16 of The World’s Scariest and Most Terrifying Skywalks

Travelers explore lands in search of spectacular views. Skywalks all over the world have been created to provide breathtaking views. These marvelous architectures offers amazing views but are super scary and terrifying. The heights, the unbelievable views, the thrill will lure you.

Check out the World’s Scariest and Most Terrifying Skywalks. Awe inspiring views are their specialty but it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Glacier Skywalk, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

The newest skywalk in the Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada is an adventure people swear by. The skywalk loops around the magnificent Canadian Rockies. Built on a native rock on the impressive height of 275 meters above the valley and 298 meters extended over the edge shall give creeps to you. The half metal half glass bottomed skywalk offers views of million years’ old glaciers of Sunwapta Valley and a very unique ecosystem. As it is a part of Columbia Icefields there are secrets of glaciology, geology and wildlife to be learnt. The beauty you view shall take your mind of the absolutely terrifying height you are standing at.

Skypoint Climb, Queensland, Australia

Australia offers sun-kissed coasts, glittering azure waters, clear blue skies and all of this can be enjoyed at one go. The Skypoint Climb, Queensland offers breathtaking views of the enchantments of Australia. The skywalk is a newest tourist activity. The impressive views are a soothing balm to burn of fear to get up so high in the air. Featured by CNN, Guardian and NGC as one of the world’s scariest and most terrifying skywalks, the 270 meters high ascent is Australia’s highest external building climb. The climb is definitely not for the fainthearted. Viewers who would love to enjoy views and not participate in this fun can be safe inside the building and watch the excitements through the glass roof.

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Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona, US

Would you not like to stand on air? As standing on nothing is impossible, the next best thing is the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona in Hualapai Tribe Reservation considered to be one of the most world’s scariest and most terrifying skywalks. Standing 4000 feet above the Grand Canyon, 21 meters from the edge of Eagle point, this skywalk is only for the brave hearts. Owned and operated by the Hualapai Tribe, there are few rules to visit. No personal belongings are to be taken to the glass bottomed deck. Witnessing the natural wonder of Grand Canyon from this wonder will be a cherished memory. The panorama you see shall stay in your minds forever once you forget you fear and step on this spectacle.

Skywalk, Auckland, New Zealand

Skywalk Auckland has re-defined scary adventures. Imagine at 192 feet above the city, you walk on a 1.5 meter outer deck of a tower with no handrail and only air. Auckland Skywalk in New Zealand offers a tour of the sky. Check out the dizzying views of the city. A rainbow is a common sight. The clouds are not just up close, they are actually up here. With a full body harness and safety lines without any handrails you shall view the Auckland city. Try daredevil acts or bungee jump from the top. Take a trip around to enjoy a 360 degree panorama. The views are spectacular and the guide makes your experience cherished.

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Skywalk X, Macau Tower, Macau

Skywalk X, Macau Tower, Macau-guardian

The tallest bungee jumping site in the world, Macau Tower offers another adrenalin hushing adventure. The Skywalk X. Walking on the outer rim of a 764 feet high platform without no handrails spells exhilarating adventure. The Skywalk X is a 1.8 meter glass bottomed outer rim on the Macau tower where the adrenalin seeking junkies walk almost in the sky with a full body harness. The spectacular views are enough to lure to try this scary activity. Macau dazzles you all at one time. Lean on the air and take home epic snaps as the harness supports you. The scary and terrifying walk shall leave you with cherished memories in the amazing city.

The Tiefenbachkogl footbridge, North Tirol, Austria



Considered one of the world’s scariest and most terrifying skywalks, the Tiefenbachkogl footbridge, North Tirol certainly takes your breath away. The views of snow capped views of Alps in Austria is a beauty. The 25 metres long glass observation deck rests 3,000 metres high juts out 60 metres over a giant glacier in the Otztal Alps. Not only the spectacular skywalk, the gondola ride and the observation deck will convince you for a visit. The view of the panorama is truly spectacular. The highest peak of the range can be viewed. The slopes are snowcapped and make for memorable skiing sessions. Forget fear, the beauty shall win your heart to take a step of walking in the sky.

Supertree Grove, Singapore

supertree-groveSupertree Grove in Singapore is a modern try to recreate nature. In the Gardens by the Bay, Supertrees are a manmade effort to recreate green environment of mountains, tropical islands and other climatic zones in the middle of the exhaustive metropolis. A skywalk connects all the Supertrees. The views are splendid from the top and you can see as far as Marina Bay. These creations absorb solar energy and at night light up bright. The 128 meters long, 73 feet high walkway through the trees is a treat for nature lovers. The heights and the walks are only for the adventure seeking travelers.

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The Willis Tower – Chicago

Once the tallest tower in the world at 108 floors, The Willis Tower in Chicago has lost its stature but not its impressive views. The tallest tower of United States of America offers breathtaking views of the panorama. The sky high observation deck is on the 103 rd floor. To make your experiences a little on the edge glass enclosures has been designed jutting in the air. Standing in these enclosures you can actually feel being on the top of the world. The glass ledge is almost 1350 meters high. Get spellbind when looking down and everywhere your eye can see. Step on the glass and enjoy the sights of the skyline to the puny figures out on the streets.

