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Kannur Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Kannur

  • Tellicherry Fort Kannur
Kannur At a Glance
  • Average Climate:23 °C - 37 °C
  • Best Time to Visit:July-March
  • STD Code:0497

Kannur Travel Guide

On Kerala's Malabar Coast, Kannur, also known as Cannanore, is a lovely city that offers a wide range of sightseeing opportunities, including beaches, landmarks, historic temples, and picnic areas.

Kannur, rich in peculiar native art forms like Theyyam, still exudes a sense of the past colonial age. The town is still heavily influenced by the Dutch, Portuguese, British, and Mysore Sultanate, and these influences can be seen everywhere. The city is endowed with outstanding weaving talent, earning it the nickname "the land of loons" or "the land of giant cashew trees," which Portuguese settlers may have planted. While visiting Kannur, go for a stroll in the evening near the lighthouse beach or learn about Portuguese history at St. Angelo's Fort.

Kannur tourism

The birthplace of Theyyam, Kannur, is a vibrant mash-up of lovely beaches, historic landmarks, intriguing folk arts and music, rituals, religious practices, and celebrations. This charming, tranquil town of Malabar is located north of Kozhikode and Wayanad and is known as the "land of Looms and Lores."

Kannur's magnificent natural and cultural attractions will capture your heart at first sight. You can enjoy the sea in all forms because this country is home to pristine beaches. The enormous forts also give the history of the city a sophisticated charm.

Why Visit Kannur?

With a district population of more than 1 million, Kannur is one of Kerala's larger cities. The location, which is in Kerala, has a rich cultural and governmental past. The Indian Railways still maintain the name used during the colonial era—"Cannanore." Despite numerous remnants of British colonialism still being there, Kannur nevertheless has a distinctly Indian feel to it.

The word "Kannan," which refers to the Hindu god Krishna, and "Uuru," which is the location of Lord Krishna, were combined to create the city's name. Kannur has managed to maintain its prominence on the map of Kerala by being an important religious center. In addition, Kannur was once a significant military cantonment and commerce town during the British Raj. The traveler is drawn to this stunning location by its abundance of beaches, museums, and wildlife sanctuaries.

Language spoken in Kannur 

The main language spoken is Malayalam. However, English, Hindi, and Tamil are the other languages that are also spoken and understood by most people.

Where is Kannur located?

Kannur is a city located in Kerala, India, on the country's western coast. The population of the town is about 65,000. It plays a role of a critical military point in the territory since there are a few military bases and battalions.

Places to visit in Kannur

Kerala, an Indian state, has historically been a significant tourist destination. Travelers from all around the nation see unusual natural treasures and stunning hilly locations. There are various attractions in Kannur, including a spiritual retreat center, thrilling family activities, exhilarating treks, and peaceful, leisurely nature excursions. Some of the top places in Kannur are:

  • Payyambalam Beach


  • Baby Beach


  • Palakkayam Thattu


  • Vismaya Water Park


  • Madayipara, Pappinisseri


  • Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary


Things to do in Kannur

Kannur, in Kerala's far north, is a historic trade center. The district's administrative center is located in Kannur city. It is south of Mangalore and north of Kochi and Calicut. Some of the amazing thing to do in Kannur are:

  • Enjoy beach activities
  • Explore wildlife
  • Watch a Theyyam performance
  • Fun at water park
  • kayak ride on the clear waters

Shopping in Kannur

With shopping, your visit to this charming coastal town is complete. A shopper's delight, the city is home to numerous bazaars. However, do purchase saris, pottery, and handicrafts made locally. If you want to purchase gold that is of high quality, you can go to Krishna Jewellers. Other items to bring home include local spices.

Another local specialty utilized as decoration is wooden Kathakali face masks. The main shopping areas in the town include:

  • Fort Road


  • Fortlight Complex


  • Kannur City Center

Best time to visit Kannur

Kannur is a seaside city with a tropical climate. The best time to visit is from October to February. The winter season in Kannur is preferred by visitors the most since it is the most convenient and comfortable season with a lovely environment. The temperature is between 20 and 25°C. Monsoons are also a great time to travel, but make sure you have bug spray and an umbrella handy. Conversely, summer is the least preferable because the temperatures can easily exceed 40 °C.

