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Tourist Attractions in Vadodara

Vadodara is a significant tourism destination in Gujarat. The city boasts of some very important historical as well as cultural heritage sites. These sites are dotted all over the town and therefore they can only be covered via private cabs.

Vadodara city in Gujarat closely reflects the heritage of Maharajah Sayaji Rao III who was a dynamic ruler and a great city planner. Successive rulers added palaces, lakes and parks, making the city one of the most charming urban centers in the region. Vadodara is a major tourist zone with stress to catholicity modern outlook and its cosmopolitan culture. Contemporary Vadodara is important as a growing industrial city and a prominent centre for academics. The College of Fine Arts is recognized as one of the best in the country.

There are number of Vadodara tourist attractions. You can take a trip to the famous monuments of Vadodara or visit the stunning gardens in Vadodara. Monuments in Vadodara feature great architecture and speak of the glorious past. These monuments erected in memory of some great heroes have made great influences upon human life. A visit to the monuments in Vadodara will transport you to the past.

While in your leisure times you can enjoy strolling in the vast expanses of the gardens in Vadodara which are counted among the popular places of interest in Vadodara. The gardens with blossoming flowers will refresh your mind and soul. Breathe in some fresh air and get away from the busy city life. Unwind peacefully at the shades of the tress at the luxurious gardens in Vadodara. These parks and gardens constitute the major tourist attractions in Vadodara.

To offer your prayers and to attain spirituality you can visit the holy places in Vadodara. Major attractions of Vadodara are the famous holy places which feature great architectural grandeurs. The temples dates back to ancient times and are true exemplary of exquisite architecture.

Vadodara attractions comprise of some fine parks, palaces, and museums. Kammati Baug and Sayaji Bagh are striking parks in the heart of the city and also house a zoo, a planetarium as well as the Vadodara Museum - that showcases a fine collection of European paintings, sculptures, industrial arts and royal family memorabilia.

The Laxmi Vilas Palace was the official residence of the erstwhile Maharajahs of Baroda. This palace is one of the principle Vadodara attractions featuring impressive interiors done up with Venetian glass, crystal chandeliers, Italian marble and mosaic and fine porcelain and marble statues from Europe.

In the centre of town are the memorial grounds of the reigning dynasty of Gaekwads with a contemporary temple complex. Visitors to Vadodara can see some fine examples of old Gujarati havelis (manors) in the area around the Khanderao Market which is a major tourist attraction in Vadodara.

Shopping in Vadodara is also a major tourist attraction. The city houses some great shopping malls.

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