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Holi in Rajasthan

(Last Updated 08 Jan, 2024)

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    25/03/2024 - 25/03/2024

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Even though the charms of Holi are innumerable, magic inescapable, and its vibrancy unavoidable, the appeal of Holi in Rajasthan is altogether different. Being a state shimmering with a broad spectrum of colors, Holi is a perfect occasion and celebration that matches Rajasthan's identity and character.

People of Rajasthan not only know how to celebrate life, but they also put a lot of heart into their festivals which makes the charm of their celebrations distinct. For this reason, Holi in Rajasthan has a special meaning, and how it is celebrated draws a lot of attraction and excitement with the locals and tourists from India and across the world.

Holi preparations start days before the festival, and people brace themselves to indulge in various rituals and customs. However, in contrast to how the festival is celebrated across India and around the globe, Rajasthan Holi is celebrated differently, with many other aspects and rituals involved, making the festival look much more colorful and impressive.  

Highlights of Holi Festivals in Rajasthan

Braj Mahotsav

The festival is celebrated in honor of Lord Krishna and falls a few days before Holi. The festival is celebrated for three days in the Braj region, situated in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. The area in and around the Braj is believed to be the region where Lord Krishna spent his childhood, playing pranks and showing many aspects of His transcendental activities. Local people don multi-colored, vibrant attires and celebrate by singing and dancing and emulating Raslila, depicting the divine love between Radha and Krishna.

The energy identified with the festival can manifest the entire Bharatpur region through songs and dance and locals splashing colors on each other. People can be seen everywhere in high spirits and festive moods and all set to welcome Holi.

Dhulandi Festival

Dhulandi is celebrated across India the day after Holika Dahan (the traditional bonfire) to mark the onset of spring. Everyone, including the young and the old, can be seen indulging in joy and celebration and throwing and smearing colors on each other. The celebration can last till late in the evening. However, the festival acquires a unique charm in how it is celebrated in the capital city of Jaipur.

The tourism department organizes an exclusive event on the lawns of Khasa Kothi Hotel for international guests to take part in and enjoy India's culture, food, and spirit, besides relishing the traditional Rajasthani folk songs as music.

Mali Holi

The Mali Holi is celebrated distinctively and draws a lot of charm, excitement, and curiosity. Following the age-old traditions, the men of the Mali community throw the colors on their women, who then respond by hitting them with sticks or a long piece of cloth. The spectacle is worth seeing and generates a lot of enthusiasm. This unique way of celebrating Holi brings the people in the local community together in the spirit of unity and brotherhood.

Gair at Godaji

Celebrated a few days after Holi, this occasion is marked with the gathering of men from 12 distinct villages in the Godaji Village, located near the Ajmer, to play Gair. Each village presents itself with its drummers and troupes.

Surrounded by picturesque sights all over, the occasion is attended by thousands of audience and onlookers, who revel in the celebration with lots of excitement and passion. The eagerly awaited event is celebrated each year with great energy and stamina and brings a lot of joy and happiness to the local community. 

Dolchi Holi at Bikaner

Dolchi Holi is again a slightly different form of Holi celebrated primarily by Rajasthan's Harsh and Vyas communities. The celebration involves people throwing water on each other in a specially made vessel called Dolchi, manufactured from camel skin. Celebrating Holi in such a way is a part of the tradition sustained for 300 years.

However, the water is thrown only on the back of the individual and not the front. Nevertheless, it is surprising that colors are not used in this Holi and are played by men of the communities only, while women and children look over. It is said that the tradition of this Holi started when the two communities had a dispute over food. In order to bury the hatchet, the men of the communities started throwing water at each other, which subsequently got converted into a tradition. 

Celebrations by Royals

The erstwhile Royal community of Rajasthan has its way of celebrating Holi with the locals. On this day, members of the royal family come out in their most dazzling attires and mingle with the commoners. Previously, the occasion was marked by the royal princes' grand display of equestrian skills.

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