How many days are required for Kannur?

2-3 days are more than enough to explore Kannur. 

Accommodation in Kannur 

Kannur has a lot of deluxe and medium-to-budget accommodation options. Chera Rocks Beach House (PO Kizhunna), Edakkad Beach Houses (Near Edakkad Beach), Kannur Beach House (Thottada P O), Costa Malabari (Near Adi Kadalayi Temple), and the Blue Nile Business & Leisure Hotel (S.N. Park Road) are the popular deluxe hotels of the city.

Some of the medium-to-budget accommodation options include 

  • Malabar Residency (Thavakkara Road)


  • Pranav Beach Resort (Beach Road Palliyamoola)


  • Seashell (Haris Guest House)


  • KK Heritage (Kottayam Kandi House)


  • Royal Omars (Thavakkara) 


Festivals in Kannur

Festivals in Kannur are one of the major attractions for the place throughout the year. The major festivals of Kannur include:

  • Ekadasi Festival: 


  • Utsavam, or Annual Festival


  • Saraswathy Pooja


Where to eat in Kannur 

Aside from the accommodation, Kannur has a variety of dining options. The most popular cuisine in the town is still South Indian, nevertheless. Must-try foods include idlis, vadas, coconut crepes, raw mango-lemon chutney, and pappadam from Kerala.

Remember to purchase some banana chips to take home and indulge in the restaurant's well-known sweet dish, palada payasam. Then, at Bamboos and Regency, have a few shakes and your meal. The best restaurants are:

  • MVK Restaurant


  • MRA Bakery and restaurant


  • Raandhal


  • Pepperpot Restaurant


  • Sahib's Grill Kitchen


How to reach Kannur 

Roadways, trains, and airplanes are the main means of transportation that connect Kannur to all other cities. Numerous trains, including the Nizamuddin Express, Madgaon Express, Kochuveli Express, Mangalore Express, and New Delhi AC Express, stop at Kannur's railway station. 

The Calicut International Airport, Kozhikode, is the closest airport to Kannur and is situated about 85 km away from the town. In addition, a well-maintained network of highways, including a national highway, connects Kannur to the surrounding cities of Kerala, facilitating smoother travel to the location.

How to Get Around in Kannur?

You can use buses and rickshaws to get around in Kannur. Through these transports, you can enjoy your trip more effectively.

Kannur Travel Tips 

  • As Kannur is in South India, the climate of this city is different from that of North India. Therefore, it is better to check out the temperatures before visiting it. 


  • Kannur is a shopper's paradise. Keep space in your luggage to bring back some of its specialties.


  • Muzhappilangad drive-in beach should be on your itinerary as the beach is the only longest drive-in beach in Asia. 


  • Auto-rickshaws and buses are the standard modes of transportation in Kannur. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Kannur Tourism

Q: Who should travel to Kannur?

Ans. Kannur is a must-visit for everyone interested in culture and wants to learn more about the nation. In addition, everyone can travel to Kannur to sate their appetite for seeing something exquisite and pure, including families, couples, and young individuals.

Q: What activities are available in Kannur?

Ans. Payyambalam Beach, Muzhappilangad Beach, St. Angelo Fort, Kannur Lighthouse, Parassinikkadavu Snake Park, and Baby Beach are the top attractions in Kannur. You can view all of Kannur's attractions.

Q: What is the most efficient way to get to Kannur?

Ans. One of the most significant cities in the state of Kerala, Kannur has excellent connections to all other cities by all the main modes of transportation, including roads, trains, and airplanes. One of the nearest significant towns, Calicut, serves as a connecting node to Kannur through other cities, making it more straightforward for travelers to commute there.

Q: What makes Kannur famous?

Ans. Easily accessible from the adjacent cities. Given Kannur's level of development, the city's transit system and the accommodations available to tourists also appeal to the local populace.

Q: What time of year is ideal for visiting Kannur?

Ans. iven that Kannur is a seaside city with a tropical climate, October to February is the best time to travel there. The winter season in Kannur is preferred by visitors the most since it is the most convenient and comfortable season with a lovely environment.