Angling and River Rafting in India

Irrespective of whether it is an angling or a river rafting tour that you are planning, selecting the right destination is of utmost importance. Also important is the time when you can undertake the trip.

As far as fishing is concerned, the ideal time for angling tours in India is between March and June and September and December. During this period, you can opt for fresh water fishing.

River rafting in India can be done throughout the year, but the best time is between October and May. It is better to avoid the rainy season when the rivers are turbulent. However, if you are a veteran, you can deal with the rough waters and the rains. Many love to venture out when the climatic conditions are not friendly but it is undoubtedly risky during these times.

Once you have decided upon the time of your visit to the various sites where you can enjoy angling and river rafting in India, it is time for you to settle for the destinations.

First let us find out the angling destinations in India. Names of places mentioned here are the ones that are fit for fresh water fishing.

In Jammu and Kashmir, Indus Rivers and Lidder are prime areas for fishing. There are several other streams and rivulets that are snow fed and a perfect haven for fresh water fishes.

In Himachal Pradesh, Brown Trouts are quite famous. Trout angling is popular in River Beas in Kulu Manali and River Larji in Larji Valley. There are many rivulets and streams in Sainj where you can enjoy angling. You need a license to fish in these rivers. Angling license can be obtained from Patlikhul’s fisheries office. However, fishing licenses are not granted during the monsoon season.

In South India, River Kaveri is the best river for angling. Other rivers include Krishna, Mahanadi, Chembar, Peermund, Pirtimund, Kalkundi, and Godavari. Trouts that can be found in these rivers are Khudchee, Mahseer, White Carp, and Purree.

In Arunachal Pradesh, you can plan a trip to the banks of River Siang, River Kameng, and River Lohit.

Equipments you will need for angling are spoons, baits, rods, reels, hooks, and lines.

River rafting sites in India are many. The popular rivers where you can set off for rafting tours are Beas, Brahmaputra, Ganges, Zanskar, Teesta, Rishikesh, and Kali Ganga.

The major river rafting sites are Asan Barrage, Devprayag, Kaudiyala, Ladakh, and Rishikesh.

In order to enjoy angling and river rafting in India, you can avail angling and rafting in Arunachal Pradesh or any other site mentioned above. Packages are available in all the places. An example of such a package in Arunachal Pradesh is as follows. This package is of duration 17 nights and 18 days. Places covered are Guwahati, Pasighta, Itanagar, Dibrugarh, Oyanghat, Yemboubg, Bhalukpong, Agra, Varanasi, Delhi, and Jaipur. Accommodation and food is provided according to the tour itinerary.

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