15 Most Adventurous Experiences Around the World that you Must Have

Have you ever noticed yourself longing for your own unique vacation, just as you listen to your friends recounting their tales of a vacation full of thrill and adventure? Well, that’s the lure of the word “adventure”, which each one of us seeks, in any way we could get, in any place we happen to be. Adventure does not necessarily means that you have to rough it out every time, endanger your life or torment yourself outside your capacity. A long, relaxed ride, through long stretch of Beach Road along the stunning coastline of Victoria’s South-West is equally adventurous for some. But if the adventure itself is not challenging, if it does not push you beyond your comfort zone or if it does not make your heart beat reach your ears, what kind of adventure can it be? In this article, we bring you 15 most adventurous experiences around the world that you must have, that make the use of the word adventure relevant it its actual context. Imagine witnessing a volcanic eruption right in front of your eyes or dropping in the midst of Himalayas from an extraordinary height of 8,000 meters or coming face to face with one of the deadliest predators on Earth. Without spilling any more beans, check into the following article and find out for yourself, where your adventure streak takes you to:

Swimming with the Sharks, Australia

Swmming with the Sharks in Australia

What can be more thrilling and adventurous experience than snorkeling and getting up and close with huge, gigantic sharks? Well, if you happen to be floating on the waters of Sea of Cortez, just off shore of Baja California, there is an immense possibility of coming across, striking an encounter with this enormous figure, with square head, evident pectoral and dorsal fins and massive crescent shaped tail.

Although these beasts are just plankton eaters, but as they approach near you, there is an unmistakable sensation of rush that goes through your entire frame. As you just begin to figure out what to do and try to swim as fast as you can, in matter of seconds it just vanishes off, diving deep into the clear waters of sea. Swimming with the sharks down under is definitely one of the must have adventurous experiences in the world.

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Leap into the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia

Aptly named as the Great Barrier Reef, this is the largest known such expanse on the Earth with an enormous 1,250 mile stretch and hosting one of the greatest diversity of marine life on Earth. Swim around with dwarf minke sharks, manta rays, sharks, marine turtles along with a huge variety of star fishes and urchins and much more and wonder at the beauty and vibrancy of the amazingly colorful coral life while satisfying your thrill element by exploring newer and newer avenues of this expansive and extraordinary territory.

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Cycle Around the Breathtaking Iceland

Ring Road of Iceland

The famous Ring Road of Iceland stretches to a lengthy 830 miles journey and trekking through the way, the cyclists experiences some of the most spectacular views of tremendous range-from hot geysers to glaciers, massive black-rock moonscapes, to enormous waterfalls and pools, emerging blue icebergs to stunning wilderness. An astonishing diversity of geographical wonders lay bare throughout the path. Do I need to say anymore?

Scale Up Mount Stromboli, Italy

Mount Stromboli, Italy
What an experience it will be -reaching up the summit, leaving behind over 3000 feet of heather, black ash, to reach just over the fringe of the actual crater and seeing the majestic spectacle of billowing lava right in front of your eyes! The actual adventure now awaits you. Amidst the swerving mass of green gases, the volcano burst every two minutes to two hours, which can even arc to over 1,200 feet above. It is one of the most incredible sights and experiences that one can ever witness leaving you awestruck and speechless as you try to soak in the incredible action, casting its spectacular spell over you.

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Be a Witness to the Astonishing Northern Lights

Celestial Rainbow
The hair-splitting experience of being an eyewitness to one of the most fascinating and incredible cosmic phenomenon on Earth is extraordinary. Watching this astounding celestial curtain with its splendid lights unfurl before you and also hearing the unearthly sound of Aurora in the dark, night sky is a beyond compare. Sublime and elusive, it is one of the eternal thrills of travel and watching the amazing twists and swirls of this celestial rainbow is both personally humbling and spiritually uplifting. You can experience this breathtaking sight at numerous locations across the globe like Norway, Scotland, Northern Canada, Iceland, Sweden etc.

Trek the Salkantay Route, Peru

Salkantay Trek in Peru
With permits for Inca trail always falling way shorter than the number of people applying for, the Salkantay Route or trek, the alternative and one of the most ancient and remote foot-pathway that connects the city of Mollepata, Cusco with Machu Picchu. It is a favorite substitute for thousands of tourists who arrive here to visit the historic site. The route which has been named amongst “the 25 best treks in the world” by the National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine is located in same sector as Inca trail and features imposing snowcapped mountains that lies in close conjunction with the tropical rain forests.

Walking through this route lets you enjoy the natural charm of the Andes in calm and quiet, without any distractions and disturbances associated with Inca Trail. The hike is nevertheless full of adventure and thrill with spectacular views waiting for the traveler all along the way.

Raft the Zambezi, Zimbabwe and Zambia

Zambezi River falls in Zimbabwe
Rafting in the mighty Zambezi river can be one of the most exciting and phenomenal experiences of your life. The rafting highway is formed as the majestic though calm Zambezi River falls through almost a mile deep gorge with a splendid gush. This is one of the greatest river corridors and also one of the best venues for white water rafting in the world, although it has been called as “extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, steep gradients, big drops and pressure areas” by the British Canoe Unions.

