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Mandawa Fort

The Mandawa Fort is one of the most famous forts in Mandawa. It is located in the midst of Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan. The Mandawa fort is such a great attraction for tourists as it helps in revealing a lot about the rich history of the place along with revealing the unique features of Rajasthani architecture. Adorned with beautiful frescos, Mandawa Fort presents a sight to behold. Frequented by many tourists, the fort offers innumerable matchless experiences.

A trip to Mahansar

Nestled amidst the Shekhawati region, Mahansar is a small town which is known for its rich cultural history and heritage. A mansion known as the Sone-Chandi ki Dukan is the head-turner as it is adorned with intricate paintings done with gold leaves.

Explore Dundlod Fort

The 17th-century fort belongs to the Rajputana clan. The fort has been revamped into a heritage hotel and offers a memorable stay. Horse Safaris and a visit to the Badalgarh Fort are an added plus.

Excursion to the Laxmangarh Fort

Laxmangarh Fort is perched on a scattered rock and thus grabs huge attention. The fort is privately owned and due to this remains close to the public but a trek to the temple nearby excites many.

Marvel at the paintings of Jhunjhunu

Dotted with a number of havelis adorned with beautiful frescoes, Jhunjhunu is a paradise for art lovers. The district also flaunts the Rani Sati temple which is a 400 years old shrine.

Visit Saraf Haveli

Flaunting distinctive paintings and elegant interiors, the Saraf Haveli cast a spell on the visitors. The haveli has served as the shooting site of many Bollywood movies. A must-visit place for the art and architecture lovers, the castle steals the limelight for being the dwelling place of the Sarafs or the jewelers.

Admire the paintings on the Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli

The beautiful haveli features huge gates that astonish everyone visiting the mansion. One of the main highlights of the haveli is the magnificent depiction of Lord Indra on an elephant.

Enjoy a time travel to history at the Surana Haveli

Surana Haveli is not just a haveli, rather it is a group of havelis. One of the most famous amongst them is the Surana Double Haveli which is a six-storied mansion with 1111 windows.

Soak-in the beauty of the sunsets at the Sethani ka Johara

Sethani ka Johara is a water reservoir which looks truly beautiful during the sunset. Various animals and birds can be spotted nearby the reservoir.

See what lies inside the Malji ka Kamra

Constructed in the 19th century, the Malji Ka Kamra is a mansion that mingles the Rajputana and Italian architecture style.

Spare some time for visiting the Aath Khamb Chatri

A perfect place to observe beautiful murals and interiors, the Aath Khamb Chatri is an 8-pillared dome. Its base remains within the sand whereas the dome showcases the amazing view of the Rajputana architecture.

Plan a day trip to Sikar

A city in the Shekhawati area, Sikar is replete with a number of attractions. Due to the presence of a huge number of temples, the town enjoys religious importance.

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