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Horse Safari in Rajasthan

Rajasthan has always taken pride in preserving its royal lineage and regal past. The spirit of Rajput chivalry and bravery is still present in each and every nook and corner of this ancient land, as vibrant and alive as it was in the days gone by. One of the most prominent images of this past era of chivalry is that of Rajput nobility galloping past to fight wars or reach destinations across the sparkling sand dunes of Rajasthan. Like all its other traditions, the custom of horse back riding too, is well-maintained in Rajasthan, carrying forward a tradition that is rooted deep within each and every grain of sand that covers this desert paradise. If you share the love for adventure, gallantry and fine living that characterizes the province then one of the must try-outs during your trip to the province is definitely a Horse Safari in Rajasthan.

Best Time to Visit for Horse Safari :

October to April

Best Locations for the Safari:

The best locations for horse safaris in Rajasthan are the beautiful locales around the slopes of the Aravalis and the Deogarh Plateau, the lush, green, forested plains near Udaipur, Samode as well as the essentially desert regions of sandy and rocky fields of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner regions.

Duration of the Safaris:

The duration of the safari can stretch from as long as 1 day to even a month.

Handy Hints:

  • Make sure you pack in a thick pair of riding boots in addition to a thick brimmed hat to protect yourself from the harsh desert sand.
  • Binoculars are must haves to ensure that you do not miss out on any of the sights and sounds of Rajasthan.
  • Pack in a few woolens as well, as the weather in Rajasthan can be quite deceptive, turning dangerously cooler after sun-down.
  • Most of these safaris are planned o accommodate sightseeing at a number of villages, where you can get to meet craftsmen displaying their ware. So be prepared for rounds of shopping that is definitely hard to resist while in Rajasthan! offers online information on Horse Safari in Rajasthan and other tourist attractions of Rajasthan and other cities of India . To avail this facility or for more information on the hotels of India, please, enter your queries in the form below. 


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