The Most Luxurious & Boutique Hotels in Himalayas

There is something special and unique about luxury boutique hotels in India. And when they are set in the lap of Himalayas, they are on a different pedestal than the rest of the lot. With amazing services, personalized touch, courteous staff, these elegant accommodation enjoy remarkably luxurious environs that make a rather uncommon holiday experience. They are also fewer in number as well as limited in space so as to accord an intimate feel.

The Hotels that fall into this category and which are located high above in the peaceful and serene ambiance of Himalayas are more exclusive than what usually define these properties. In addition to the more extravagant and enjoyable stay, these hotels offers a number of valuable services like spa, massages, fitness and wellness regimes based on traditional Indian expertise and wisdom aimed for a comprehensive rejuvenation and recreation of the guests and furnish a holistic, healthy environment.

In addition to the tailor-made, delicious and nourishing meals, which some of them offer, these resorts are situated in a cool and salubrious surroundings which takes the guests into an altogether different world, full of exotic views, verdant greenery, pleasant climate, combining serenity and adventure, both. In this blog, we present you with 18 of the most luxurious and boutique hotels in Himalayas, located in the embrace of exotic Himalayas, which will redefine your sense of luxury while also letting you have the best of the times during your vacation. Have a look:

Ananda in Himalayas, Rishikesh, Uttrakhand

Ananda in Himalayas Luxury Hotels in Himalayas

Ananda’s allure lies in its location. It’s in the Himalayas, not in a hill station trampled upon by tourists, but near a quaint town

Once the official residence of the Maharaja of Tehri-Garhwal, the amazing building has now been converted into one of the best spa resorts and the leading site for Yoga and meditation. Located near the spiritual and sacred cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh and enveloped by beautiful Sal forests as it overlooks Ganges nearby, Ananda takes you through an amazing journey, redefining your lifestyle and putting you through some of the best rejuvenation and healing regimes, combining the benefits of both traditional Indian procedures like Ayurveda, Vedanta and Yoga as well as International wellness schedules to bring about a harmonious union of body, mind and soul. Visitors are greeted warmly by the staff, who are expert in management and hospitality. Ananda is located about 16 kilometers from Rishikesh and imbibing the sacred aura of the city, let its guests to have one of the best physical and spiritual experiences of life. The rooms, suites and villas at Ananda are designed in a manner that more echoes the ambiance and colors of nature while allowing the guests a comfortable stay. Along with the lip-smacking, multiple-flavor and healthy cuisines, there are some wonderful opportunities of fun and adventure like golf, billiards, Nature treks and wildlife safaris to keep the guests engaged and entertained. Being situated at about 260 kilometers from Delhi, Ananda in Himalayas is easily accessible by rail, road and air.

[Plan your stay at Ananda in Himalayas]

Neeralaya, Raison, Himachal Pradesh

Neeralaya Buotique Hotels in Himalayas

Neeralaya is about the villas, built in old recycled timber, stone and slates sourced locally.

An exquisite accommodation nestled in the Himalayas, located on the banks of cool and lively Beas and surrounded by beautiful forests and orchards, the Neeralaya is a wonderful place to experience nature and its beauty. Each of the individual villas are built using the stone, recycled timber and slates, obtained locally and manifesting the twin concepts of safeguarding and preservation of the of the natural environment as well as maintaining the Western-Himalayan architectural values. Furnished with all the modern and state of art amenities they are elegantly furnished with a sitting room, dining room, kitchen area and private garden as well as veranda and balcony, affording a wonderful view of the river. Along with an exquisite and relaxing ambiance, the food served is full of delicious dishes includes both Indian and continental options as well as local savories. In addition to a relaxed comfortable stay, there are other adventurous avenues still to explore like river rafting, mountain biking, trout fishing as well as a number of treks and activities for children.

Shakti 360 degrees Leti, Kumaon Region, Uttrakhand

Shakti 360 Leti, Luxury Boutique Hotels in Himalayas

An exclusive, remote retreat, with panoramic Himalayan views that will make your soul soar

Offering one of the most remarkable and panoramic scenery of surrounding hills and natural flora, this beautiful hill resort successfully justifies its location in one of most charming areas of Uttrakhand, the Kumaon Valley (Bageshwar). Combining the magnificent blend of traditional building style and contemporary architecture, the building is situated at a height of 8,000 feet and offers a cool and serene setting to let you enjoy the peaceful and stunning ambiance and landscape. There are in total of 4 pavilions in the refreshing setting of wilderness and with the presence of all the modern amenities and facilities, ensures the best and most comfortable stay for the guests. There are opportunities for mountain walks, forest treks and camping, picnic, hike, yoga and meditation sessions while inside one can enjoy gourmet cooking, beverages as well as the warmth of a cozy fireplace and furnishings provided with pashmina blankets and soft duvets. The resort and its environment is excellent for a discerning guest to revel in quiet and peace while fully enjoying the comforts of luxury.

