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Apteshwar Temple in Pushkar

Apteshwar Temple is one of the most popular and divine places of worship in pious town Pushkar. Formerly, the Apteshwar shrine was destroyed by Aurangzeb and but later was resurrected. Pilgrims and devotees from all parts of the globe offer sincere prayers at the shrine and rebuild their faith in almighty.

The Apteshwar temple in Pushkar holds a great fusion of striking architecture and spiritual importance. With great styles of construction, the intricate design of the temple would surely leave you mesmerized.

Constructed in early 12th century, the sanctified spot is dedicated to Lord Shiva. As a part of holy ritual, the main deity Shiva Lingam is served with dahi, milk, ghee and honey. In-addition, devotees believe that offering ‘Bel’ leaves to the Lord would fulfill one’s wishes.

Hence, it is clearly reflected that a visit to Apteshwar temple is a great opportunity to witness magnificent architecture and learn more about the rituals of Hindu religion. The main festival of the temple is Shivaratri which is celebrated here with great enthusiasm and greatness.

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