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Chapora Fort Goa

One of the masterpieces depicting the magnificence of Portugal Architecture and construction is Chapora Fort. This is one of the most visited attractions of North Goa and was popular after the movie Dil Chahta Hai. Hiking up to the fort is one of the best activities to do and once you are at the top; the entire area around you looks mesmerizing from such a height. The patchy trail makes it a bit challenging for the visitors to hike to the fort but it is clearly an amusement for most people.

People usually love to enjoy the sport and click some pictures from the fort. If you too want to put the photographer inside you on work while visiting Chapora Fort; then get your drone or camera along.

History of the magnificent Chapora Fort

The Chapora Fort was built by Adil Shah of Bijapur. The entire building is constructed with red laterite. The fort is situated at a distance of approximately 22 km from Panaji. If you are looking for historical places to visit in Goa, this is the place where you should definitely pay a visit. The structure underwent a refurbishment by the Portuguese during the seventeenth century. The word Chapora is reminiscent of "Shahpura" or the "Town of the Shahs". Chapora Fort was envisaged as a border watch post that was later forsaken by the Portuguese as they began to expand the borders of their empire farther North.

The Chapora Fort had been able to thwart the Maratha invaders a number of times. One of the remarkable features of the Chapora Fort is its underground tunnels that ensured a safe getaway in situations of emergency. Though at present the Chapora Fort is in a dilapidated state, yet the visitors can have a close look at the monumental ramparts and the Muslim tombstones. The Fort also enables the visitors to enjoy mesmerizing views of Vagator Beach, one of the beaches of Goa.

Location: Chapora Fort is located in Chapora Beach which is approximately 10 km from Mapusa and on the north of Vagator. The fort beautifully sits right beside the Chapora River.

Timings: The Chapora fort is open for visitors throughout the week between 10 am and 5:30 pm. On the occasion of national holidays, the fort remains closed for visitors. So, make sure you don’t visit here during any such day.

Places around Chapora Fort   Chapora Beach, Vagator Springs, Chapora Village
Accommodations near Chapora Fort
 Shertor Villa, Jungle Hostel, Living Room Goa, Ocean Bliss Beach Resort, Casa De Olga, Santonio Resorts
Nightlife around Chapora Fort
 Camlin Bar and Restaurant, The 9 Bar, Mango Tree Bar and Restaurant, Disco Valley, Nyan Bar
Things to do around Chapora Fort  Hiking up the fort, Photography from the top of the fort, Fishing, Shopping across the beach, Sunbathing and enjoying in the water

How to travel to Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort is located in North Goa. To be precise it is in the Northern portion of Chapora Beach overlooking the Chapora River. The fort is just 3 km from Anjuna Beach, 10 km from Mapusa Beach, just 1.5 km from Vagator Beach.

Most people prefer hiring a bike or a scooter to visit different places of Goa without waiting and wasting any time. But if you don’t wish to hire a vehicle, you can take the intracity buses or autos.

There are multiple buses that ply from major attractions like the beaches already mentioned or Panjim.

Best Time to visit Chapora Fort

The best time to visit Goa is throughout the year. The temperature is quite comfortable here throughout the year except for some days during summers. You can expect rain anytime and it makes the temperature even better for explorers.

The ideal time to visit Chapora Fort throughout the day is during the evening. Watching the sunset from this point is absolutely mind-blowing.

Places around Chapora Fort that shouldn’t be missed

Here are a few places around Chapora Fort that shouldn’t be missed. While traveling to the fort, try covering these places too such as Chapora Beach, Vagator Springs and Chapora Village

Accommodations near Chapora Fort

Goa has a lot of options when it comes to finding accommodation. If you are looking for hotels near Chapora Fort, here are the best ones for you:

  • Shertor Villa
  • Jungle Hostel
  • Living Room Goa
  • Ocean Bliss Beach Resort
  • Casa De Olga
  • Santonio Resorts

Nightlife around Chapora Fort

Goa is all about partying and that’s how it gets its reputation of being the partying capital of India. Goa has a wonderful and electrifying nightlife at almost all the places throughout. If talking about the places near Chapora Fort; you won’t be facing any problems. Here are the top places to head to for enjoying the nightlife near Chapora Fort such as Camlin Bar and Restaurant, The 9 Bar, Mango Tree Bar and Restaurant, Disco Valley, and Nyan Bar.

Best things to do around Chapora Fort

Visiting Goa opens us tons of opportunities for every traveler. From those who wish to beach-hop to those who love watersports. There are a lot of things to do across the state. If you are looking for the best things to do around Chapora Fort then here is a list that can help you in figuring out what all can you do here:

  • Hiking up the fort
  • Photography from the top of the fort
  • Fishing at Chapora Beach
  • Shopping across the beach
  • Trying out the scrumptious delicacies
  • Sunbathing and enjoying in the water

Tips to keep in mind while visiting Chapora Fort

  • Do not try to climb up the wall for getting yourself clicked.
  • Do not litter in or around the fort.
  • Plan your trip to the fort during the evening so that you can enjoy the sunset from the venue.
  • Do not forget to wear sunscreen while sightseeing.
  • Carry a water bottle while visiting here.