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Karlapat Bhawanipatna

Bhawanipatna being a pictorial landscape located in Orissa boasts its ample collection of religious places and national parks. Begetting its name from the presiding deity Bhawanishankar, this place is the resident of various gods and goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon. Very old yet unique, the city of Karlapat is also a home to a plethora of wild animals. These innate denizens of nature in their own simple ways beautify the landscape, thereby increasing its charm. Karlapat being a religious base for pilgrimage is also a hot tourist attraction for the nature lovers.

Come and admire the rippling cascade at Patalaganga and a colossal fall at Phurli Jharan. The latter is a perennial source of water quenching thirst of many a wild denizen when scorching overhead sun parches the landscape. The exquisite Khanduala Falls identifies Karlapat Bhawanipatna in Orissa and completes this circle of enigma.

77 kilometers from Bhawanipatna is located a very beautiful valley known as Haladigundi, a home to a plethora of wild animals in their native habitat. Here the Ampani Hills provide an opportunity for a nature lover to witness wild life from a close quarter. The confluence of Tel and Utei River here increases its magic and makes it all the more invigorating.

Come via Bhawanipatna-Tirumala Road at Karlapat and enjoy the amiable presence of Tiger, Sambar, Chital, Leopard and Gaur. Rare to come out in open, yet these creatures can be seen with sudden flash of luck; this is sure to make a place for itself in the recess of your mind.