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Temples in Pushkar

The famed and legendary temples in Pushkar are worthy visiting. The intricate art work of the temples let you get an idea about the Rajasthan's architecture of the bygone era. The various features of the temples offer awestrucking beauty and reveal the skills of the artists of that era.

These factors are mainly responsible for attracting the tourists. The temples in Pushkar also have a lot of spiritual importance thus attracting a lot of devotees. Hence, the dual attraction of the temples helps in increasing the overall number of tourists coming to Rajasthan.

List of Famous Temples in Pushkar

There are many temples in Pushkar. Each of these Pushkar temples are worthy visiting as each of them has got a distinct appeal. Some of the most popular temples include: 

  • Old Rangi Temple
  • Saraswati temple
  • Brahma temple
  • Savitri temple
  • Brahma Temple

However, the above mentioned temples are only the tip of the ice berg as there are as many as 400 beautiful temples in Pushkar. Each of them bears a distinct significance. For instance, one of the famous temples in Pushkar is dedicated Lord Brahma. It is the Brahma temple. It attracts a huge number of devotees during a particular time of the year. According to the notion, during this time, all the gods visit the place to bless the devotees. Pushkar also hosts a fair during this time which adds to the attraction.

Thus the temples of Pushkar are something that must be visited during a Rajasthan tour. The visit to the temples will not only let you get an idea about the architecture of the region. It will also help you to get an idea about the spiritual beliefs prevalent in the area. Hence, a visit to the temples in Pushkar is always on the cards, if you want to add a lot of value to your Pushkar tour.

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