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Block Printing Rajasthan

Block Printing is an ancient craft form of Rajasthan that is being practiced since time immemorial. Natural colors are used in Block Printing. Rajasthan is well known for the art of block printing that is hugely practiced there even till date. The process of doing block printing flourished since the 12th century when the art received a royal patronage from the kings of the era.

Block Printing is done on cotton fabrics. Rajasthan is an important center in India where block printing has gained a good prominence and the designs of the block printing that originated in Rajasthan are considered the most popular and best of all other designs.


During the 12th century, the parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat became famous for the art of Block Printing that was hugely practiced. The block printing of Rajasthan in India was exported in a large number from India.


Block Printing can be distinguished into two categories, The Sanganeri and Bagru prints. Although much difference is not noted, but the background color of the Fabric marks the difference between the two. The Sanganeri prints are done on a white background and the Bagru prints are essentially done on background of red and black. Block Printing of Rajasthan in India is known for the intricate designs and the details that are made on the block prints. Block printing is done on rich and vibrant colors and this aspect has given prominence to Block Printing as a craft of Rajasthan.

The wooden blocks of different shapes and sizes used for block printing are called bunta. The base of the block has the design carved on it. The fabric is washed free of starch before printing is done on it. Printing is done from left to right. Standard colors used for block printing are black, brown, orange, red, and mustard. The fabric is dried out in the sun after the block printing is done.


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