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Climate of Rajasthan

If you are on a journey to explore the colorful and culturally vibrant lands of India, then you surely cannot afford to bail out the royal state of Rajasthan.  The land of the Rajput clan, Rajasthan has such an enriching cultural heritage that the tour of India will turn vague if left without it. Before going on Rajasthan Trip! it is advised that one should know about the topography and climate of Rajasthan. Being the driest place in India, the climate of Rajasthan stays extreme during the two halves of the year.  Apart from that, the arrival of Monsoon does not hit the state of Rajasthan that hard.


Climate of Rajasthan can be divided into three basic sub divisions which are

Summer (April-June)

Summer season in Rajasthan is considered to be the hottest in the whole of India. The scorching sun remains at the head, bringing the temperature as close as 45 degree C (105F) at the day time. Night temperatures usually drop till 24 degree C (75F).  On the contrary, the hill station of Mount Abu remains cool, providing respite to the tourists.

Monsoon (July-September)

When it is pouring heavily in the other parts of India, the state of Rajasthan gets moderate rains. Nevertheless, it is enough to bring down the mercury to a comfortable 24 degree C-35 degree C bracket (70F-90F). The arrival of Indian monsoon also sets the stage for dust storms in Rajasthan, which is also known as ‘Kali Aandhi’.

Winters (January-March)

The best time to visit the state of Rajashan is indeed autumn. One can expect a freezing temperature point of 0 degree C also in the month of January. As a whole, temperature fluctuates between a bracket of 10 degree C-27 degree C (50F-80F) in the winters.