Mumbai Goa Cruise Service is Operational Now


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Traveling from Mumbai to Goa is no more a dream now! Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) has joined hands with the Angriya Sea Eagle Pvt. Ltd to start the much-awaited Mumbai-Goa Cruise service from October 24, 2018.

The passenger cruise ship has been named Angriya and offers a new way to admire the Mumbai-Goa sojourn. The cruise is named after first notable admiral of Maratha navy, Admiral (Sarkhel) Kanhoji Angre and the great coral reef between the Maharashtra and Goa, the Angriya Bank. After many delays, the cruise will start sailing from the Purple Gate of Princess Docks in Mumbai at 4 pm.  Here is the complete information about Mumbai to Goa Cruise.


The Goa to Mumbai Direct Cruise comes equipped with all the modern facilities and offers an experience of a lifetime. You can choose from the following variety of accommodations available:

Rooms: Spread across decks A, B, C and E, these rooms offer top-tier accommodation. While some may feature portholes and big windows, the others may just come without attached bathrooms. Prices for these rooms will be 8250 INR per person.

Room - Mumbai Goa Cruise

Bunk Rooms: Priced at 7,700 INR, the Bunk Rooms are meant to be shared by four people. They don’t have attached bathrooms but feature windows and are located on deck A and B.

Mumbai Goa Cruise Service is Operational Now

Luxury Pods: Located on deck D, the single and double luxury pods costs 6,650 INR per person. Don’t expect windows or attaches bathrooms.

Dorms: Priced as low as 6,300 INR, the dorms don’t have attached bathrooms and windows. They are located at deck B.

Mumbai Goa Cruise Service is Operational Now


Guests can benefit from a number of facilities onboard. They can satiate their culinary carvings at eight restaurants, 24-hours coffee shops and bars available on all the decks. The journey becomes more enjoyable because of the presence of recreation room, an infinity pool and modern lounge. Remarkable images and amazing nautical trivia adorn the cruise.

Ticket Price

One way fare between Mumbai to Goa in Cruise ranges between 6,300 and 8250 INR. The cost may vary depending upon the room size and category. Regardless of the cabin, the price also includes breakfast, evening snacks and dinner.

Cruise Timings

Angriya Cruise will depart from Mumbai at 4:00 pm. The voyage will culminate at Mormugao in South Goa at 9:00 am the next day. The returning of the cruise from Goa is scheduled at 4:00 pm and will arrive in Mumbai the next day at 9:00 am.

Other Related Information

  • There’s no Wi-Fi onboard.
  • 10 kg cabin baggage and 25 kg check-in baggage is permissible.
  • Angriya doesn’t entertain pets.
  • Women after the 6th month of pregnancy are not allowed.
  • Smoking is permitted only at the specific areas.
  • No elevators available for persons with disabilities.
  • Only sealed syrup bottles are allowed.
  • Carry your own medicines.
  • The crew members are trained to provide first-aid and deal with the medical emergency.

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  2. Umesh says:

    Does the cruise come back to Mumbai from Goa?

    • Diksha Khiatani says:

      Hey Umesh,

      Thanks for going through the post! Of course, the cruise returns from Goa to Mumbai. The returning of the cruise from Goa is scheduled at 4:00 pm and will arrive in Mumbai the next day at 9:00 am. For more details, please read the complete post again. Also, Keep on following our blogs for more such informative posts in the future.

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    This service will be life time experience. I just travel to Lakshadweep from Kochi by ship.

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    send the full itinerary with all room rates and facility

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