25 Best Warm Weather Destinations in India 2019

With the arrival of winter holidays, eagerly awaiting travels and backpackers begin to search for warm weather destinations that can make them escape the cold climate. Even though there are many other destinations in Asia that are coming up as favorites for travelers from Russia, America and Europe, warm weather destinations in India still remains pretty high on charts especially for budget travelers looking to spend their winter holidays at warm destinations.

Whether its backwaters of Kerala or tropical beaches of Goa, be it exotic warm water marine life and adventure sports of Lakshadweep or the amazing expanse of white salt desert on the Rann of Kutch, India is noted to be a highly favored destination for travelers looking for hot places to visit in November, December or even January till March. Hop on to India to spend your winter vacations and check out these 25 warm weather destinations in India – in no particular order – to have a memorable and cherishing time.


Candolim Beach in Goa

Candolim Beach, Goa

The unmistakably hard-to-miss destination in India for any beach enthusiast, Goa is a verdant land of beautiful resorts, palm fringed beaches, delightful culture, wonderful cuisines and all things fun. The tropical climate, carnivals and vibrant nightlife makes Goa one of the top warm weather destinations in India. Goa was the former Portuguese colony and that imperial influences could be seen all around in exotic Gothic churches, buildings, food and culture.

There are plenty of opportunities for adventure and thrill all-round the year with all sorts of water sports, parasailing, dolphin viewing, and short-boat cruises where one can expect a lot of enjoyment. Spend your day walking bare-foot on the beach or tap your feet on the various Goan or Bollywood numbers, it is surely going to be a memorable, fun time-out.

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Chennai Central Railway Station

Chennai Central by Dr Mithun James

The capital of Tamil Nadu and one of the four major metropolitan cities, Chennai is an overcrowded, sweltering and noisy city located on the eastern coast of the peninsula. Chennai itself has little to see, although some of monuments, structures of the British Raj, museums, temples are beautiful and admirable. The people of Chennai are very welcoming and are generally helpful to outsiders.

Around the old and traditional quarters of the city, swanky new restaurants, bars, boutiques, clubs have come up trying to give a new shape to the city. At the other end the British Fort of St George is worth visiting while Chennai’s popular eating and drinking jaunts could be found at Nungambakkam. T Nagar, Velachery, Guindy and Alwarpet.

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Swaswara in Gokarna, Karnataka - Perfect to uplift your body, mind and soul

Swaswara in Gokarna, Karnataka – Perfect to uplift your body, mind and soul

Gokarna is a place of more languid and relaxed atmosphere where tourists can enjoy laid-back and quiet holidays close to cool breeze of seas. The beaches are relatively clean and the accommodation is in the thatched bamboo huts that abut the coast line. Gorkarna is also one of the important Hindu pilgrimage center and there are old temples nearby the shore which lit up during important festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Mahashivratri.

Besides there are lively markets and bazaar to explore nearby. Chill and soak in the calming effect of waters by planning a holiday to this beautiful destination. Yet another draw of this holy beach destination is Swaswara, one of the finest places for holistic healing in India and also one of the finest warm weather destinations in India in November and December.

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Asiatic Lion, Gir National Park

Sasan Gir National Park is the only place out of Africa where the Asiatic Lions are found in their natural habitat.

Gujarat is a colorful place of a wonderful charm, of different cultures, peoples, festivals, buildings and monuments. It is culturally rich and habitably diverse. It is home to a fabulous landmarks, including the largest salt desert, The Rann of Kutch spread in a majestically wide expanse. The capital center of Ahmedabad is cosmopolitan hub with malls, shopping centers, historical and religious attractions, museums etc. The state is rising commercial trade center for India where majority of India’s textiles are manufactured and exported.

One can enjoy wonderful sightseeing, relish in local food or mix with the people and explore the local arts. Gujarat is also the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, thus drawing a lot of Gandhi enthusiasts and followers from all over the world to here as well. In the concluding month of the year during full moon, the Rann Mahotsav is also celebrated with great gusto all over Gujarat particularly the Great Runn of Kutch Region making it one of the best warm weather destinations in India in December and January.

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Andaman Islands

Havelock Island, Andaman

Havelock Island, Andaman

Andaman Group of Islands are yet another top warm weather destinations in India. With tropical climate, sun-kissed beaches and pristine forests, islands of Andaman make for perfect holiday destination in India from November till March. Radhanagar Beach in the Havelock Island has been voted the Best Beach in Asia by Times Magazine. Then there are plenty of marine life which makes Andaman one of the best places for snorkeling in India.

