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History of Rajasthan

Nestled in the foot hills of the Aravallis, the richness of the province of Rajasthan has attracted thousands of tourists to the land from times immemorial. Rich in history, Rajasthan mesmerizes all the travelers to her land with its rich and exotic history, which in turn has given the province a rich and varied culture, which is considered to be one of the richest cultures in the world. A tour to Rajasthan is considered to be incomplete without knowledge of the history of Rajasthan, one of the most important aspects of Rajasthan General Info.

Dotted with some of the most exotic havelis and castles imaginable, a trip to Rajasthan in India is made even more memorable by the various stories which are attached to these silent witnesses of an era gone by. Almost each and every monument in Rajasthan has a story linking it to its past that adds an enigma to these otherwise inert blocks of mortar and stone. A history of chivalry, bravery and heroism beckons you to the magical province of Rajasthan the moment you step into this desert paradise.

The history of Rajasthan dates back to as early as the eight century, when some of the first Rajput clans established their prowess amidst the glistening golden sands of the Thar Desert. The grandeur of the Rajputs was followed by several of the other illustrious clans which included the Nath, Jats, Bhils, Ahirs, Gujars as well as the Meenas.

Each of these tribes established their sovereignty on the various districts of Rajasthan, or, Rajputana which resulted in the enhancement of the development and cultures of these districts, notable among which were the districts of Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Udaipur. Tonk was an important exception in the other wise Hindu ruled province of greater Rajputana.

The Islamic invasions of the Delhi sultanate as well as those of the comparatively more powerful Mughal armies were successfully resisted by the various districts and principalities of Rajasthan, which has shaped Rajasthan into the way we see her today. Many of the stories of this Golden Age in the History of Rajasthan is kept alive even today in the minds of the people of the land, which is one of the most striking proofs of the pride that the people feel for their homeland.

The daunting valor of the Rajputs was, however, dimmed when much of the territories of the province were annexed by the Maratha general Scindia which resulted in several of the rulers of the various districts and principalities of Rajputana concluding treaties with the British rulers in exchange for protection from the Marathas. This proved to be one of the most important reasons for the smooth merger of the province of Rajasthan with India on the latter's gaining independence.


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