Best Romantic Places in Goa for Couples

Goa is fun, entertainment and all that. Everyone comes across something to their liking in this state. On its beaches, you come across the most happening parties while the beautiful churches shed light on its glorious heritage. Exploring the spice plantations is as much delightful as trying your hand at water sports. With so many options and activities to entertain visitors, it’s hardly surprising that Goa is one of the best romantic places in India for couples. You can experience romance while enjoying a meal in a restaurant by the sea while enjoying a quiet stroll on the beach or spending a quiet afternoon with one of its many waterfalls. If you are looking to go on a romantic trip to Goa, then here are the best romantic places in Goa for couples.

Velsao Beach


Velsao Beach, one of the Goa romantic beaches, is perfect for those couples looking for some intimate moments amidst beautiful surroundings. Located between Bogmalo and Majorda in South Goa, this beach with its white shiny sands, rows of coconut plantations with the sea beside it and the romantic aura exuded by the place in general, makes it one of the top romantic spots in Goa for couples.

Things to do: Swimming, sunbathing, enjoying various water sports

Butterfly Beach


Butterfly Beach in Goa is renowned for being one of the romantic places in Goa. Situated to the north of Palolem Beach, not many people are aware of the Butterfly Beach. Immediately recognizable by its semi-circled landscape, here you come across millions of butterflies hovering over the hilltop blossoms, while the acrobatics of dolphins in the sea delight the tourists to no end. There are no roads directly to this island, and one must take a boat ride to reach it.

Things to do: Kayaking, diving, dolphin watching, enjoying a romantic walk and the sunset, spotting dolphins and goldfishes

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Candolim Beach


When it comes to the best beaches in Goa for the honeymoon, Candolim Beach stands next to none. Candolim Beach is the first beach that any visitor comes across while coming from the city of Panaji. It can be a real delight for those looking to enjoy the fabulous views of the sea far ahead while relaxing under the shade of a cabana bed. If you and your spouse feel like it, you can try various water sports activities including parasailing and water skiing.

Things to do: Scuba diving, dolphin watching, jet skiing

Kakolem Beach


Kakolem Beach endears itself to tourists largely because of its rustic scenery and splendid isolation. This beach, located in South Goa, is also known as Tiger Beach and is one of the best places to visit in Goa for couples. The splendid views offered by this beach greatly impresses visitors. The main attraction of this beach is its untouched nature and rusticity. Swimming, however, is discouraged here due to the presence of strong underwater currents. If you are fascinated by some adventure along with romance, then Kakolem Beach is the place to come to.

Things to do: Sunbathing and enjoying the wonderful views

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Grand Island

Best Romantic Places in Goa for Couples

For some people, romance is not enough, they need a generous dose of adventure along with it. For such people, Grand Island, one of the best honeymoon destinations in Goa, is the place to be in. Besides drawing romantic couples in impressive numbers, the island also offers opportunities for various kinds of water sports including scuba diving. Reaching the island requires one to take a 20-40 minutes ferry ride. The island is also home to spice plantations and various dolphin spotting points. Some of these are Shelter Cove, Sail Rock, Suzy’s Wreck and Bounty Bay.

How to reach: Grand Island is accessible through a ferry ride.

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Pequeno Island


Perhaps you were unaware of it, but there are several islands too in Goa which allows the perfect romantic escape for couples. Pequeno Beach, where you can have a great time with best Goa tour packages, is one such island. With its beautiful rocky beach and lush green vegetation, it is accessible via a ferry ride from Baina Beach. This is one of those places where you just go, relax and have a lovely time with your loved one. This island is also popularly known as the Bat Island.

How to Reach: Pequeno Island can be reached by a boat ride from Baina Beach.

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Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Best Romantic Places in Goa for Couples

Dudhsagar Waterfalls is one of the famous waterfalls in Goa for couples and the fifth largest waterfall in India. It’s amazing to see the water make its way forcefully but elegantly through the mountains from a height of almost 1017ft. The waterfalls are so named because they have a milky white appearance. The beauty of the waterfalls is enhanced by the presence of lush greenery encompassing it. The entire place is also a famous picnic spot.

Interesting fact: Dudhsagar Waterfalls are one of the highest waterfalls in the world and India’s fifth largest waterfall.

Harvalem Waterfalls

Best Romantic Places in Goa for Couples

If you decide to visit the Arvalem Caves with Goa tour packages for couples, then make sure to visit the Harvalem Waterfalls. The best time for visiting them, however, is after the monsoon in October when the water descends with a ferocity through the trees, thereby creating quite a spectacle. You can come here with your loved one and enjoy the beauty of this marvellous scenery. There is also a park close to the waterfall where you can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. In close proximity to the waterfalls lies the Rudreshwar Temple and the rock-cut caves.

Best time to visit: June to November

Bamanbudo Waterfalls

Best Romantic Places in Goa for Couples

Although the gushing of water down the rocks gives Bamanbudo Waterfalls, best visited with Goa holiday packages, the appearance of a waterslide, it is nevertheless a famous waterfall. Bamanbudo Waterfalls is located in Gaodongrem village on Canacona-Naturlim Road, South Goa. The beautiful scenery at the waterfalls never fails to captivate visitors and makes for a great romantic spot. This is why it is popular among the tourists.

What to do: Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the waterfall

Sinquerim Fort

Best Romantic Places in Goa for Couples

Sinquerim Fort, one of the most popular forts in Goa for romantic couples, is located about 18km from Panaji. Constructed in the year 1612, it overlooks the Sinquerim Beach and in a way, is an extension of the larger upper Aguada Fort. It is an impressive architectural structure and great for hanging out. The views offered by this fort are simply beautiful, and perfectly suited for couples looking to spend some quiet moments with each other.

What to do: Just enjoy the magnificent views offered by the fort.

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