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Rash Mela in West Bengal

(Last Updated 15 Jan, 2024)

  • Dates :

    19/11/2024 - 19/11/2024

  • Location :

    Cooch Behar & Sundarbans area in Bengal

Rash Mela in West Bengal is a festival celebrating the divine love of Sri Krishna and Radha. The month long festival precedes the Rash Yatra. Celebrated on the full moon day in Kartik month, the Rash Yatra is a procession with clay deities of Lord Krishna and Radha. The parade demonstrate the life of Lord Krishna, his various miracles and deeds. The Rash Mela is an annual fair that is very famous in the Nabadwip, Cooch Behar and Sundarbans. Come the full moon night of Kartik and people are seen enchanted in the love of Radha and Krishna.

In 2024, the Rash Mela starts from 19th November. The month long festival starts form the auspicious full moon night and continues till the next full moon.

History of Rash Mela

In the holy texts, the Rash Yatra has a special significance. In the later autumn, Sri Krishna’s union with the Gopinis with Dance & Songs is expressed in the Rash Lila. The word ‘Mela’ means ‘Milan’. Devotees of different religions get together to celebrate the divine love of Radha and Krishna. The King Krishna Chandra Roy of Nadia is responsible for this Rash Yatra at Nabadwip. The Royal family of Cooch Behar is responsible to introduce the fair in their city.

Celebrations of Rash Mela

Rash Mela is the most popular annual festival of Bengal. Celebrated in honor of Lord Krishna and his eternal love Sri Radhika, the festival is celebrated with melodious songs, dance and folk stories.

The Rash Mela begins for a month after the popular procession called Rash Yatra. The procession is organized to memorize the glorious days of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan spent with Radha ji deeply lost in their eternal love. It is the main attraction for tourists as the yatra features clay models which depicts the deeds and various phases of Lord Krishna’s life.

The festival is form of communal celebrations. Visitors from distant places reach at Cooch Behar to witness the carnival. Various idols are worshipped in different pandals. The decoration of light and various types of sola made ornaments are mesmerizing. The ‘Daker Saaj’ which is the beatings of a special Drums, the music of Flutes and Banjos and Mridangas and Kartals create a divine experience. You feel your spiritual senses heightened.

Many cultural programs are also organized which provide platform for singers, dancers and musicians all over West Bengal. Many renowned artists of the state are also invited to perform during the month long festival.

Besides the cultural activities festival also presents various stalls of delicacies to pamper taste buds of the visitors. Taste the delicious range of Bengali dishes at the food stalls. The fair also provides a rich selection of local handicrafts and different products for sale.

How to Reach Rash Mela?

West Bengal is well-connected by air, rail and road. Though the entire state celebrates the occasion, Cooch Behar, Nabadwip and Sunderbans are most popular places. Get to the capital city Kolkata. Make plans for your visit to any of the three places.

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