10 of The Best Beaches in Thailand

Nature has bestowed Thailand with some of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches in the world which are hot favorite with tourists from across the globe, throughout the year. Stunning white sand expanses, blue and azure waters and incredible vibrancy and dynamism beautifully distinguish these beaches from those across the rest of the world. However what really set these beaches apart is that they still are able to preserve their unique and pristine form even when thousands upon thousands travelers arrive here annually to relish in its incredible ambience. In this blog we enlist Best Beaches in Thailand which are source of tremendous pleasure, fun and adventure for couples, backpackers and voyagers looking for some really memorable holidays to spend. Check out:

Patong Beach, Phuket

Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand

Patong Beach is widely acclaimed to be country’s most popular beach with an ambience, unmatched with any other beach in Thailand. With soft white sand, wide coastline, warm waters along with plenty of hotels, shops, clubs and restaurants, just within the walking distance, this beach turns out to be a pretty vibrant place.

Patong Beach is also the largest beach in the island of Phuket and features an amazing nightlife, water sports including jet skis, banana boats and paragliding etc. that makes the place full of noise and energy. The beach marvelously fits in the definition and perception of “exotic east” with people especially thronging here to see and experience the dynamic and colorful atmosphere.

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Railey Beach, Krabi

Railey Beach in Krabi, Thailand

Located between the cities of Krabi and Ao Nang, Railey is a small, picturesque peninsula, which is accessible only by boat due to its rugged and high limestone cliffs, cutting it off from mainland. The place, although more popular with rock climbers due to its high precipices is also known for its exotic and calming beaches. The presence of the limestone cliffs, virtually isolates the peninsula from the land, which gives the beach the feeling of an island beach.

Clear blue waters, small islands, exotic sights define Railey Beach which generally remains relatively less crowded, except during the peak season. Swimming and snorkeling are other highlights at the beach while it remains to be accessed primarily for relaxation. Nevertheless, regular annual development at the beach is making it more and more popular and one can witness ever increasing crowds at the beach every year.

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Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Ley

Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay is regarded by many as the beach having the best scenery and exotic sights. Being part of a little island that lies next to the Ko Phi Phi, the beach can only be visited on a day trip due to the lack of any accommodation facilities. Cradled in a small bay area and surrounded by high cliffs, the beach receives a torrent of visitors during the peak season admiring its mesmerizing beauty.

Maya bay beach was featured in the movie “The Beach” which featured Leonardo di Caprio. Although the beach definitely has some of the most picturesque sights, there is nothing much to do except lazing around, swimming and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. While day trips are definitely popular, many tourists also stay on for night camps, to soak in the deserted environment and isolation.

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Hua Hin Beach, Hua Hin

Hua Hin Beach, Thailand

Hua Hin has some of the most accessible, attractive and family conducive beaches in the Thailand. The district of Hua Hin is located on the Gulf of Thailand and therefore the seas are warm, with plenty of activity. The beaches are much cleaner and waters shallow making it a pretty crowded place in high season, on weekends and public holidays. At other times beach is relatively calmer.

The beach, although more famous for a causal stroll or just lazing around, nevertheless has some activity for tourists. Short Pony or horse rides are famous while some Thais can be seen enjoying riding high speed banana boats on weekends. The beach at Hua Hin has wonderful soft sand and there is plenty of space to walk and enjoy its cool air and atmosphere. There are plenty of options to eat and most people enjoy their meal sitting on the mat. The beach is a constant attraction for visitors far and wide and offers an excellent day out.

Kata Beach, Phuket

Kata Beach in Phuket, Thailand

Located just a couple of miles away from Patong is its quieter counterpart, the Kata Beach. Kata surrounds itself with swaying palm trees, warm waters and picturesque views, but there is absence of all the hustle, the vibrancy and animation of Patong.

There are no high rise buildings, hotels, restaurants or shops at the beach. However, the place registers some good surf during the low season which draws adventurists to its shores. On the other hand, the beach is a best bet for snorkeling and other water sports. Tourists love to come at Kata to revel the amazing turquoise waters, super fine sand and incredible opportunities to enjoy and entertain.

