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Climate of Rajasthan

Owing to geographical diversity, the climate in Rajasthan keeps on varying. Thus, before planning a Rajasthan Tour it is very important to analyze the climatic conditions of Rajasthan which changes according to the four different seasons. Being the driest region in India, the royal state experiences a tropical desert climate. Rajasthan features extreme temperatures in both summer and winter. The sun shines brightly from March to September but appears blissful during the winter season. Also, the state receives scanty rainfall.

Winter (December - March)

Months between December and March mark the winter season in Rajasthan. January is the coldest month and the minimum temperature at some places falls to -2°C. However, the average temperature during this season hovers around 10°C, thereby, luring scores of tourists. Thus, winter is the best season to visit Rajasthan. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Jodhpur, Ranthambore National Park, Pushkar, Jaipur and Jaisalmer, etc. are some of the best places to visit in Rajasthan in winter.

Summer (April - June)

Summers in Rajasthan witness the scorching sun tortures the land. Therefore, it is suggested not to plan a holiday in Rajasthan during this season. Starting from the month of April, summer in Rajasthan extends till June. Also, because of its location, the ‘Land of Maharajas’ has summer as the longest season.

During this period, the temperature in Rajasthan is very high and ranges somewhere between 32°Celsius and 46°Celsius. However, the maximum daily temperature hovers around 40°C to 45°C in the region of Bikaner, Barmer, Jaisalmer, etc. Sometimes, it even touches as high as 49°C. Interestingly, temperature falls steeply during nights in the summer season. Another key point to note is that Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan and Udaipur have a pleasant climate in summers and can be visited during this time.

Monsoon (July - September)

It is in the last week of June that the eastern parts of Rajasthan witnesses southwest monsoon. The season lasts till mid-September. The pre-monsoon showers occasionally fall in mid-June while post-monsoon rains may occur in October. A little rainfall in the winter season also makes the weather pleasant. However, Rajasthan receives around 90% of its monthly rainfall during July and August.

The temperatures ranges from 29.5°C to 32.2°C in the south and southeast areas of Rajasthan. An average of above 37.7°C is recorded in the northern and northwestern regions. Furthermore, humidity is high during this period, particularly in August. So, it is also not the best time to travel to Rajasthan.

Post-Monsoon (October - November)

The months between October and November serves as the post-monsoonal season in Rajasthan.  Minimum temperature ranging between 18°C and 20°C brings relief. The salubrious weather during this period is ideal to explore the best tourist places to visit in Rajasthan.