Top Beach Shacks in Goa That You Must Visit

Goa is heaven for all those tempted by the languid pleasures of a tropical holiday. If you too desire to enjoy scenic beauty of beaches, exhilarating nightlife, mouthwatering food, watersports, spectacular sunsets, and basically everything Goa offers, then here is your guide.

We will not tell you about the obvious places you must visit or the things you should do, we reveal to you a treasure, a list of the best beach shacks in Goa. Moreover, from comfy lodgings right on the shore to appetizing food, from thrilling watersports and massages partying all night, the beach shacks in Goa cover it all.

Here is our list of the best 11 Beach shacks in Goa, which you must visit on your holiday.

Palm Grove, Ashwem Beach

Top Beach Shacks in Goa That You Must Visit

Nestled on the beautiful Ashwem beach, Palm Grove is a welcoming bohemian beach resort. A haven of leisure experiences, this is one of the best beach shacks in Goa. Enjoy the view of white sands contrasted by green cover of coconut palms overlooking the blue Arabian Sea. However, stay at one of the private cottages is true bliss. They are modern along with serene and located at one of the quietest beaches in Goa. Soak in the charm. Also, hop on a local fishermen’s boat for dolphin sightseeing and for a glimpse of the local village life.

Tantra Cafe and Huts, Patnem Beach

Top Beach Shacks in Goa That You Must Visit

Bustling with energy, Tantra Café and Huts on Patnem Beach is one of the best places to visit in Goa. Dotted with sunbeds and deck chairs, the beach shack is quite popular among families and tourists alike. The charming huts are made for relaxing. Stay at the cottages blessed with uninterrupted view of the blue Arabian Sea. Also, the bustling Anjuna beach is close and you are not far from the touristy delights, shopping and electrifying Goan nightlife. For the complete bundle of Goan pleasures you must  definitely include Tantra Café in your itinerary.

Calamari Beach Shack, Candolim Beach

Top Beach Shacks in Goa That You Must Visit

The best plan for a Goan vacation is to enjoy the amazing water sports and then binge of delicacies. If you believe in this philosophy, then the Calamari Beach Shack in Candolim is just for you. The tagline is Bathe & Binge and you should follow the same. Take a dip in the sea, and get intoxicated on the aroma of extravagant dishes offered here. In addition to the delicious platters, Calamari’s live music is the total entertainment deal. Add to it a glorious sunset cruise in goa, and you’re are in heaven. Moreover, all other touristy pleasures are close by.

Ordu Sounsar, Palolem Beach

Top Beach Shacks in Goa That You Must Visit

Far from the crowds of Goa, Ordo Sounsar is one of the best beach shacks to get away from everything. The beach resort is settled almost on the edge of a prime rainforest on the north end of Palolem Beach. Connected only by a wood planked bridge, the resort is isolated and quite charming, suggested for couples on honeymoon.

Enjoy a stay at the huts here. Treat yourself to pleasures at the traditional Goan restaurant. The resort is run by friendly local Goans. However, it is open only during the months from November to April each year.

La Plage, Ashwem Beach

Top Beach Shacks in Goa That You Must Visit

For mesmerizing delights that one must actually experience on a holiday, we come to La Plage, next on our list of best beach shacks in Goa. La Plage offers delicious food with a European feel to it. Their speciality is a dish grilled chicken in chocolate sauce. Addittionally, the beach shack is the venue of excitements, entertainment and events.

Take your senses on a food adventure, have drinks as you sink your feet in the sand or be a part of the spirited charm of Goa. Enjoy the beautiful view the sun setting in the horizon. The dark hours have a thrilling selection of nightlife.

Bean Me Up, Vagator Beach

Top Beach Shacks in Goa That You Must Visit

Snuggled in a backdrop of a jungle garden, Bean Me Up is a popular restaurant that offers mouthwatering cuisines from the world. It is specially famous as a vegan paradise and has some of the best salads and fresh juice brews. The freshest organic ingredients create one of the healthiest and yummiest menus in town, making this place being among the best beach shacks in Goa. Cool and breezy ambient music flows into the restaurant. A stage under the cover of trees here often hosts local and international artists that pass through Goa.

Thalassa, Vagator Beach

Top Beach Shacks in Goa That You Must Visit

Thalassa in Greek means the ‘sea’. Imbibing the spirit of Goa and the bliss of the sea, the restaurant is one of the must visit places in Goa. Situated at the top of a high cliff in Vagator, this shack is ideal for a romantic escape.  Visit with your special someone, as the amorous vibe of this place will enchant you. The cerulean waters treat your vision, soft lounge music soothes your senses and the delicious platters of Greek food warms up your very soul. Experience the pleasures of Greece in Goa, this shack is capable of making you feel it.

Souza Lobo, Calangute Beach

Top Beach Shacks in Goa That You Must Visit

Placed right in front of the sea, Souza Lobo in Calangute Beach is something just can’t miss in Goa. The beach shack is popular for unfussy rustic feel and authentic Goan dishes on the menu. The gastronomical pleasure which you feel is simply out of the world. The chilled, laid back ambience only adds to the great experience here. When the sun sets, it gets all the more happening here. The tables are set on the sands where you can also dine under the stars. A makeshift dance floor gets you grooving to upbeat melodies where you can dance the night away.

Brittos, Baga Beach

Top Beach Shacks in Goa That You Must Visit

Settled on the Baga beach, Brittos is one of the best beach shacks in Goa. Baga is known for the extensive list water sports that one can indulge in, that include banana boat rides to the paragliding. After all that fun, head to Brittos where you can relax and have a peaceful time. Grab some chilled beer and exotic cocktails and some scrumptious delights to go with it. There are drinks of every kind, seafood, authentic Goan dishes and other global platters, that too easy on budget. You just cannot miss a visit to this beach shack on a holiday in Goa.

Villa Blanche, Assagaon Beach

Top Beach Shacks in Goa That You Must Visit

A world of its own, Villa Blanche is one of the fun places to visit in Goa. While the menu comprises of food from across the globe, the delicious breakfasts and delightful brunches are the speciality. Savor the taste of flavors from Europe and also from the Middle East as some of the secret ingredients come from the same. Moreover, it’s a wonderful hideaway to relax, catch up with friends, and befriend the globetrotters visiting Goa. The charming beach shack offers good food, good company and good music, you must include it in your itinerary.

Curlies, Anjuna Beach

Top Beach Shacks in Goa That You Must Visit

Last, but certainly not the least, Curlies is one of the best beach shacks in Goa. Curlies at Anjuna Beach is one of the popular beach shacks in Goa. Both Indians and foreigners make towards the restaurant, and hence is a must visit place. It is replete with happening and invigorated ambience. Good food, great music, chilled alcohol and relaxed vibe, it is the place to be! If nothing, just sit and relax with a drink in hand watching the sea waves. The evenings are equally awesome as the twinkling lights and laser effects add to the bliss.

So, this is the end of our list. Choose to visit any of these beach shacks or all of them to make your Goa Holiday all the more special.

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