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Vagator Beach Goa

Satiate your beach cravings at the calm stretch of the white sands at Vagator Beach. This beach in North Goa is awarded by TripAdvisor as the Travelers Choice Beach for 2017, and it is not a brainer why it is so! Vagator Beach is amongst one of those North Goa beaches which have sunset views to die for. Surrounded by red cliffs and popular for its rave party culture, Vagator Beach is a calm, secluded, and safe swim beach if you are confident in your swimming skills because of the lack of lifeguards. Vagator Beach is flocked by the elite international tourists from Israel, Russia, at its peak time to visit from November to February.

When you stand on the highland facing the sea, you will see the two parts of the beaches. The beach on the right side is called the Big Vagator Beach (North Vagator) and Tambudki Beach. While the beach on the left side is called the Ozran Beach (Little Vagator). Both the beaches are separated by the headland and cocooned with dense palm plantations, white sands, and azure waters. Quick leisure walks down Ozran Beach while crossing the rocks will set the path to reach Tambudki Beach.

Vagator Beach has impressive restaurants and beach shacks dotting it and nearby flea markets to shop some local souvenirs. This white sand beach is a stunning contrast to the brilliant blues of the sea. As we mentioned about rave culture, the fast-paced repetitive electronic music and accompanying light shows go till the wee hours of the night. Thanks to the notch-level restaurants, clubs, pubs, and bars that run along the beach.

Talking of the beach shacks at Vagator Beach, they are littered with the elite crowd, mostly couples, leisure travelers. The Vagator Beach has hotels and resorts dotted around it, and all of them come in myriad travel themes ranging from luxury to budget. One can indulge in shopping at Vagator Beach from the flea markets either on Saturday and Wednesday. On Saturday, the flea market opens up from evening till late at night. On Wednesday, one needs to go to Anjuna Flea Market, which is located at a stone's throw distance.

Do we need to mention that watersports at Vagator Beach are the sureshot highlight? But keep in mind that the watersports in Goa are operational in summers, winters, and post-monsoon only. Amidst the monsoon, the sea waves do not permit a test of the adrenaline, and we suggest you do watersports at Vagator Beach during the heavy downpour.

Below mentioned are the details and some tips to plan your trip to Vagator Beach easily.

When is The Best Time to Visit Vagator Beach?

The best time to visit Vagator Beach is in the high season (November to February). This is the winter season in Goa, and the seawater is pretty impressive to join adventure water sports from morning till evening. The only concern you should be worrying about is the increased accommodation cost at Vagator Beach. Since international tourism is at its peak in the party capital of India thus, Vagator Beach is an expensive deal in winter but absolutely worth it.

You can visit Vagator Beach at its second-best time to visit shoulder season (March to July). It is the summer season, and the maximum temperature hovers around 36 degrees celsius (approx.). However, if you are not used to bearing the heat, you might not feel comfortable in the scorching sun. But still, you will find backpackers flocking the most in summers at Vagator Beach. If you are short on expenses and looking for a budget trip to Goa, bookmark March to July as the best time to go to Goa.

With the advent of July, monsoon knocks on Goa's coastline from the Western Ghats. Being the coastal town, Goa gets drenched in rainfall with an average high up to 27 degrees Celsius (approx.). Therefore, we suggest you review the safety of the watersports you would want to indulge in during the monsoon because most of the watersports are subject to seawater power. In short, we never encourage tourists to indulge in watersports in Goa during the monsoon. However, plenty of other water sports could be enjoyed at the Vagator Beach in monsoon-like football playing, sand house making, etc.

How to Reach Vagator Beach from Panjim and the Goa International Airport?

Vagator Beach from Panjim:Considering that Panjim, the capital of Goa, is your base camp, you need to cover around 22 kilometers (approx.). The average travel time would be 50 minutes (approx.). For ease of comfort, hire private prepaid taxis to reach a quick turnaround time. From the experience of the past travelers, we could give you a rough cost of the taxi that will help you commute from Panjim to Vagator. Prepaid taxis cost around 500 INR - 600 INR (approx.) per person. Budget tourists must opt for the local bus service from the Panjim bus stand to Vagator. Bus commute per person starts at 180 INR (approx.) onwards per person.

Vagator Beach from Goa International Airport:Dabolim Airport is Goa's only airport. It is 43 kilometers (approx.), and the average travel duration is 1 hour (approx.). Depending upon the modes of transportation you will opt for, the cost of the fair would be calculated accordingly. You will find prepaid taxis outside the airport, even auto-rickshaws. Not to mention, prepaid taxis are the best choice for a quick commute. However, it is an expensive deal over other modes of transportation like bus, autorickshaws.

