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Tour to Kolayat

Looking for a perfect holiday destination in India which would provide you the pleasure of natural beauty as well as historical importance? Rajasthan is just the prefect place which offers both of these. To enjoy these attractions, tourists from far off corners of the world come all the way to Rajasthan. The various cities and towns often turn out to be the favorite nesting place for tourists as there are a number of tourist attractions in and around the place. Bikaner is one such city in Rajasthan that has a lot of tourist attractions. The presence of a large number of tourist attractions in and around Bikaner has also led to an increase in the popularity of excursions from Bikaner. Tour to Kolayat is an integral part of Bikaner excursions as it is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Rajasthan. Embedded with a variety of attractions, Kolayat tours will surely be a great experience for the tourists.

Attractions of tour to Kolayat

Come to Kolayat as soon as possible as the various attractions of the place add a lot of thrill and excitement to your tour. Tour to Kolayat offers you the thrill of camel riding. You will also enjoy the presence of a number of desert stalls that sell a variety of local crafts. This tour will also provide you a close look of the glorious Rajasthani culture. You will get the rare opportunity to witness the artisans weaving. It will reveal the artistic skills of the craftsmen of this region.

Tour to Kolayat is also very popular among devotees. It is considered one of the most popular pilgrimage sights in Rajasthan. Being a pilgrimage spot, the place is associated with a number of religious beliefs. It is a common belief that a dip in the holy waters of Lake Kolayat in Rajasthan during the time of Kartik Poornima forgives you of all the sins. As a result, during this time of the year large number of tourist come from different parts of the world to take a dip in the waters of the river.

There are also a number of other attractions in Kolayat. Some of the other attractions of tour to Kolayat include:

  • Local Goods Shopping
  • Festivals
  • Excursions
  • Safaris To Nearby Areas

The best time to go for Kolayat tours is during the Kapil Muni Fair or the Kartik Poornima. During these times of the year, the place boasts a colorful look. Visiting the place during these times is also regarded as auspicious. Moreover, during the Kapil Muni Fair, you will also be able to buy a number of items like the special shoes, ghagras, embroidered quilts, colored glass bangles, camel leather goods etc.

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