20 Packing Tips for Sunburn Goa 2017

Sunburn Festival in Goa is arguably the biggest and the most popular music festivals in India, attended by a crazy number of music lovers and popular artists from all around the globe. In its 8th edition this year, this music festival of Goa becomes the talk of the town when one can simply let loose oneself, leaving all the worries behind. Here are some packing tips for Sunburn Goa so that you can have a memorable vacation in Goa in December:

1. Essential Packing Tips for Sunburn Goa: Sunglasses with Mirrored Finish

Sunglasses with Mirrored finish

It had to be featured high in our list of packing tips for Sunburn Goa. The sand on the beaches reflect more of sunlight that hurts the eyes a lot. For protecting your eyes from harsh sun rays, it is best that you carry at least 2 pairs of sunglasses. If they have mirrored finish, it would be best. Moreover, they also cover your hungover or sleepy or eyes.

2. For Minor Concerns and Immediate Impact: First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

As the beach venue is flocked with thousands of people during sunburn, there is going to be a lot of pushing around. It would be a great idea to carry a first aid kit with some basic things like a few Band-Aids, medicines for cold, headache, loose motions and yes anti-hangover pills.

3. Tent for Camping: Yes it is Allowed

Tent for camping

Camping opportunities on the venue for backpackers and other attendees has been introduced by Sunburn. It is for those who were not able to book an accommodation or for those who just love camping. Take note that if you are planning camping, do pack all the necessary packing items.

4. Sunscreen: Want to get #Sunburnt 🙂


The tropical sun is quite harsh and can leave you ‘sunburn’ or with suntans. Do not forget to pack a good spray-on sunscreen as it does not leads to sweat on the face or the body. Sunscreen lotions lead to sweating in a hot atmosphere.

5. Mosquito Repellent: For that comfy Sleep

Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitos can be a big turnoff. It is advisable that when you are out after the sun sets, it is best to carry a mosquito repellent.

6. A Bottle of Water: Recharge Yourself

A Bottle of Water

Though drinking water is going to be available at the Sunburn venue but it is better that you carry your own bottle of water as you pay not want to stand in long queues to just get a water bottle to quench your thirst. Additionally, it is quite economical too as you will save a considerable amount of money by not buying water anywhere you go.

7. Ear Plugs: Cut Out the Noise

Ear Plugs

If you are camping or staying in a hotel near the beach venue of Sunburn, it is best to carry ear plugs if you wish to have a good night sleep. No one is going to stop playing the music during night hours.

8. Comfy Footgear: For you’ll walk the Line

Comfy Footgear

Where there is music, there is going to be dancing. And, if you love dancing, do not forget to pack a pair or two of comfortable footwear such as crocks. Ideally, pack those that are waterproof and cover your toes so that if someone is dancing in excitement, he/she doesn’t lands on your toes.

9. A Small Book: Makesafe


Although people travel to Goa with their friends but it is always better to be extra careful. You can carry a small book that has your details, emergency contact numbers, your hotel details and your blood group. You can also use the diary to jot down travel notes etc. It is going to be a like a small memory of your trip.

10. Fanny Pack: Keep it Handy

Fanny Pack

Chuck that totes and the sling back and instead go for a funky fanny pack that is just going to rest on your waist and would be accessible easily. Keep your hands free for holding your drink or simply dancing.

11. Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes

Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes

Though carrying a hand sanitizer and wet wipes are not really important but carrying them for an emergency is not going to hurt.  During the day, the sun and sweat might hurt and at that time your wet wipes would come handy. And, you can simply clean your hands with the sanitizer before you eat anything.

12. Selfie Stick: For the Love of Photos

Selfie Stick for photo lovers

Most of the people who like travelling, also like clicking photographs and selfies. Your hand might not be an option for an amazing selfie moment. This is that time when you take out your selfie stick for clicking those memorable moments.

13. Do pack your Money Belt: It will come Handy

Do pack your Money Belt

Carrying credit cards, ID cards, extra cash all at one place safe in a money belt is a good idea. Purchase a comfortable money belt that is not an irritation to your skin. This proves even more helpful at the time of camping.

14. A Power Rank: You’ve Got the Power

A Power bank

Is wouldn’t come as a surprise that we have mentioned this item in our list of packing tips for Sunburn Goa. It’s true not just for Goa, power bank are increasingly becoming one of the essential things that travelers carry these days. Cellphone has become one of the most important things in our life. If you are attending Sunburn, you are going to take photographs and make several videos, because of which you phone’s battery may die down. You might not want to go back to your hotel and waste your time in charging your camera or your phone. So, pack your power bank now.

15. Carry a Foundation

Carry a Foundation

To tone down your tired self with dark circles and spots that might come up due to harsh sun, carry a foundation and a concealer so that you are ready for partying from morning to night. Applying BB or CC creams is also a good idea.

16. Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Though some people like a messy hair look but surely not sticky and sweaty hair. For such situations, dry shampoo works great.

17. Face Mist

Face mist

On one hand, the tropical sun leads to a lot of sweating. Moreover, when you gyrate on high-energy beats, you tend to sweat even more. Pack a small face mist to get quick cooling effect and a fresh feel on your face.

18. Mint Spray/Fresh Mints

Mint Spray

Sunburn is surely a happening place that attracts interesting people from all around the globe. Who knows you might meet a cute guy or a cute girl. Just munch in a fresh mint before striking a conversation with him or her as bad breath can be a complete turn off.

19. A Light Woolen

A light woolen

Days near the beach are quite hot but during evenings and nights, the sea breeze becomes cold. We suggest that you pack a light woolen or a jacket that can not only save you from the cold but can also double as a mat for sitting on the sand.

20. Matte Lip Colors

Matte Lip Colors

Every day lipsticks vanishes after just a few sips of drinks during partying. You can apply as well as carry matte lip colors in different colors as they have a good stay.

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