[Plan your stay at Shakti 360 Degrees Leti.]

Kalmatia Sangam Resort, Almora, Uttarakand


Kalmatia sangam is a set of charming cottages on Almora – Binsar road offering the best views of snow clad mountains.

Cradled in the heart of verdant and lush green hills, and affording some of the best views of the mountainous allure, Kalmatia Sangam Resort is a treasure in the most natural and salubrious environment of the Kumaon. Located in the Almora district on the way leading to the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, every aspect of this elegant resort, from architecture to cuisine and from decor to top of the scale services are amazing to the satisfaction of the guest to let him/her have the most comfortable and memorable time. All the cottages in the resort have exclusive architecture and design and offers wonderful amenities. Each of the rooms in the resort are named after different bird species, which is found in the vicinity of the place. In addition to this, the resort offers a multi-cuisine menu, including that of European, Mexican and local dishes, to the delight of the visitors. While the resort has an engaging facility of Indoor games, library, art gallery, Ayurveda center and cultural shows, outdoor activities from the resort include village treks, riverside picnics etc. Overall, it ensures an excellent time for the traveler to experience some peaceful and luxurious moments.

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Wildflower Hall, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Wildflower hall, shimla

Built in 1902 by Lord Kitchener, Wildflower Hall in Shimla, has all the charms and luxuries of a colonial property with stunning views of the Himalayas.

A refreshing and peaceful place for a guest to enjoy an excellent rendezvous with nature, Windflower Hall in Shimla is a setting for the enjoyment of comfort and luxury within the backdrop of verdant and lush surroundings and fresh air. Expanded in the stretch of over 22 acres and offering beautiful and impressive views of snow peaks, mountains and cedar forests, the resort has all state of the art modern facilities like LCD TV, DVD player, Wi-Fi connectivity, in addition to telephone lines and 24 hour butler service. Besides there are many more facilities for a comprehensive relaxation and enjoyment of the guests like that of Spa including Ayurveda, Asian and Western Spa, fully furnished Gym, a swimming pool, steam bath and outdoor Jacuzzi. It is a great place to have some unforgettable moments for the honeymooners as well as a venue for holding high end meets and conferences. The place also features an open-air terrace restaurant, offering not only lip-smacking and delectable dishes but also a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding hills and its lush greenery.

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Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa, Gulmarg, Kashmir

Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa

Gulmarg’s Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa was recently awarded as the Best Luxury Ski Hotel in Asia

A luxurious and memorable resort located right in the middle of one of the Kashmir’s most charming town of Gulmarg, The Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa, offers almost a heavenly and fantastic stay, with one of the best in the category rank for luxury, style and service. Constructed on the international standards, the resort has 70 centrally heated rooms, fully equipped with modern facilities and stylish interiors with a big lounge area, a Coffee Shop, a Hookah Bar and a multi-cuisine restaurant offering pleasures of the tongue for the discerning guests. Affording excellent and close views of the beautiful Mount Affarwat, the resort has all that is needed for a luxury holiday while the recreational space in the resort includes a Gym, a Spa, a Guided Skiing and Trekking options. Gulmarg has a different allure in different seasons and it is an amazing and distinct experience to visit Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa in all these seasons. Thus, comfort and luxury notwithstanding, the place has a paradisaical charm that is difficult to forget.

[Plan your stay at Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa]

Kosi Valley Retreat, Simkholi, Uttarakhand

Kosi Valley Retreat

Experience the unparalleled beauty of Uttarakhand at the Kosi Valley Retreat, Simkholi

Based in one of the most scenic and panoramic locales of Himachal, The Kosi Valley Retreat in Almora promises to accord a remarkably luxurious stay, being surrounded by amazing views including that of enveloping forest and quaint Kosi river flowing nearby. With a fixed balcony with every room, other amenities that comes with every accommodation incorporates a TV with Satellite channels and a private bathroom equipped with a shower. The property also lets you enjoy some of the other facilities that comes with your stay that includes a 24 hour front desk assistance, a garden, a shared lounge, a luggage storage and a ticket booking service, while guests can also revel in outdoor recreational activities like fishing, cycling and hiking. The Kosi Valley Retreat also offers an accommodation facility for its esteemed guests at Kasauni, located about 14 kilometers from Simkholi and which is also a famous hill town. Besides there are other hill stations which the visitors can visit while staying at Kosi Valley Retreat including Kasauni (approx. 14 km away) and Ranikhet (approx. 45.8 km away). The resort offers a professional service with a personalized touch and is ideal for both short term and long term stays in relaxing, a home-away-from-home atmosphere.

Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino, Gangtok, Sikkim

MAYFAIR Spa Resort & Casino Gangtok

MAYFAIR Spa Resort & Casino, located at Sikkim’s capital of Gangtok is set in the magical environment of plush Himalayan forest and colossal mountains

Enveloped by the verdant green forests, punctuated by snow-clad mountains, Mayfair Spa Resort and Casino is arguably one of the best hotels in Sikkim reflecting the elegant Monastic theme of Sikkim along with the colonial architecture. Set in one of the most naturally beautiful regions of India, the resort has achieved the distinction of bagging the prestigious awards of “The Best New Spa Resort” by Asiaspa India and “The Best Hotel for Ambience and Service” by the Sikkim State Government as also being India’s very first five star on-shore live gaming Casino, Casino Mahajong . The hotel features one of the finest multi-cuisine restaurant, presenting amazing dishes to gratify the taste buds of the guests. Besides, with a number of various beauty and rejuvenating treatments and therapies like face therapies, body massage, body therapies and spa, it ensures that guests have best of times during their stay. Along with modern amenities like a health club, a lounge, a casino and gaming zone, it is one of best experiences that a guest can have in Gangtok.

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The Himalayan Spa Resort, Manali, Himachal Pradesh

With one of the most amazing and unique architecture in an elegant Himalayan Castle style, featuring 8 rooms and 8 two- bedroom cottages, The Himalayan Spa Resort is a premiere resort in Manali, set amidst apple and cherry orchards and looking over beautiful snow-capped mountains and waterfalls. All the rooms inside the resort are wonderfully furnished with latest, state of the art facilities and alluring embellishments and comforts including fireplaces, spacious four poster beds, and elegant armories. All the rooms comes attached with a bathroom with all the modern equipment like bathtubs, shower cubicles, vanity mirrors and other amenities. The guests are treated to some excellent dishes from an amazing multi-cuisine restaurant and there is a facility of a bar too. While the visitors enjoy incredible luxury in a perfect setting, the recreational activities that they can relish are Swimming and Spa, which incorporates special revitalization therapies using signature blends of aroma oils and natural extracts. The Himalayan Spa Resort lies just over a 20 minute walk from the Manali Center and is an ideal spot for vacation for families, honeymooners and premium luxury travelers to the town.

Dunagiri Retreat, Uttarakhand

Dunagiri Resort

Get closer to the Himalayas at this picturesque resort near Almora in Uttarakhand.

Overlooking the majestic snow-capped hills, blanketed by scenic, lush green settings, Dunagiri Retreat is next on our list. The amazing resort is situated at the height of 8,000 feet. Bathed in peace, serenity and natural grandeur its a blissful escape.

Offering refreshment to the soul, the peaceful accommodation at Dunagiri is made up of 5 cottages. Each is named after Hindu mythological places of Kailasha, Vaikuntha, Gokula, Dwarika and Ayodhya. Like its name, each room has been designed to enjoy the perfect vacation in the tranquility of the place. Also, only a healthy and satvik vegetarian organic food is prepared in addition of hygienic methods to ensure nutrition, taste and digestibility.

To have the best of times, there is also an opportunity of recreational activities like cycling, camping, nature treks, bird watching, walking local cultural tours. The serene getaway from the maddening rush is ideal for tranquil moments.

The Chumbi Mountain Retreat & Spa, Pelling, Sikkim

Chumbi Mountain Retreat & Spa

Experience Sikkim’s blessed places of refuge and sanctity – in the Chumbi Mountain Retreat Resort and Spa.

