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Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Islands is a group of six islands, and Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh are the two most popular ones. It is around 40 km from Phuket and attracts tourists worldwide due to its magnificence and beachy vibes. So you can enjoy vibrant parties and witness the beautiful shores of the waters. Viking Caves in these islands of Phi Phi are major tourist attractions that grab the attention of tourists. You will also find a striking cliff, white sand beaches, and lush greenery all around you and get a visual feast. The landscapes of Phi Phi Islands grace the beauty of this region, and the clear blue water will make you fall in love with these islands.

Moreover, you can reach there by ferry ride from Phuket and Krabi. And it would take around 90 minutes to reach there, but once you reach there, you would get an excellent treat for your senses. Watersports are magnetism factors; you can indulge in various sports and get a high adrenaline rush into your body. Apart from that, these islands of Thailand offer some great viewpoints. You can also enjoy the local foods at the stalls near the beaches and get the best of these islands.

Overview of Overview of Phi Phi Island

Area 12.25 km²
Elevation:  1 m (3 ft)
District: Mueang Krabi
Location Off the coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea.
Ideal Duration 3-5 Days
Best Time to Visit November to April


  • You can indulge in various water sports for a thrill at Phi Phi Islands.
  • Get a treat for your taste buds at open-air bars and restaurants. 
  • Capture beautiful pictures of landscapes.
  • Explore the Phi Phi Market and taste some local foods. 
  • Interact with local people to learn about Phi Phi Islands' fascinating past.
  • Enjoy shopping on these islands and buy some souvenirs like pretty hippy necklaces.  

Ph Phi Islands in Thailand is a must-visit tourist attraction with something for every kind of tourist. Whether you are looking for enthralling experiences, a peaceful environment, or closeness to nature, Phi Phi is ideal.

About Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Island is a group of islands settled between the large island of Phuket and the Straits of Malacca coast. The name of this island originates from Malay, and its original word was Pulau Api-Api (The fiery isle). The name refers to the grey mangrove that is found on Phi Phi islands.

Phi Phi Islands tourism offers beaches, clear water, and a natural environment. Moreover, the greenery is the attraction's entrance and is protected by national park status. The bars and restaurants are open till 2:00 am to enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Phi Phi Islands. Apart from that, you can enjoy the surroundings and stroll in the market to get the best view of the surroundings. There are various attractions on these islands that you can visit while planning your Phi Phi Islands tour. Viking Cave,  Monkey Beach, May Bay, Mosquito Island, Koh Phi Phi Leh,  and Laem Tong Beach are featured on these islands to make your trip more engaging.

Phi Phi Don Island:

This island is known for offering beautiful views of the surroundings through various viewpoints. You can find hillside trails here and natural beauty. Moreover, you can take a longtail boat to discover different beaches. In addition, taking Kayaks on rent to explore the coastlines is one of the best activities to enjoy on Phi Phi Don Island.

Phi Phi Leh Island:

Being a famous island in Thailand, it is one of the top tourist places. Here, gorgeous clear waters and Viking Cave are attraction centers for visitors. However, tourists are not allowed to enter the cave. But you can admire the beauty from a distance through a boating tour.

Ko Mai Phai (Bamboo Island):

This island is renowned as the Bamboo Island and one of the most beautiful tourist attractions. Tourists visit here to relax, walking along the white sand beach and swimming or snorkeling in the clear waters.

Ko Jung (Mosquito Island):

This island is an excellent choice for enjoying snorkeling. Boating rides and enjoying the view would be the highlight of your tour.

Ko Bida Nai Island:

It is one of Phi Phi's smallest islands, known for offering marine life and incredible landscapes. Here you can witness the large limestones that surely deserve a click of your camera and your admiration. The surroundings are peaceful and let you reconnect with nature and get a refreshing environment.

Ko Bida Nok Island:

This island is similar to Ko Bida NAi and is considered its twin for various reasons. You can enjoy deep diving here and get a chance to spot excellent diving with the opportunity to spot blacktip sharks, turtles, rays, and a variety of fish.

Interesting Facts about Phi Phi Island

  • Phi Phi Islands was initially named Palau Api-Api, which literally means Fiery Island.
  • These islands were a filming site for the famous movie The Beach (2000), and due to that, it got a massive boom. 
  • Ferries and speedboats are prime transportation sources from the lands to the islands. 
  • This small group of islands covers around 12.25 square kilometers, and Ko Phi Phi Don is the largest island that covers around 9.7 square kilometers.
  • These islands offer enthralling activities like diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.
  • You can explore the notable and colorful aquatic fauna and flora on these islands. 

FAQs About Phi Phi Island

Q: How many days are enough for Phi Phi Island?

Ans: The number of days you require to enjoy a vacation in Phi Phi Island is at least three days. In three days, you can explore the best tourist attractions and indulge in fun-filled activities to enhance your tour.

Q: What to expect in Phi Phi Island?

Ans: Phi Phi Island in Thailand is renowned for stunning beaches and water sports. However, you can expect something more as it offers lots of things. In addition, you can expect vibrant nightlife, which is a magnetism charm for tourists. Furthermore, this island is home to various tourist attractions which give you joyful sightseeing.

Q: Which season is best for Phi Phi Island?

Ans: January to April is considered the peak summer season that is appropriate for enjoying a vacation here. However, You can plan your Phi Phi island trip from November to April. During these months, you will get pleasant climate conditions, and you can also indulge in water sports activities.

Q: What are the best things to do in Phi Phi Island?

Ans: Phi Phi Island offers an incredible range of activities to make this trip eventful. Exploring beaches and enjoying nightlife are some of the main things to do on Phi Phi Island. However, hiking to reach viewpoints, enjoying boating to reach the caves, and seeing the undersea world with snorkeling and rock climbing are the best activities for adventurous souls. In addition, Thai massage, Shopping, boating tours, and island hopping are some recreational activities on Phi Phi Island.