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Art and Crafts Rajasthan

Art and Crafts of Rajasthan is an integral part of the state. Each district and cities of Rajasthan specializes in different art forms. Some of the museum in Rajasthan exhibits the objects of different regions. Whether it be marble carvings, miniature paintings or frescoes all shows you the artistic genius of the craftsmen of yesteryears.

Art and Crafts of Rajasthan has a long history behind it. Whether it be the intricate jewelries or the exquisite marble carvings, or the frescoes all bears a testimony to the superb skill of the craftsmen. The Hadoti School of art specimens in the 10th century has been preserved in the many museums of Rajasthan. Miniature paintings which are renowned all throughout the world were popular in Rajasthan from a very early age. The Raagmala painting and the Kangra School of art developed in Rajasthan. Considering the long line of art history of this erstwhile state it is only right that the government spends a considerable amount in upholding, maintaining and preserving these art articles of Rajasthan in India. Different periods in Rajasthan contributed in its own way in upholding art and craft in Rajasthan. The Rajputs were great patronizers of art. To this effect they spend a huge sum to uphold and developed them.

Art and Crafts of Rajasthan were dormant for sometime as Industrialization took over and the only place you could glance through them were in the museums, palaces and havelis of Rajasthan. However the government of Rajasthan is slowly trying to revive this old art form and interestingly enough it is gaining momentum every year. To that effect many fairs and festivals are held in Rajasthan the main motto of which is to encourage Rajasthani culture and tradition through its art.

Rajasthani Art is famous all over India for its exquisite design and intricate pattern woven ob them. Moreover these handmade products also have a roving market abroad. However Performing Arts of Rajasthan are also popular all over India. Whether it be the colorful Dandiya dance or the Ghoomar dance, you see the best of the state during these fairs and festivals which is a common platform for these dance performances.

Crafts of Rajasthan get a steady impetus from the state government for further development. Wood crafts, metal wares, toys and dolls all reflect the artistic ingenuity of the craftsmen. These are some of the best things that you could carry home as souvenirs. Prizes are reasonable enough for you to fill a bagful. Key chain in fragrant sandalwood, paper and trinket boxes, carved wooden blokes, paper mache products, carved and decorated chests and chairs, are some of the best buys