What Are the Best Resorts/Hotels Near Vagator Beach?

A great accommodation makes way for enjoyment in abundance, and so do the best resorts/hotels near Vagator Beach. Most luxurious accommodation in and around Vagator Beach is inspired by the Portuguese-influenced villas and cottages. Couples-friendly resorts in Vagator come with spa bliss, an outdoor pool, and in-house restaurants. If splashing the cash is your option on your Goa trip, you won't fall short of the luxury properties for a stay at Vagator Beach. Budget tourists would also find great deals on 2-3 star accommodation in and around Vagator Beach that too with almost every kind of basic amenities. Dive deep into the best resorts/hotels to stay near Vagator Beach:

Blue Resort:Under the 3,000 INR INR (approx.) per night, Blue Resort is located close to Vagator Beach, 2 kilometers (approx.), and features an outdoor pool, sun lounges, and in house restaurant.

The Grand Leoney Resort: Positioned at a 10 minutes (approx.) walking distance from the Vagator Beach, this newly built property features rooms at 2,300 INR (approx.) with breakfast.

Urja Resort:End your search for a budget accommodation near Vagator Beach because Urja Resort is located 640 m (approx.) from Vagator Beach. It features its in-house bar and outdoor pool.

What Are the Famous Restaurants and Beach Shacks Near Vagator Beach?

If you live to eat and not eat to live, brace yourself! There are a plethora of famous restaurants and beach shacks near Vagator Beach to enjoy a drool-some meal. With the Arabian Sea panoramic views in front of you, combine good seafood or other cuisines at the best places to eat in and around Vagator Beach:

Fishtail Bar and Restaurant:Try their prawn biryani, fresh beverages, plus a view of the sea to die for under 600 INR (approx.) for two people.

Bistro Vagator:Spend at least 1.5 hours (approx.) on a food trail at Bistro Vagator and nosh on their Tunisian and Israeli dishes. Meals for two here start at 600 INR (approx.).

Cafe Lilliput:Lively nightlife parties with DJ nights await you at Cafe Lilliput. It has a lounge deck and even accommodation options. Meals for 2 here start at 800 INR (approx.).

What Are the Shopping Options At Vagator Beach?

It is not the solace seekers only who are crazy about visiting Vagator Beach. Infact, shopaholic souls would love to treat them with retail therapy when in Vagator Beach. And why would someone not be happy about shopping at Vagator Beach when there are multiple shops lined along the coast road. Plus, two flea markets are held annually on different days. Take a look at the flea markets in and around Vagator Beach:

Anjuna Flea Market:Held every Wednesday during the evening till late at night, the Anjuna Flea Market is the cornerstone of handmade stuff, Bohemian stuff, and Goan souvenirs. The market remains closed in the monsoon (July till September).

Saturday Night Market:You Will see Goan and Bohemian stuff on full display here. As the name suggests, Saturday Night Market is held every Saturday from evening till late at night. Shop some embroidered carpets.

What Are the Famous Water Sports At Vagator Beach to Try?

A wise person said that the days spent on the waves are worth the time. So, if you have never ever tried water sports in your entire life, consider Goa your base camp. Or if you are someone who has tried the water activities in Goa earlier, brace yourself! Because when you are in Goa, opportunities for new water sports always kick in! Hard to believe? Flick through the famous water sports at Vagator Beach to pump up your adrenaline:

Parasailing:Fly over the Vagator Beach coastline on a parasailing adventure that starts at 1,500 INR (approx.) onwards.

Dolphin Sightseeing:Watch the most friendly marine creatures on a boating excursion to the Vagator Beach coastline with your near or dear ones. Dolphin spotting is one of the best things to do in Vagator Beach.

Bumper Ride:Sit in the tinny bumper boat and let the speed boat or waters king pull that. Bumper Ride is suitable for both kids and adults. Per person, the ride starts at 500 INR (approx.).

Jet Skiing:Race across the ocean waves and ride the strong tides in just 1,200 INR (approx.) per person on a jet skiing excursion.

What Are the Important Travel Tips to Know Before Going to Vagator Beach?

  • Be very careful while swimming because seawater could be harsh
  • Swim at your own risk or under and expert's supervision because there are no lifeguards
  • Club 4 decades aged Chapora Fort with Vagator Beach visit as both are allocated nearby
  • Enjoy the nightlife at the Vagator in group
  • Females should be extra careful and not indulge in pampering talks with the strangers
  • Couples must not roam at the beach at late night
  • Entry fee to the beach is absolutely free
  • Saturday Night Market operates only on Saturday
  • Remain extra careful while walking on the rocks
  • Watersports at Vagator Beach is cheaper than other North Goa beache