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Enamel Jewellery of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is an important center in India where Enamel Jewelry is made, and the products have gained prominence worldwide. The jewelers of Rajasthan specialize in the enameling of gold. The "Meenakari" form of art practiced in Rajasthan is the art of enameling precious metals like gold and silver. The Enamel Jewelry of Rajasthan in India is famous all over the world. 

History of Enamel Jewelry 

Maharaja Man Singh introduced enameling. Enamel Jewelry gained prominence during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Jaipur in Rajasthan is considered a vital enameling center in India. The Enamel Jewelry is done by fusing glass with gold or silver under high temperatures. Enamel Jewelry looks brilliant and vibrant because of the colors that are used. In the Enamel Jewelry of Rajasthan, green, red, and white are the most commonly used colors. Kings and noblemen widely used Enamel Jewelry in Rajasthan in the past. 

How to make Enamel Jewelry

Various types of Enamel are used to make fine enamel jewelry. The quality and the luster of the enamel jewelry determine the product's price. The enamel jewelry of Rajasthan is decorated and enhanced by using gold foils and leaves, glass beads, and gemstones. Paints are also used to give luster to the Enamel Jewelry. Enamel Jewelry of Rajasthan is also considered an essential piece of art as much effort is given to make beautiful enamel jewelry. Rajasthan's enamel jewelry in India is a much-coveted jewelry piece of people who take an avid interest in collecting antique and ethnic jewelry. 

It is one of the most beautiful art to admire when you are in Rajasthan. Different types of items are widely famous as Rajasthani Enamel Jewelry. You can witness these items and learn more about them by choosing our customizable Rajasthan tour packages. 


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