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Adventure Activities in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is sprawling with the ancient forts, exquisite mansions, beautifully carved temples, glistening lakes, and many more natural and architectural wonders. Due to the diversity of its land and culture, there is a lot of options for adventure activities in Rajasthan in which guests can indulge in when touring this great state. If its arid deserts are perfect for a camel or jeep safari, its highlands and jungles afford opportunities such as trekking and Jungle safaris. 

Rajasthan is dotted with innumerable man-made and natural marvels which lures a large number of tourists across the globe. This colorful state is not only about the architectural beauty, but the tourists can also indulge in various other activities than sightseeing excursions. There is no dearth of adventure activities in India. Just come out of your comfort zones and there a lot more is waiting for you in Rajasthan. 

One can indulge in various activities in Rajasthan which includes the dune bashing in the Thar Desert, Royal Elephant Polo in Jaipur, Speed Boating in Fateh Sagar Lake, trekking in Alwar, Zip-lining and flying fox in Mehrangarh Fort, experience hot air ballooning in Pushkar Fair, and many more things to do in Rajasthan.

The list of Rajasthan adventure will go on and on. If someone wishes to pacify their wanderlust-filled soul and experience the adrenaline rush then pay a visit to Rajasthan. Here you will get an opportunity to experience the revived form of adventure with us.

List of Popular Adventure Activities in Rajasthan

Camel Safari

Camel safari is most unforgettable experience you can have in Rajasthan. You can camp out under the stars or even can ride through the deserts. Camel Safaris are regarded as the most suitable way to explore the desert as you can visit the villages, pass through the wildlife and ride across the open desert sands. Camel safari also gives an opportunity to see closely the rustic, rural life. The ungainly movement of the camel is the only thing you need to get used to. Popular camel safari points are the desert regions of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, Shekhawati belt, Bikanerand around Pushkar and Nagaur.
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Jungle Safari

Rajasthan has immense heritage of wildlife. On your jungle safari to Wildlife sanctuaries or National Parks rest assured, you will spot one, or many of those noble creatures very closely if luck favors.Jeep, Canter and Elephant safari is the best way to observe wildlife within Ranthambore National Park and Sariska Tiger Sanctuary. Enthralling Rickshaw cruise in Keoladeo Ghana bird sanctuary, Bharatpur gives an experience of a virtual orchestra of birdsongs in the air with so many alluring varieties of birds, nesting on the tree-tops and several more species of migratory avian visitors adding to the glamour during winters.
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Village Safari

Visit various traditional villages seeing local handicrafts viz Hand Weaving ,Shoe Makers, Pottery & also men in their traditional attire, women with ancestral silver jewellery, also watch Chinkaras, Peacock, Black Buck, etc. The villages of Rajasthan are famous for their colorful lifestyle, Eco - friendly Houses, Decorative Facades, Intensely Religious People, Wildlife and Safari. Best Villages for tourists are Chattrel, Bishnoi, Rabaris, Luni, Pali, Sodavas, Bhil and many more.
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Elephant Ride

Elephant Safari is most regal way of seeing Rajasthan, one cannot compare anything with the majesty of the pachyderm. Rulers used elephants only for their journeys. Elephants equipped with large seat called howdah on which they would sit with cushions around and over their head a ceremonial umbrella. In todays era the safaris are less ceremonial but still regal. Amongst the tourists the Elephant safaris in Amer Fort are most popular.
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Horse Safari

Horse Safari in Rajasthan is the perfect way to discover land and its people. In Rajasthan kingdoms were established by Rajput warriors sitting on horseback whil their swords were full of enemy blood stains. Rajputs were ready to pay any price to own good horses. There are many safari’s operating around Jodhpur and Udaipur which propose a unique way of touring Rajasthan state rich in heritage, culture and art forms.
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Jeep Safari

Jeep Safaris in Rajasthan not only gives unparallel excitement and thrill but also is the fastest way to explore the Thar Desert. You get a lifetime opportunity to explore desert villages and stark landscapes. It gives you opportunity to reveal India’s hidden charms of remote and colorful villages also the ruins of forts and temples, tribal areas and wildlife.
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Rajputs as known as equestrian horses for them were like fishes in water. Naturally they took polo in a big way. Elephants are representative of strength of Emperors and kings. Elephant polo stared by the royals only and became one of the most popular sport.One can play both horse polo and elephant polo in Rajasthan. In Jaipur one can witness this exclusive Polo sport being played throughout the year. Besides Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur also have formidable polo teams.
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Vintage Car Rally

The Jaipur Vintage Car Rally is a matter of prestige for all the vintage car owners and the participants. Every year in the month of January Vintage Car Rally occurs in Jaipur. One can see old car models of yester years like Humber of 1903, the1923 Austin, the Erskine of 1923, , the Fiat 501 of the year 1923, the Mercedes Benz 170V of 1936 and the Morris 8 of 1938 participating in this rally.The Jaipur Vintage Car Rally is really an interesting event. From being associated with prestige, the car rally also gives you glimpses of the by gone years of the European rule in India, especially The British.
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Hot Air Ballooning

In Rajasthan Hot Air ballooning is an adventurous exploit. It provides passive view and moreover tranquil view of Rajasthan from higher place.While flying thousand feet above the ground, you can see forts, temples, desert, national parks and hill tops. Flights operate from the Pink city of Jaipur, the holy town of Pushkar, and Ranthambore National Park This thrilling experience will always remain etched in your memory.
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