One of the best luxury/premium stay options in Sikkim, The Chumbi Mountain Retreat Resort and Spa presents a host of comfort and leisure opportunities from pleasant vacation break to a number of health and rejuvenating therapies, messages and spa for a comprehensive recreation. Equipped with modern and contemporary equipment and amenities, the suites have a rather heritage character. The resort has its own garden and most of the ingredients of the food served inside the restaurant is grown here. The resort offers a wonderful view of the Kunchejunga peak and is located near the important sites of Sidkyong Tulku Bird Sanctuary and Pemayangtse Monastery Estate. Greeted with a wonderful service and warm hospitality, the guests revel in ease and luxury in incredible tranquility. The resort is one of the major tourist attractions in Pelling.

Jilling Terraces, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand

Jilling Terraces, Nainital

Featuring a garden and sun terrace, Jilling Terraces is located in Bhīm Tāl, just 3.3 miles from Bhimtal Lake.

Constructed in 1933 by a Sanskrit Scholar for his Polish wife, The Jilling Terraces in Bhimtal has now been converted into a boutique and luxurious resort, serving excellent vacations to their clients. Presenting to the guests, some of the most beautiful and exotic outdoor sights of the mountains and lush greenery, the indoors of the resort is equally laden with comforts and richness featuring a hardwood floor, a sofa and an electric kettle, as well as an attached in-suite bathroom with latest amenities and toiletries. With stunning views notwithstanding, the property is within a comfortable vicinity of some popular tourist sites such as Nainital Lake (29.7 km) and Snow view point (31.8 km) and there are opportunities for adventurous excursions as well, such as horse riding and hiking also. The staff at the resort is warm and welcoming and have expertise in management and service. Tourists are presented with a wonderful opportunity to spend some peaceful and serene moments at Jilling and may look forward to an incredible holiday.

Aalia, Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Unique in concept and execution, Aalia has the distinction of being the only luxury hotel in Haridwar

Unique in concept and execution, Aalia has the distinction of being the only luxury hotel in Haridwar

Ideally situated right on the banks of the Ganges river as a perfect accommodation, blending in exotic natural beauty and spiritual ambience, The Aalia Resort in Haridwar lets you experience an exquisite level of service and luxury for an amazing peaceful vacation. Haridwar, one of the most important site of spiritual relevance in Hinduism can be experienced in all its greatness in the lap of ease and comfort as well as could be made a base for excursion into nearby tourist and pilgrimage centers of Mansa Devi, Rishikesh, Mussoorie and Rajaji National Park. Offering a total of 12 villas fixed with all the necessary and luxurious furnishings like LCD TV, AC, DVD Player and cable connection, which lets tourists take pleasure in a comfortable vacation. The resort features a multi-cuisine restaurant named Alipeno, serving lip-smacking and mouth-watering dishes to satisfy the appetite as also make available, the facilities of a Yoga and meditation center, a Garden and a Swimming Pool. In addition to reveling in some memorable time at the resort, guests can also take part in jungle safaris at Rajaji National Park, White Water Rafting, Mountain biking, Nature Treks, Picnics, Sightseeing Tours and Ganga Arti. Alia Resort is well-connected through train and bus and the nearest Airport is 35 km away. Enjoy remarkable holidays with spiritual excitement by spending you time here.

Te Aroha, Dhanachuli, Uttarakhand

Te Aroha, a luxury boutique hotel in Himalayas

Te Aroha is a boutique resort which offers its guests the opportunity to experience finest hospitality, amidst the scenic surroundings of Dhanachuli.

Affording the guests to enjoy an excellent mix of traditional architecture and modern comforts, the Te Aroha Resort in Danachuli is an amazing place to spend a memorable vacation in the midst of beautiful natural surroundings. The resort preserves the original structure of a Summer House that once stood there and it has been refurbished to keep its authentic charm. There are 4 amply-spaced suites and 6 luxury rooms, fixed with state of art comforts and equipment that let the guest relax while relishing exquisite views of snow-clad hills and Danachuli’s amazing landscape from its windows. To appreciate the beautiful surroundings as well as enjoy the adventure, guest can go for trekking, birding or picnic expeditions, while they can savor mouth-watering dishes and delectable cuisines and snacks at The Oaks Restaurant, Café Flashback and The Tea Lounge located within the resort’s premises. Subdued in elegance and punctuated with remarkable and excellent service, spending vacation the resort will surely going to remain etched in your memories for long.

The Terraces, Kanatal, Uttarakhand

The Terraces Kanatal: Boutique Hotel in Himalayas

The Terraces Kanatal a boutique spa resort with a magnificent view of Himalayas.

