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Wild Animals in India

India is the land of many species of wild animals. In fact, the fauna of India is as rich as its flora. With more than 20% of India's land under forest cover and close to 600 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the nation, it is no wonder that India is home to some of the most fascinating wild creatures on the planet.

Indian Animals are home to many wild animals such as the Asiatic Elephant, Royal Bengal Tiger, Black Buck, Great Indian Rhino, Leopard and the Asiatic Lion to name a few. In addition, India also boasts of a large number of reptile species of snakes and lizards. Birds in India are a delight to discover as India's thick forests and wetlands offers a resting place to numerous migratory birds.

The Great Indian Rhino with its armored façade, the tiger and lion with their royal stride and the trumpeting elephant never fail to enthrall observers with their sometimes intimidating persona. The national animal of India is the Indian Tiger while the national bird is the ever-beautiful Indian Peacock.

To support this varied mix of numerous species of wild animals in India, the nation has a large number of fully functional national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The government also promotes and officiates campaigns and programs to extinguish extinction of rare and endangered wild animals in India.

Some of the most important and popular wild animals in India are Asiatic Lion, Bengal Tiger, Indian White-Rumped Vulture, Cobra, Red Panda, Cheetah, Python, Monitor Lizard, The Great Indian Rhino, Indian Crocodile, Asian Elephant, Leopard, Indian Wolf, Bengal Fox, Black Buck, Golden Jackal, Striped Hyena, Macaques and Mongoose.

Wild Animals in India

Indian Rhinoceros

Among the First Five in any jungle, the Indian Rhinoceros is a regal creature that is next to no one in strength and authority. India is fortunate to be home to one of the most endangered predators in the jungle today. Assam is their primary habitat in India

Bengal Tiger

No other creature is looks as regal, as glorious in action as the Bengal Tiger. Thriving in forest reserves across India, the Bengal Tiger has been granted special status under the Wildlife Conservation Act. Also, wildlife parks in India have a high tiger density ratio

Indian Elephant

The big old elephant never fails to evoke gasps when seen in actuality. India is one of the biggest habitats in the world for elephants. In fact, on the odd day, you may even spot some sauntering on the roads, although India’s national parks is where their habitat is.