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Fort Fateh Prakash Palace, Chittorgarh

Constructed by the Maharana Pratap Singh, the palace used to serve the purpose of erstwhile residence for him. Maharana Pratap Singh deliberately built the palace in Rajasthani style to reveal his quality taste for art and culture. The large number of corridors and pillars of the palace are salient features of Rajasthani architecture. It also has a large number of paintings inside.

The palace also reveals other likes and dislikes of Maharana Pratap Singh. The presence of a large variety of crystal objects in the palace also reveals his likings for these objects. In fact, the collection was so vast that in 1968, it was realized that the collection is big enough to be exhibited in a museum. This idea was soon given shape as a large part of the palace was converted into a museum.

Attractions of Fateh Prakash Palace

The various architectural features of the Fateh Prakash Palace will surely leave you mesmerized. On visiting the palace, you will be able to observe the paintings of the walls. In fact, walking through the corridors and watching the various pictures on the walls may help you to get aware of a whole story. These pictures actually signify tales from the epics or a part of the Rajasthani Folk Tales. These classical paintings date back to 17th and 19th century.

The large collection of crystals that were collected by Maharana Sajjan Singh from F & C Osler, England is also a part of the Fateh Prakash Museum. This adds to the appeal of the palace as tourists are always wiling to witness this splendid collection. The museum of the Fateh Prakash Palace also has a number of other items.

The beautiful carpet studded with carpet is something that should not be missed. There is also a gallery that boasts a large collection of dining tables, dressers, perfume bottles and sofa sets. At the palace, you will be able to see the famous Durbar Hall. There are also axes, shields, knoves, farsa, helmets and soldier uniform inside the museum.


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