Located within the lush and verdant forests and exotic views of rhododendrons, pine, deodar trees as well as beautiful hillocks, cool and refreshing air, The Terraces resort in Kanatal offers an impeccable lodgings in the top of the rank comfort and luxury. Built in a vast 5 acres of expanse, the property features 20 Deluxe and super-luxury suites, letting the guests enjoy excellent comfort within a picturesque and panoramic setting of the surroundings snow-clad hills, in a space subdued in nature’s bounty. Serving the guests with its warm hospitality, the resort furnish the excellent facilities of dining, conference, adventure, travel and wellness, taking care of the comprehensive needs of an amazing vacation for the guest. The accommodations are tastefully done and fixed with all the necessities of modern comfort and extravagance like TV with a DTH connection, on demand movies, an In-room Tea/Coffee maker, phone with local and international connectivity, a mini-fridge, Wi-Fi connection as well as a private balcony and Live fireplaces against intense cold in winters.

The Terraces resort lies within a comfortable of important pilgrimage and tourist destinations. Explore Chamba, Mussoorie, Dhanualti as well as a number of temples, wildlife and adventure spots like Kaudia forest, Rani Chaura forest, Shivpuri and the imposing Tehri Dam on your stay. Moreover, you can easily extend your vacation tin Uttarakhand.

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Moksha Spa, Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh

Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort

Fresh air, scenic beauty, sumptuous food, Thai spa, Turkish hamam and more

In the heart of Himachal Pradesh, The Moksha Spa is a resort of amazing luxury. Enjoying an absolutely peaceful ambience, it lies at an altitude of 5000 feet above sea level.

Each of the 62 suites define state of the art luxuries and amenities. It features a master bedroom with a king size bed, 2 LCD television, a DVD player, high speed internet access, an in-room refrigerator, safe and a coffee maker.

Other luxuries incorporates a bar and coffee shop, Spa, massage salon, nail bar and a hair salon. Besides, there are facilities of a gym and a fitness center, Yoga and meditation pavilions, a lap pool and twin outdoor heated Jacuzzi.

The resort features an excellent dining facility with a range of Indian and International cuisines. With an exquisite building, designed by internationally acclaimed architects, Moksha Spa Resort is a wonderful place to spend your holidays.

[Plan your stay at Moksha Spa Resort]

Solitude in the Himalayas, Ramgarh (Kumaon Region), Uttarakhand

Solitude in the Himalayas

Nestled on a quiet hillside in Gagar (near Nainital), Soulitude, as the name suggests, provides complete solitude for the soul.

Solitude in Himalaya Resort has been aptly named as one of the most peaceful and quiet resorts of the lot, located in cradle of gigantic Kumaon Himalayas, in the cool and crisp air of the surroundings and in the ambiance of complete silence.

Spectacular views dot its environs as the resort welcome its guests with warm hospitality and dedicated service, making them comfortable and letting them enjoy a luxurious and convenient stay.

The resort has in total of 10 deluxe and cozy rooms which are furnished with all the present day amenities for a most cherished and memorable vacation. Besides opportunities for fun and adventure with long walks, trekking, amazing views and lots of fun keep the tourist engaged and occupied.

In addition to this, guests can relish one the most amazing and delicious food, hygienically prepared from the ingredients from the resort’s own organic gardens.

A visit to the sister resort Solitude By Riverside is said to be highly recommended. An ideal getaway from the hustle and noise of the city, Solitude is a perfect place for rest, relaxation and fun.

[Plan your stay at the Solitude in the Himalayas]

Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling, West Bengal

Glenburn Tea Estate: Luxury Boutique Hotels in Himalayas

Set in the lush hillside over Darjeeling, looking north to the Himalayas, Glenburn Tea Estate is a paradise for tea-tasters, hikers, and, birdwatchers.

Located at 1.5 hour drive from Darjeeling, Glenburn Tea Estate is one of the charming resorts in India. The most celebrated tea estate in the country, this one enjoys bliss of the north Eats Himalayas.

The estate has 8 well-furnished suites, equipped with modern fixtures and designed with beautiful Victorian Teak wood furniture. Spread over 1,600 acres, the estate affords a spectacular view of the mighty Kanchenjunga.

Owing to the utmost endeavor of best customer services, the resort offers pampering sessions. Choose from rejuvenating massage, body treatments as well as preparing customized dishes.

Amongst the activities, hiking, fishing, rafting, jeep tours, birding as well as cooking classes are most popular. Stay in Glenburn is truly a unique experience. It is one of the must-visit boutique resort in the Himalayas.

[Plan your stay at Glenburn Tea Estate]

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