Yet another unique thing to do when you are in Havelock Island is to go snorkeling with the swimming elephants of Andaman. Andaman also has something for history buffs. Once known as dreaded Kalapani (dark waters) Port Blair, the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands also houses infamous Cellular Jail where the Britishers exiled Indian freedom fighters when they ruled India. With monsoon still in offing Andaman is one of the best warm weather destinations in India in February.

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Group of Monuments at Hampi

Group of Monuments at Hampi

Hampi is the site of one of the most spectacular compound of monuments that revives the vision of a prosperous Hindu empire of medieval times. Inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Group of Monuments in Hampi is made up of many Hindu and Jain Temples, showcasing the brilliant architecture, masonry and imagination of the artisans of the Vijayanagara. For shopping lovers, there is a market outside the complex that comprises of a number of small shops, lodges, restaurants and stalls.

The backdrop of the beautiful and imposing Virupaksha temple forms a perfect sight. It is a nice destination to explore and to escape the harsh winters of Europe. However, its difficult to explore Hampi in one day and visitors may need to spend a couple of days for a comprehensive experience and sightseeing. Cool climes enabling the lengthy but gentle hours of sightseeing makes Hampi one of the best warn weather destinations in India.

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An intricate and close-knit mesh of streets, narrow alleys, by-lanes, squares, noisy roads, tombs, temples, mosques and palaces, Hyderabad is a place blazing with a wonderful, consummate charm characterizing a classical Deccani Muslim Culture. The city was the center of power for highly cultured dynasties of the Nizams since medieval times.

The most popular attractions however remain the famous Charminar and Hyderabad Biryani which is cherished throughout the world. The city though being overcrowded, noisy and polluted, still holds a unique appeal and draws thousands of tourists every year to its threshold to revel its amazing character.

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The Bison Kabini

The Bison Kabini

Once being a hunting ground of rulers of Mysore, Kabini National Park is an exotic reserve hosting tigers, Indian Bisons, elephants, leopards, cheetal, deer, sambhar, panther and about 250 species of exquisite birds. Established in 1955, the area was subsequently expanded into a national park. Later in 1999, it was converted into a Tiger Reserve Project for the protection of Tigers.

The site offers fantastic opportunities for indulging in adventure and fun. Tourist can enjoy trekking, safaris, boat rides through the park and can view animals, birds and other beasts in their natural habitat. At Sun down, visitors can treat themselves to amazing delectable dishes from Indian, Chinese and Continental menu in the comfortable and laid back ambiance of the lodge to enjoy an indelible, memorable time.

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Chinere Fishing Nets

Chinese Fishing Nets

Kochi is an important seaport in India for about 600 years now and this historic town in Kerala  has rich impressions of the erstwhile and colonial times as well as being host to some exotic buildings and sites. For most part it’s a sleepy, relaxing place, with beautiful homes and heritage accommodations for the delight of the guests.

It is also a nice venue to get introduced to and enjoy Keralan culture, its dishes, its flavors, sights and smells. Being also a center of Keralan Arts, Kochi is also said to best place to view classical dance form of Kathakali and world-famous, indigenous martial art of Kalaripayattu.

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Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

Rich with alluring views of azure waters with sandy shores, Kovalam is one of most popular beach resorts in Kerala. It was once a calm and quiet fishing town but was rapidly developed into an important tourist spot in 1970’s. It is exceptional place to delight in the culture of Kerala and its food. The main tract of Kovalam, called the Lighthouse beach has a number of affordable hotels and restaurants dotting in its vicinity. However, tourists hoping for a more peaceful ambience may check out Samudra beach, lying just 2km north and allowing better facilities and a cleaner beach and may also enjoy the luxury of Ayurveda treatments few more kilometers ahead of the beaches.

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Lakshadweep: One of the Best Warm Weather Destinations in India in November


Kavaratti Beach in Lakshadweep

Located at about 300 km from the mainland Kerala, Lakshawadeep is a group of exotic, pristine and amazingly beautiful islands lying in the Arabian Sea. However, of the 36 islands that form the group, only 10 are habitable and due to fragile ecology of the place, only few of them are open for tourism. Yet for a wonderful experience of clear, blue azure waters, white sandy beaches, exquisite wildlife, including rich species of birds, this is one of the best places.

Visitors can satisfy their adventure lust by taking on a number of activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing, canoeing, yachting, kayaking, water surfing as well as night voyages to expend their time to the maximum. Cherish an amazing vacation by planning you trip here.

