Goa Government Adopts Sustainable Tourism With Launch of E-Bikes

Goa Government Adopts Sustainable Tourism With Launch of E-Bikes

Goa adopts measures of sustainable tourism with launch of India’s first e-bikes. In a recent event in Panaji, Tourism minister Manohar Azgaonkar along with Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) chairperson Dayanand Sopte, launched electric bikes, or e-bikes. The very first of their kind in the country, this is one of the powerful ways to adopt sustainable tourism.

An alliance of Goa Tourism Department with Acris Tours Pvt Ltd, the e-bikes will not only promote sustainable tourism but also provide visitors with a new way of exploring Goa. This launch will act as the pioneer of Electric Vehicle Tourism in India. In addition, the event launched, the electric vehicle tourism platform B:Live.

The new e-bikes are known for its state-of-the-art features along with preserving the environment. The highlights include digital display screens, GPS trackers, battery-powered motors and electronic disc brakes for enhanced safety. The e-bike that can reach the speed of up to 25 kmph. Presently e-bikes in Goa are available for tours of Panaji, Divar and Old Goa. On a single charge, the new e-bike covers a distance of 50km.

Every year millions of tourists come to Goa. Bikes and other two-wheel vehicles on hire are the most popular options to explore Goa. The harmful emissions of petrol, diesel and other fuels harm the environment, therefore it was high time to go natural. Electric bikes will not only reduce pollution but also costs and quite make it possible to track the usage, riders’ location, etc.

To start with, B:Live unique is the smart use of technology. The platform allows guests to easily book e-bike tours by making digital payments. Also, a web app provides updated tour-related data to the riders, enhancing the usability for tourists. This will bring the launch of a new era of clean and efficient way of traveling.

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