Go Offbeat in Goa during your Next Vacation!

Visiting the popular beaches, relaxing at the beach shacks, spending the night dancing at the Tito’s or Mambo’s and relishing free-flowing booze in Goa are now passé.  Why not go offbeat in Goa during your next vacation? For real travelers, explorers and wanderers, Goa has much more to offer. This hippie-haven has several hidden experiences to offer if you are interested in doing something different from the regular. Get in deeper to feel the real pulse of Goa as you look beyond the beaches, churches and nightlife. Here are some of such off-beat activities that you can do during your vacation in Goa:

Colorful little wings at the Butterfly Conservatory, Ponda

Go Offbeat in Goa during your Next Vacation!

If colorful butterflies always were an attraction for you, then the Butterfly Conservatory in Ponda is the place to be. You can not only have a look at the enchanting fluttering wings of the butterflies but can also feed fruits to them. Notice the way they are collecting nectar. The conservatory can be explored between 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and welcomes guests everyday including Public Holidays.

Spice-up your life at the aromatic spice plantation

Go Offbeat in Goa during your Next Vacation!

One of the things to do in Goa is to explore the spice plantations, but it is seldom that these plantations are visited by tourists. You can take a walk through these fragrant plantations while you gain known about different kinds of spices. Sahakar Spice Farm and Savoi plantations are the popular ones. Have some relaxed time, away from touristy hustle-bustle. During your leisure walk, you might also come across the mighty tuskers. You can sit on their back or enjoy giving them a bath. These plantations are also flocked by as many as 75 avifauna species.

Go on an exciting crab catching trip

Go Offbeat in Goa during your Next Vacation!

If you were always scared of crabs, then here is a chance for you to shed your inhibitions now. Though catching a crab is not a child’s play but it surely is going to be an amazing experience. If you have an adventurous streak and do not mind the dirt on your hands, you will love this. The local boys who are trained in this art would help you out. There are special home-made nets, Kobblem that are placed as trap for the crabs. Sea side and Goan backwaters are the best place to catch them. A number of nets are put together inside the water and there is no chance that you miss catching that crab.

Stay in a village of Goa

Go Offbeat in Goa during your Next Vacation!

You might have always thought that staying in a luxury beach resort was the best bet, we suggest you something else, completely different. Experience the real Goa by staying in a manner that the Goans live. Walk on the rustic pathways, interact with the friendly locals, adore the serene ambiance, relish sugary delights at the bakeries, admire the lush surroundings and more.  Olaulim is a nice village that you can explore. Visit the creek to enjoy swimming, kayaking and fishing. This place is close to Mapusa and Panjim. Visit the laidback eateries and bars for your food needs.

Do the island hopping

Go Offbeat in Goa during your Next Vacation!

Away from the touristy hustle-bustle and loud city life, some Islands of Goa, that are thinly populated, are accessible through a number of ferry rides. They probably must be there in ‘must-visit places in Goa’. The villagers staying here are very friendly and the food at the bakeries is sumptuous. You are not going to miss noticing the old Portuguese-style houses, sprinkled here and there. Chorao Island in North Goa is one place you cannot miss. Enjoy bird watching here and hike up to the top of Chorao hill.

Enjoy dolphin viewing

Go Offbeat in Goa during your Next Vacation!

Dolphin viewing is one of the best offbeat activities to do in Goa but not many tourists are aware of it and it remains ignored. Boat cruises, available from Sinquerim, Fort Aguada and Panaji Jettuy, take you away from the shores in the middle of the sea and you can spot dolphins coming from the waters and then jumping back in. if you are with your family, your kids are going to love it. It is best to go for dolphin sighting in the early hours of the morning.

Eerie feel at the Devil’s Canyon

Go Offbeat in Goa during your Next Vacation!

Positioned near Molem at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, Devil’s Canyon also known as Devcharacho kond is known to be a place that was reigned by a demon who ruled all the living beings, be it humans or the fishes. Once a local boy duped him and took away his fishes to eat himself and told the demon that the fishes were for his guests. The demon got angry and cursed the place. Is this story giving an eerie feel? But for adventure seekers, this lovely river gorge in an amazing thing. The place is ideal to savor the rugged surroundings and the tranquility but not for swimming.

Explore the caves in Goa

Go Offbeat in Goa during your Next Vacation!

One of the places to visit in Goa are its dreamlike caves that have a lot of natural as well as historical significance. Arvalem Caves or The Pandava Caves, the Rivona Rock Cut Caves of Khandepar and Lamgau Caves are three such Goan caves that must be visited by every tourist. This experience would be a memorable one. While some of these are man-made others are natural.

Breathtaking views from the ruins of Cabo De Rama

Go Offbeat in Goa during your Next Vacation!

Probably one of the oldest forts in Goa is the Cabo De Rama has been reigned by many rulers- from Hindus to the Mughals and lastly the Portuguese. Once the Portuguese captured the fort in the 1700s, they added a few constructions. They built barracks and a Chapel within the fort boundaries. Though the fort is not very well-maintained but the views that it offers are simply breathtaking. The meandering road up the fort, lying amid vast grasslands and dotted by cashew trees on either side, is magical. As you arrive on the road to Agonda, a diversion with a signboard takes you to the Fort.

Kayaking and speed boating in the Goan Backwaters

Go Offbeat in Goa during your Next Vacation!

Most of the travelers to Goa, do not known much about the presence of backwaters in Goa. If you are one of those then you are missing out on something really nice. Exploring the Goan backwaters while kayaking and riding a speed boating would be a superb idea. Savor the mesmerizing lush scenery and soak-in the serenity. Home to the mangroves, these backwaters are ideal for bird watching, including avifauna species like kingfishers, peacocks and eagles.

A stroll along the Fontainhas, Goa’s historic Latin Quarters

Go Offbeat in Goa during your Next Vacation!

A walk along the old Latin quarters of Panjim would be quite relaxing, and you can explore these lovely quarters with Goa tour packages.Start your day early and the place is ideal for clicking photographs. The road has heritage houses all throughout. You will feel being transported into the old times. Put a full stop on your end at a local bakery, where you can enjoy freshly baked Goa’s special Poi bread along with a cup of tea.

Boating on Lake Mayem

Go Offbeat in Goa during your Next Vacation!

Though boating might not seem to be a really offbeat experience but boating on Mayem Lake would surely be. Lying in Mayem village in North Goa, Lake Mayem is a freshwater lake, boasting of picturesque surroundings of thick forests. You can explore the length and breadth of the lake in different kinds of boats such as paddle-boats, shikara-style boats, flat boats, bumper boats and leisure boat rides.

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