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Lamai Beach, Samui

Lamai Beach, Samui

Although other beaches in Samui can be expected to be full during the peak season, Lamai beach is relatively quieter (although not to a large extent) and is full of most exotic sceneries and amazing sights. Lamai beach lies towards the Samui’s southeast coast and by size is island’s second largest. There are bigger resorts towards the beach’s central part and bars playing music at a high volume which makes this beach a favorite with party loving tourists. The prices at the bars and clubs are much cheaper as also they are at the hotels and restaurants. As you walk, you will find vendors selling grilled corn, fruits and chicken.

A famous highlight at the beach is the Sunday Street market which then becomes a hotspot for cheap street food, low-priced cloth stalls, cocktails and music. Jet skis are very much popular and so does Coco Splash, which is Samui’s only water park to keep children busy while the adults have their own time.

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Sairee Beach, Koh Tao

Sairee Beach in Koh Tao

The beach was once a famous haven for deep sea divers but over the period of time, has acquired prominence with the tourists as a beautiful location for spending some exotic vacation moments. Spread in a sandy extent of a mile with the heavenly views of beautiful islands in the horizon, the beach is dispersed with cheap restaurants and low-priced accommodations. The nearest airport is in Samui and reaching here involves a ferry trip.

The beach again is relatively quieter, although it features a wonderful nightlife and a noticeable party scene. The restaurants and living spaces are not very high end and there are few western eating joints too. Most of the crowd at the beach are that of youngsters and involves a mix of divers, party backpackers and travelers who looking for an economical beach holiday. The beach is a wonderfully curved bay with smooth white sand and is a great place to enjoy an entertaining time.

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White Sand Beach, Koh Chang

White Sand Beach, Koh Chang

This elegant stretch of beach lies on the western end of the Koh Chang Island and is flanked by coconut and palm trees with a backdrop of slanting hills. There are a range of accommodation to choose from, although the beach is not quite counted as luxury destination. The destination is mostly popular with couples, backpackers and families who keep the place buzzed with activity through day and night.

The beach is however more suitable for sleeping during lazy afternoons, enjoy swimming in the warm waters during the evening and indulging in some amazing seafood under the stars. The vast White sand beach is divided into Northern, central and Southern ends and viewing sunsets from here is an incredible experience.

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Haad Rin, Koh Pha Ngan

Haad Rin, Koh Pha Ngan

Most widely accessed for the famous Full Moon Parties, the Haad Rin is a fabulous location for all the beach-party loving enthusiasts. Once in a month, an all-night extravagance is organized with lots of drinking, partying, dance and music. At other times, the party scene persists with lots of spirit and energy.

Therefore, the beach is absolutely unfitting for those looking for a peaceful beach experience. Day time visitors can enjoy the beach’s beautiful sights. Soft, Golden Sand, sloping hills make for its panoramic view and while visitors will also enjoy a dip in the sea’s warm waters. The place has still a seemingly undeveloped feeling and since it is located on a small peninsula, emerging out from an island, there exits plenty of spaces to find peace and isolation.

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Koh Mun Nork

Koh Mun Nork, Thailand

Koh Mun Mork, the little, private island located in the northern part of Gulf of Siam is one of the best places in Thailand to experience a true isolated island adventure. Away from the noise and chaos of other beaches, Koh Mun Nork is really more of white sand, surrounded by palm trees and without much crowd disturbing its serenity. The island is accessed by a 45 minute ferry ride from the mainland which makes it a less frequently visited place by tourists, adding to its deserted ambience.

The island has only one resort and there is amazing peace and tranquility for those looking for a perfectly relaxed and leisurely vacation. Tourists have the option of mid-range accommodation while Thai and some Western choices are available as eating options. The island as well as the resort are literally small and although it is not at all suitable for large group vacation and noisy holidays, it is a perfect tourist spot for couples and honeymooners as well as a short exotic sojourn for two or three people.

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