Skywalk in Tianmen Mountain – Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China

The terrifying skywalk created in the Tianmen Mountain is a rare beauty. The glass enclosed walk offers spectacular views of the mountains of Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China. Jutting out from cliff at 1,430 meters high, the 60 meter long 3 feet-wide, 2.5 inch thick glass walkway is only with nerves of steel. On clear days the beauty amplifies as the whole of the province is seen. The splendid views scare the toughest of adrenalin junkies as the steep cliffs are terrifying. The walk in this terrifying glass architecture is an experience of a lifetime. Visitors are asked to wear cloth coverings on shoes so that the glass remains clear of scratches and you have a better grip.

EdgeWalk CN Tower – Toronto

The first of its kind, EdgeWalk CN Tower in Toronto is one of the first adventure providing skywalks in the world. As the name suggests, walk on the edge of the tower 1,168 feet above the ground. It offers a 360 degree skywalk without hand rails. The visitors who are interested in the skywalk are dressed in proper harnessed attire. Cables attach you to an overhead safety harness. The views are undoubtedly breathtaking. Click snaps, make your video. The CN Tower was the first to have introduced glass bottomed surfaces at such heights. The scary adventure will give you some cherished memories.

5 Fingers, Krippenstein, Austria

To view nature at its best, 5 Fingers in Krippenstein Austria offers a spectacular skywalk. At 1300 feet above the ground located in the heart of mountain, the scary skywalk provides awe-inspiring views. The breathtaking sights of the Austrian Alps are best enjoyed from the structure that resembles 5 fingers. The 13 feet long viewing platform has 5 levels and all are unique. One provides a metal frame to capture memorable snaps. One has a glass bottoms to view the amazing heights. One platform has a hole in the surface. One platform offers a free binocular where the attractive panorama can be seen.

Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk, Queensland, Australia

tamborine rainforest skywalk-dc

The Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk is a beautiful nature blessed experience at a terrifying height. Nestled in the privately owned Tamborine Rainforest in Queensland, Australia enjoy breathtaking views of the lush rainforest. At the height of 985 feet above the ground, enjoy the views of the lush canopy of rainforest. Spot birds in their natural habitat. Insects and other wild species are viewed in the abodes. The elevated walk in the rainforest is only for the adventure lovers. The skywalk is a 45 minute adventure on a 1.5 km track. The skywalk and the cantilevered bridge are at a dizzying height. The skywalk is scary but the beautiful views compensate you every second.

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Oryukdo Skywalk, South Korea

Walking on water gets a new meaning at the Oryukdo Skywalk in South Korea. Jutting out in the ocean from the Orykudo Island, the scary skywalk offers spectacular views. At 115 feet above the sea, experience a walk in the air with waves crashing below. The 30 feet platform has a glass bottom. The structure is quiet safe as it is bulletproof. The views are the allure. View nearby islands, the sea and the clouds. Not for the faint hearted only the adventure lovers will be brave enough to step on the glass platform suspended in air.

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

The marvelous Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia offers breathtaking views of Machinchang Mountain. A little different from other skywalks as it does not jut out anywhere, this skywalk is built high above a rainforest. The views form the skywalk are absolutely beautiful but terrifying. At 300 feet above the lush canopy of a rainforest, a single pylon supports the 125-meter long skywalk. Once you keep your mind away from the scary truth enjoy the natural beauty. Islands, the azure ocean and the clouds create a cherished memory. The chicken hearts should give it a miss as only the daring can step here.

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Chamonix Skywalk, French Alps, Europe

Claiming to be the highest skywalk in Europe, the Chamonix Skywalk is a glass box in the Aiguille du Midi Mountain in the French Alps. Stepping in a glass box may not sound scary but this glass box is at a height of 3,400 feet above the ground. The views from the box is nothing short of spectacular. Named as “Step into the Void”, it truly justifies its name. Once you step in the box you are suspended in air. Admire the views of snowcapped peaks without the hassle of vertigo. Only adventure lovers can withstand the terrifying thrill to step in a glass box so high above.

Dachstein Stairway to Nothingness – Austria

As the name suggests the Stairway to Nothingness in Dachstein Norway literary juts out into nothingness. The suspension bridge and a glass viewing platform are standing above a 1300 feet is definitely one of the world’s scariest and most terrifying skywalks. The Dachstein Skywalk meanders around the stunning mountain range before descending 14 steps to a glass viewing platform. This skywalk is absolutely for adventure lovers with nerves of iron. The spectacular beauty comes at a very terrifying cost. The height of the bridge and the platform induces vertigo but the spectacular views of the Alps is a definitely a reward. Test your mettle at the walk in the sky at the Dachstein Stairway to Nothingness.

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