards on a very fast pace. India had one of the richest population as well as species of tiger but many of the species of this animal have either got extinct or have become endangered. This simply means that they are left very few in number and are on the verge of getting extinct.

There are many reasons that this, one of the most attractive mammal of India has now become the endangered tiger. One of the major reasons is poaching that is hunting when this very amazing animal is killed for personal benefit where people kill these big cats in order to sell their skin so that they can earn money. The other reasons are changes in the climate and environment, growing pollution, industrialization, and cutting down the forests which are their natural habitat. If all this continues at the same speed and nothing much is done in order to save them, then it is very much possible that this rich animal will never be seen again.

It is an extremely saddening situation that this animal is our national animal but it is on the list of species which are endangered and are on the verge of getting extinct. It is high-time that much is done in order to save these big cats. Quite a few tiger conservation projects had got initiated, such as Save Tiger, Project Tiger and so on but this is not enough. It is extremely important that huge amount of awareness should be spread around to make everyone aware of the real situation. It is the very time now that both the government of the country and the common man should join hands to save this beautiful royal mammal from getting extinct.

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