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Madurai was a great flourishing city in olden times and was the center of tremendous cultural effervescence. It was the capital of the Hindu Pandayan dynasty. Their great rulers constructed the majestic and famous Meenakshi Amman Temple which is arguably the greatest man-made structure ever and remains to be the central highlight of the city. The city also hosts numerous festivals and celebrations and attracts an annually growing number of visitors.

Madurai is usually called with different names such as “The City of Junctions”, “The City of Jasmine and “The Temple City”. Madurai is the second largest city of Tamil Nadu and is well-connected by roads, rail and air. Thus access and travel to this city is never far off for a discerning traveler.

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Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park

Forming a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Bandipur National Park is spread in huge, colossal area of 880 sq. km and hosts over 100 species of animals. Bandipur was once the private wildlife reserve of Maharajas of Mysore before being converted into a protected area. There is an impressive assembly of different species like tiger, elephant, Indian Bison, sambar, sloth bear, mongoose, wild dog and langur.

The park organizes a bus safari for a nominal price, however, the sightings of tiger is not guaranteed. For children, there are elephant rides, which they thoroughly enjoy. It is one of famous destinations for national and international tourists and footfall here is pretty good in numbers. Bandipur is considered one of the finest sanctuary for wildlife in South India.

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Mahabalipuram - one of the most exciting and memorable destinations with rich tradition history, piety and western annals

Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram ( (Image Credits: Viknesh Vijayakumar)

Mahabalipuram is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a complex of fascinating temples, cave sanctuaries, fine sculptures and open air reliefs. Constructed between 630 and 728 BC, these amazing structures are located at the site of a harbor from where various South Indian Kings based in Kanchipuram used to trade with the other kingdoms of South-East Asia.

Besides these stunning monuments, structures in and around Mahabalipuram are worth seeing. Located at about two hour’s drive from Chennai, visitors can hop on to any coastal bus or hire a moped to wander around. Watching sunset from this site is particularly amazing.

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Queen's Necklace, Marine Drive Mumbai

Queen’s Necklace, Marine Drive Mumbai

Mumbai is an amazing city. For all its crowd, its hustle and traffic, the city has a undefined charm that could only be understood by being there. Mumbai has a unique atmosphere, a kind of energy, never-say-die spirit pervades throughout and permeates inside when you begin to identify yourself with it. The city is India’s financial powerhouse, the center of widely acclaimed, though little eccentric Bollywood movies, a fashion hub and a Business hotspot.

There is nothing in Mumbai which can bore you. Apart from this, the city has some beautiful buildings and landmarks that you can check out. Moving through its narrow streets and alleys, a bite of vada pav and missal pav is never far away. For all the things that make the city tick, this is an experience which is singular.

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Mysore or Mysuru, as it has been recently named, is a city of charms and one of the most famous tourist destinations of South India. The city is abounded with some of most elegant and beautiful, pre-independence buildings that seems to cast a spell and take you to a different setting and time. However the chaos of the city notwithstanding, the atmosphere of Mysore is redolent with wafting fragrance of jasmine blossoms and sandalwood, it being an important center of sandalwood carving and incense production.

The highlight of the city is of course the world-famous Mysore palace which is a UNESCO world heritage site and stands as a proof of a wonderful design and architecture. Mysore is quickly becoming an important center of yoga and there is an international center of yoga here that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The city is simply mesmerizing to stroll around and soak in the local ambience.

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Pondicherry, which was recently named as Puducherry, is a town of considerable appeal. It was the capital of French imperialism in India and one can see that heritage visible everywhere with streets, buildings, neighborhoods and alleys. The town boasts of a number of elegant structures including churches, public buildings, town houses, the most famous being the Aurobindo Ashram and its sister building in Aurville that draws a number of tourists from all over the world. There is a new part of the town that has more Tamil influence than otherwise and is generally more chaotic and noisy. Enjoy in its idyllic, old world like charm by spending some peaceful time in this alluring location.

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Rann of Kutch: One of the Best Warm Weather Destinations in India in December

Runn of Kutch

Runn of Kutch

The Rann of Kutch or The Great Rann as it is also called is vast and expansive tract of land adorning India’s Far West. The Rann remains hard, barren and dried for most of the part of the year, that is, during the dry season. However, during monsoons, its vast landscape get completely submerged under both sea and fresh river water. Winters, at Rann though are chilling, but it’s during this time that it transforms completely into white desert whose majestic beauty comes out during full moon days, when it appears truly heavenly.

The area around Kutch is dotted with a number of villages, sustaining in its arid and barren environment. Nevertheless, the locals produce some of India’s finest handicrafts in India with exquisite embroidery and mirror work which are amazing attractions for tourists descending here.