The Zambezi river lies just on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia and rafting is done on both the sides of the frontier. The river has steep gradient throughout the highway. Along the way, you can watch sight wild animals-hippos, crocs, baboons and monkeys-either parading by the water or on the shores of giant basalt cliffs that towers into the sky.

Look into the Eyes of Deadly Crocs, Cage of Death, Darwin City, Australia

Cage of Death in Australia
What a mind-blowing thrill, with your eyes one to one with one of the world’s most dangerous predators and your heart in your mouth. The Death cage in Australia is in an aquarium (called the Crocosaurus Cove) and is house to some of the largest saltwater crocodiles in captivity. This amazing experience, lets you to come in extremely close proximity with the crocs in transparent cages, which can accommodate only two people at a time.

Besides there is another point where you can “Fish for Crocs”. In other words, the area has a platform from where small crocodiles are fed by people using long rods. In addition to these, Crocosaurus Cove also home to whip-rays and Sawfish, sea turtles and also world’s largest exhibit of Australian reptiles.

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Plunge through The Everest, Everest Skydive, Nepal

Mt Everest Skydive, Nepal
Jumping in front of the Majestic Mt Everest from a stunning height of 29,035 feet, few can comprehend and undertake such an experience. Equipped with all the necessary gears, including the military and parachute equipment and oxygen, the adventure seekers let their hormones swoon in a flight that normally takes around 30 minutes in total. It is one of the toughest and exciting sky dives in the world and only about 30 people are able to complete such a sensational leap every year. The landing too takes place at one of the highest landing spots on Earth called the Drop Zone, located at about 12, 350 feet above sea level.

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Conquer the Hills, Himalayas Rally, India

Himalayas Rally, India

Known as one of top 10 toughest mountain rallies in the world, The Himalayan Rally or Raid de Himalaya is an electrifying, most gripping motorsport activity in India. Covering a total span of almost 2,200 kilometers and taking nearly 10 days, the pathway of the rally passes through some of the most beautiful and scenic locations including Manali, Shimla, Kaza, Chandra Basin, Gramphoo, Sarchu, Patseo, Baralcha La, Nakee La and Darcha.

Raid de Himalaya is the only rally from India that is recognized by the Federation of Internationale Motorcyclisme, Geneva and draws a huge national and international participants every year. This amazing sporting event has categories in both four and two wheeler class and an increasing number of women too, participate in the event.

Catch Hold of Your Breath, World’s Longest Cable Car, China

World's Longest Cable Car ride in China

This is one of the most amazing cable car rides that you can ever take, covering a total distance of 7,455 meters with a vertical descent of about 1,279m. The car which runs from Zhangjiajie downtown till Tianmen shan, passes through huge and towering cliffs, tropical forests and karst caves. The steepest angle that it reach is a risky 38 degrees. The heart pounds when you reach the middle of your trip and it seems that your life is hanging between life and death. The green lush of mountains all around is though picturesque but it is nevertheless, an adventurous ride that will blow your mind off.

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Dive with Noxious Sharks, Great White Swim, South Africa

Great White Swim in South Africa

This one of the ultimate experiences giving you plenty of goose bumps and hair-splitting thrill. This amazing swim, bounding you in a cage and taking you deep into the waters, lets you enjoy a face to face encounter with one of most feared, though highly misunderstood marine creatures, Sharks. Shark Diving in South Africa takes place at Gaansbai, which lies on the Western Cape of South Africa. Most of these trips are carried out as an adventure cum educational tours where tourists are taken down to observe and understand the natural habitat of these exotic marine organisms.

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Now Accomplish This Task, Office Chair Race, Germany

15 Most Adventurous Experiences Around the World that you Must Have

Full of fun, adventure and laughter, this unique and incredible world championship features a different kind of competition, where participants race in their modified office chairs. Calling competitors from around the world, the participants have to run their chairs downhill, which sometimes reach the speed of 30 miles per hour, through a series of obstructions along the way. This remarkable event takes place at the town of Bad Konig with the total length of the track being about 560 foot. Prizes are marked for the winner of the race or the best costume worn by the participant.

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Test Your Threshold of Sanity, Insanity Ride, Las Vegas, United States

Insanity Ride, Las Vegas in USA
One of the most amazing, thrilling and fascinating jaunts lying on just the edge of the famous Stratosphere hotel on the Strip, this will take your breath away as you are suspended high above 900 feet and start spinning at a rate of 40 mph while being strapped to a mechanical arm. The ride is open at all times and admission is based on the kind of packages that you take. Aside from the Insanity, other equally breathtaking and amazing rides at Stratosphere include the Big Shot and X scream, both making you fly over the valley of Vegas and experience the excitement and adrenalin rush of an adventure that you will never forget.

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Take The Leap of Faith, Nevis Bungee, New Zealand

Nevis Bungee in New Zealand
A once in a lifetime experience of great excitement and adventure, this super enthralling jump, dropping an astonishing 134m in just 8.5 seconds, is not for the faint-hearted. The heart literally pounds when one is about to reach the bungee pod, which in itself is a thrilling ride through a cable car. The drop is just through the middle of Nevis River Valley and is supported by high-tension cords on its either side. The pod has a glass floor, which allow people to see the other jumpers. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in New Zealand for daredevils.

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