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  • LocationTerekhol River, North Goa

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Terekhol Fort Goa

If you are a person who loves to know the historical background of Goa then this Terekhol Fort Goa will be the perfect one to fit in.Maharaja Sawatwadi had built this fort that was defeated by a Portuguese Viceroy in the year 1746. The church and the fort were rebuilt after the capture of the raja.

Goa born Viceroy Peres da Silva revolted in the year 1825 and occupied and he utilized this as his base camp to revolt against the Portuguese.After the humiliation the viceroy didn't return to Goa. This fort is named after the river Terekhol which is on the southern part of the fort.Goa is not only about scenic beauty of silvery beaches but history delves in her veins. The rich historic chapters give a different impact to the state and to the tourists.The surrounding plantation and the greenery provide a beautiful background to this historic fort. The fort is surrounded by paddy field of the locals.