A small strand of beach nuzzles Varkala's cliff edge

A small strand of beach nuzzles Varkala’s cliff edge

Running parallel across the high laterite walls of the cliffs, Varkala is a beautiful, panoramic beach that has the charm and elegance which attracts a number of visitors to its shores ever year. Being relatively much cleaner, it has blue azure waters that looks amazing. The beach hardly has any sporting activity, and mostly its quiet, serene and very relaxing.

Varkala is also has a religious significance for Hindus and site for some rituals for which people as far as Thiruvanthapuram arrive here. Otherwise, the array of seaside restaurants, shops, stall and hotels makes it quite a tourist spot for national and international travelers.

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Vivekananda Rock Memorial Kanyakumari

Vivekananda Rock Memorial Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is actually the spot where vast landmass of India ends. The site has some tourist and religious significance and mostly people throng here to see the marvelous sight of the end of the Indian subcontinent and the place where three large water mass of Arabian Sea, The Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean meet. Besides there is a temple dedicated to the local goddess, Devi Kanyakumari and Vivekanada Rock Memorial, where Swami Vivekananda is believed to have attained enlightenment. The views of sunrise and sunsets from here during clear skies is simply fascinating.




Kumarakom is a cool, serene backwater village, located about 16 km west of Kottayam and situated at the shore of the expansive Vembanad Lake. The town is adorned with some beautiful scenes. Scattered around are alluring landscapes, enchanting paddy fields and lush green cover. Tourists can explore impressive panoramic sights through houseboats, traversing through some of the open and less crowded canals. Besides, Kumarakom has a famous bird sanctuary in addition to comfortable and pleasant accommodation options where travelers can spend some lazy moments.

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Badami in Karnataka

Badami, Karnataka

Famous for its amazing rock-cut cave temples, Badami, the erstwhile capital of the mighty Chaulakyan Empire from 543 AD to 757 AD expands vast into the gorge between the two red sandstone hills. Both the hills are adorned with an ancient fort complex. Besides, there are a number of cave temples on the southern hill while the northern hill has other structure temples.

Tourists can base Badami as a stopover for excursions into nearby towns of Aihole and Pattadakal to see other beautiful Chaluakyan remains. There is also an artificial lake, said to be from 5th century where travelers can hop and spend some time.


Bekal Fort and Beach Image Source

Bekal Fort and Beach Image Source

The site located on Kerala’s North is home to some of the stunning, isolated, white sand beaches. However due to construction, it is rapidly transforming into a crowded, picnic-like spot. Nevertheless, the views surrounding the area are simply arresting. The Bekal fort, lying just ahead of shore is a wonderful laterite structure constructed between 1665 and 1660 and has a small Hindu Temple.

The corresponding beach is a long stretch of sand where local families descend on holidays and weekends to enjoy some cool air and get entertained with fun attractions. There is a Kappil beach, located about 6km North of Bekal that has more isolated and calming ambience. Accommodation-wise, Bekal has a couple of five-star hotels while for budget travelers, there is a host of average- quality hotels and rental spots which are placed between the nearby sites of Kanhangad and Kasargod.


Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune

Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune

Pune is an energetic, emerging educational, spiritual and commercial hub that is developing fast into India’s smart city. Pune was felicitated initially by the Great Shivaji who transformed it into the capital of the Marathas. In 1817, the British took its possession and made it into the monsoon capital of the Bombay Presidency. Thus, its changeover into a modern metropolis notwithstanding, the city has some remarkable icons, for instance, the majestic Sinhgarh Fort that captures the imagination of that historical era.

Moreover, it is also the center of the famous Osho Ashram and Yoga center of BKS Iyengar, which lies just outside the city. The city located at an altitude of 598m has cool and dry weather, thus it could be a good place to break away from the cold weather and spend some peaceful, relaxing moments of your holidays.

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Alleppey: One of the Best Warm Weather Destinations in March

Ketuvallam, Alleppey

Ketuvallam, the traditional Houseboat of Kerala are one of the major attractions of Kerala and especially Alappuzza

Labeled by some as the “Venice of the East”, Alappuzha or Alleppey is a tiny, congenial backwater region with a vast network of waterways, canals, streams and channels. With a chain of about thousand houseboats, this little town mostly serves as an evening stopover for tourists en route to backwaters.

Apart from few historical monuments in the form of colonial mansions and warehouses, the main attraction of Alleppey is the very famous annual Nehru Trophy Snake boat race which calls for huge arrangements and take place in long, highly decorated boats, manufactured in the form of a snake. The event takes place in the warm weather of mid-august and usually draws a large number of crowds from in and around Alleppey.

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