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Mayem Lake In Goa

Mayem Lake in Goa is one of the common tourist attractions. This still water lake is the ideal place for leisurely boating in relaxation in calm. This peace full place is ideal for traveler who wants to stay away from hustle and bustle of the city. This heavenly quiet lake is situated in the midst of picturesque village of eastern town Maposa.

The lake is surrounded by small hills and woodlands. Artificial garden and park on the bank make the place more attractive. You can hire a paddle boat and take around of this lake. Otherwise just take the boat in the idle and enjoy the calmness. But this equanimity will be soon accompanied by the various sounds of birds. This place is perfect for bird watchers. If you travel east of Old Goa, the white lily-bred land has a tremendous amount of razz such as: Egrets and Heron, Bronze-Winged, Pheasant-Tailed Jacana and thousands of exotic species like Comb Duck and Cotton Pygmy-Goose.

This lake is 35 km away from Bicholem, Goa then residence of the old Count can also be seen. The local handicrafts attract tourist and stalls of souvenir will give you to buy tokens from this place just to make this place a memorable one.    


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